What life are you choosing?

“Yes, I’ve always been accused of being a glass-half-full kind of guy because I really do believe that every problem brings with it the seed of a solution and I believe that the search for a solution can itself be inspiring and hopeful.”  Dan

“Focus on what you are moving to, not what you’re moving from.” Dan

“It wasn’t until I discovered my own talents and embraced them that I began to actually make a positive impact.  I did some nice things along the way, but I didn’t gain any traction until I found peace in the journey of discovering who God created me to be.”  Jared

“Are you living your life too small?  Is it so full of meaningless tasks that there’s no room left for the things that make your heart sing?” Dan

“Don’t confuse activity with accomplishment.” Dan

“Our lifestyle is our choice, every moment of every day.  And from my perspective, we are richer than anyone else I know.  Our destiny is a choice, not a jail sentence.” Jared

“Successful people are not excuse makers.  They take responsibility for their actions and the results they get.” Dan “Your expectations set the stage for your reality.” Dan

“Failures are necessary steps to success.” Jared

“It’s in the moments when we overcome obstacles and recover from perceived failures that our souls are freed and our true selves are revealed.” Jared


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