We’re so glad you’re taking the steps toward finding the work you love. Below, you will find some useful resources for doing this process.

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Looking to start your own Eagle’s Club like Dan did? Here is the Eagle’s Club Outline.  If you really want to take it a step further, check out Dan’s online course on Udemy: “The Ultimate Advantage: Creating Your Own Mastermind Group.”  Here is an example of a Venn Diagram showcasing how you can create multiple streams of income.
Here is your newly revised 48 Days Schedule to get you started.
If you have the audio of 48 Days to the Work You Love, you can read the questions at the end of each chapter here.
No matter what you are reading, you want to lay out your Goals and your mission statement to create a clear plan of action!
John Maxwell says: “There are two great days in our lives – the day we are born and the day we discover why.” Can you identify both of those days in your life? Dan did a podcast that turned into an incredible 48-minute audio on explaining how you can trust your uniqueness as the basis for meaningful work – and for living out your calling.  Check it out here – Know Thyself
If you are reading No More Dreaded Mondays, you may be interested in the Business Planning Guide.
Work You Love and No More Mondays Appendix and Additional Resources
Curious on how to market yourself or your product/idea?  Check out these 48 Marketing Tips.
Have an idea?  Check out Developing an Idea.
Have a product or invention?  Click here to download Inventions, Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights. Also, check out How to test your product or invention.
Start the job search process. Additionally, check out a Sample Resume  or a Sample Cover Letter.  Keep in mind that this creative resume style isn’t going to cut it for a conservative CPA position…but in a creative arts position, it may be exactly what they are looking for. Make sure your resume fits the position you want! Just because your past experience was cashiering at Walmart doesn’t mean you want your next job to be the same–so pull out the skills and abilities you will utilize and shift the focus to those vs. the actual past job title.  Focus on skills and not just on a chronological history.
Considering an MLM?  Be sure to read Multilevel Baloney.
If you’ve taken the 48 Days Career Profile, be sure to go through Dan’s Step-by-Step Application Guide – listen to the audio or simply download the PDF!
Have life balance?  Check out the Wheel of My Life here.
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Here is a helpful guide for aspiring entrepreneurs from Online MBA. In it, we pose important questions one should ask before starting a business and offer valuable information about writing business plans and securing funding.


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Hi, someone on the 48days.net online community emailed me the resource for Dan’s small business plan sample. While using this to rewrite my small business plan, I must say that I have never seen such a comprehensive, easy-to-understand, simple small business planning resource. It just goes to show that private companies and businesses most of the time have better resources put together such as this, which is 100% better than the SBA, SCORE, and SBDC’s accross the country.

Please inform Dan for me, that I am very thankful for his resource on small business planning.

Thanks, for your time.