Yes, I do have an “education”

1. Your Diploma has expired

2. Here are Ten Steps to Education

3. 100% College Admission – How Sad

4. Job Security – No Problem

5. Unpredictability makes it impossible to be “educated”


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  • Dan.
    I am continually amazed at your ability to unpack an issue that I may have a general awareness and opinion of with no basis to back up my thoughts, you clearly identify the issue, effectively communicate options/solutions, then inspire & encourage all of us in regards to our “real education” and “equivalent experience”.
    I’ve been a fan, follower, and student of you and your material for a long time, but I’ve got to say that this was one of the most interesting, informative, riveting, and refreshing podcasts that I’ve listened to.
    You are the definition of staying “relevant” and “educated” in today’s workplace and economy…Thank-You for inspiring me to do the same.


    • Randell Mark – thanks so much for your comments. I do take this topic very seriously and do want to inspire and encourage.

  • It’s so funny how anytime we feel “stuck” in our careers and life our first reaction often is “I need to go back to school”.

    • Matthew – that’s so true. Going back to school is a very socially accepted way of procrastinating having to deal with the reality of the workplace.

  • Ben

    Dan, you knocked it out of the park. This is getting downloaded and stored on thumb drives to be shared with students, teachers, and other’s I know.

    • Ben – thanks. I hope it encourages rather than discourages them.

  • James Kinson

    Dan, I have been listing to you show for a long time. This was, for me, the best episode you have ever done!

    This should be required listening for all high school freshmen.

    • James – thanks man. I hope it is heard as encouraging – not as a criticism of what’s available.

  • Craig

    Dan, do you have someone to type out the highlights of your podcasts, such as the Ten Steps to Education?

  • Andy zarkovich

    Dan, I’ve listened to this 3 times now. On point, inspiring and competely true. Made me think: “what am I going to do”.

  • Keith Browne

    Wow… This podcast is just incredible. Dan you truly are a true pioneer and I look up to you. One day I will have the opportunity to shake your hand and tell you my success story.

  • Dan, this is such a great podcast and one that mirrors the story of my life. I’ve continued to learn and grow at a much faster pace than when I was in school or college.

    I not only love learning but I also enjoy teaching and have partnered with a nursing trainer to create where we’ll train thousands of nurses across the country through online video training courses. Combining my passions for teaching, eLearning, video, web design and entrepreneurship!

    • Jeff, I would love to pick your mind on how you were able to put this together.

      • I’d love to chat with you. I’ll send you an email and we can talk over the details.

  • I really liked this podcast, especially the end where you summarized the other ways one can acquire an education. I am still a big believer in traditional education as it creates a set of standards that can be easily recognized by many. However I recognize that education is a never-ending and life-long process. Using and applying what you’ve learned is just as important as learning it in the first place.

  • Ken Trupke


    Great summary of so many of the things you touch on week after week!

    The concepts that college is not a sure (or even necessary!) path to success and that “education” is critical, but is obtained in a lot more (and better!) ways than “school” are so contrary to today’s “common sense” but SO TRUE!

    Also, really appreciate the practical tips at the end.

    Great job!


  • James Divine


    Definitely a departure from your “normal” podcast. This one touched right at the heart of a decision I had to make THIS WEEK. I just found out I was accepted into Boston University’s Doctor of Music Arts program, a course of study I could complete while still continuing to work. However, it would take me 5-7 years to complete and would probably take up a lot of my summers, which I currently have free to write, compose, speak and record.

    I already knew the answer in my own heart, but your podcast confirmed for me that I will turn down the invitation. I already have a list of things I want to accomplish that will take me 5-7 years and don’t want to put those things on hold.

    Thanks for your wisdom and insight! It is much appreciated.

    James Divine

    • James – interesting to have the “opportunity” and yet know it may not be your best choice. We make a big deal out of being “accepted” into a university program, and somehow miss the fact that they just sold us a very expensive product.

  • Alice

    Is there a list of the “steps” you mentioned in your Podcast somewhere? I was really excited about the content of this podcast

  • Jordan Peterson

    An amazing podcast and I haven’t finished it yet! Thank you Dan for the list of 10 things to do! This may just become the structure I use for the second half of this year’s goals.

  • As someone who lives in higher education, I am always SHOCKED about how people think that college is always the answer. And one other thing shocks me – in what other business can we think that people work like a dog and jump through hoops for the right to pay for service. That is higher education.

    • 48DaysDan

      I’m always impressed that as an educator you are so open about the reality of “education.” Yeah, to see someone jump up and down with delight because they’ve been “accepted” at a fancy, expensive school has always befuddled me (to use an old Amish term).

  • Robert Kowalski

    Absolutely amazing podcast Dan, one of the best. I listened to it twice already and I am doing third run making notes 🙂 I really enjoyed listening to your journey, how much diversified every experience was and how much you have learned.

    Do you think it will be possible someday to add transcript to your podcasts? It is not necessary but sometimes very useful when you want to find some important part.

    Please keep up, it is such great work.

    • Robert,

      A lot of the content in my podcasts comes from or will be in my blogs, newsletters and future books. So there’s an overlapping body of information. For that reason I don’t have plans to add transcripts of the podcasts. Thanks for your comments.

  • Jon Pederson

    Thanks for your work, Dan. I wish I could send this particular on-demand radio episode to the hiring managers who are posting that a bachelor’s degree is required in order to apply for a position. I do see some that mention equivalent experience, but they are still sadly in the minority.