100 Percent Chance of Goodness!

We hear so many negative percentages these days – unemployment is at 8.5%, there’s a 30% chance of rain, 50% of the NFL teams that play every Sunday lose, 77% of girls think they’re ugly, 22% of Americans believe the world will end in their lifetime – 10% think it will happen on December 21st of this year.  Young people ages 15-24 represent 30% of the vehicle accidents.   10% of people who get hit by lightning die.

Don’t those percentages just make you happy and ready to enjoy the day?  Of course not.   Most percentages are sunshineintended to draw attention to the negatives things around us.  Why couldn’t we just reverse some of those – there’s a 70% chance of sunshine today!  Or 93.5% of the people in America have the opportunity to go to jobs every day where they contribute their talents and get a paycheck.  And of course the odds of being hit by lightning in any one year are less than 1 in 700,000.

Or how about just saying – It’s Wednesday, today I have a 100% Chance of Goodness.  Why wouldn’t I say that?  Who’s in charge of the goodness in my life?  Am I going to be a victim of circumstances, the economy or the current political rulers?  No, I have a 98% chance of happiness today.  I have a 99% chance of being able to help someone else today.  That may be an email, a quick phone call, or leaving an outrageous tip for a waitress.  I get to choose those percentages – no one else.

If we watch the news we will be convinced the percentages of bad things certainly outweigh the good.  I have a suggestion – stop watching the news.  Those blood-seeking newscasters have a 0% chance of ruining my day.  Don’t allow that to be your reality.  You can choose to cringe at the negative chances – or you can be amazed at the positive chances you have every day – to live, love, laugh and make the world a better place.

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