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Congrats! You’ve made the first step to making something new happen in 2018!

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  • Once downloaded, you can print out the 20-page worksheet and fill it out or you can fill it out electronically using Acrobat Reader and save it to your computer.
  • We recommend you come back to your goals every 2-4 weeks to make sure you’re progressively moving in the right direction in each area.
  • Beginning November 14 (48 Days before the new year), you can share one of your goals for an added bonus. Share one goal for the year on Facebook or Twitter (i.e. — I will read _____ books in 2018). Be sure to tag @DanMiller48Days on Facebook, or @48DaysTeam on Twitter and use the hashtag #48DaysGoals. Every one who shares will get an exclusive invitation to a 48 Days Eagles Monday Mentor training.[/text_output][feature_headline id=”” class=”” style=””]

Watch your e-mail for more helpful resources coming over the next 48 Days!