Why can’t I get ahead?

Have you noticed that it’s always the people who are already at the top of the success ladder who attend the most trainings? Why do they do it?

Michael Hyatt and Dan Miller at Innovate

Michael Hyatt and Dan Miller at Innovate

Top achievers know the value of investing in themselves to create the life they truly want. They know the value of continued study, and of preparation. Perhaps most importantly, they know the value of spending time with other HIGH ACHIEVERS.  At last week’s Innovate Conference we had  artists, musicians, authors and speakers who came with the anticipation they would see their creative talents explode into meaningful reality.   With speakers like Michael HyattLee LentzDorsey McHugh, Joanne Miller and Chad Jeffers the attendees were challenged, encouraged and shown the way – with passion, humor and a real action plans.  Our goal is to see that call to personal excellence expressed in lives that make the world a more exciting and meaningful place.   And I’m sure by now you’ve heard about our version of Shark Tank – with Sharks Chuck Bowen, Pierce MarrsDeg Ingino and Dan Miller, complete with our own Shark Tank Intro Video.  We made our decisions about which ideas to “invest” in and had a ton of fun in the process.

The people who carved out the time and investment to be here know the value of persistence, determination, self-discipline and taking action for opening doors of new opportunity. That’s why top achievers continue to rub shoulders with other masters of excellence.

Here’s a brief testimonial from Terry Hadaway, PhD. from Birmingham, AL. 

“Dan, you know my background and education. After four degrees and eleven years in higher education, I can honestly say that the best educational experience I’ve ever had was last week’s Innovate Conference at your place. We were so inspired to embrace our uniqueness and, at the same time, given an economic model that has been proven. The connections we made with other creative people are priceless!

Until we connect what we know with what others need to know we are doing nothing more than building our egos and shrinking our audiences. That’s why so many well-educated people have no one to talk to.

Thanks for giving us recovering academicians a place to discover our right brains and forge ahead doing work that matters.”

We have one more Innovate Conference scheduled for this year – September 5-6th.   This one sold out weeks in advance and it sounds like this remaining one may be full months in advance.  I have been attending conferences, seminars and workshops since I was in high school.  I recognized the value of these intense presentations that surpass the slow pace of the classroom.  While I too have plenty of academic degrees, I place a high value on what I’ve learned in the University of Life.

What events are you attending in 2013 to accelerate your success?

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  • Archie

    Dan, the answer to your very last question would be…”INNOV48″…of course! That is, if I can wait that long to be recharged, and to visit all my buddies at the Sanctuary. 🙂

  • I love the idea of continued education through non-school methods such as workshops and conferences. I have been feeling a little bad lately because while I am finishing up an AA in art, I cannot afford to go on to get a second bachelors in art. Private art school is extremely expensive and the state universities here in California no longer admit students who are pursuing a second bachelors. But I am encouraged to hear of all the ways we can continue to educate ourselves outside of the classroom setting. These methods seem to be more efficient and less expensive than the academic route. Dan, you once sent me a whole list of ways to self-educate. I am so grateful for this. It will help me design a “curriculum” for myself over the next couple of years that will help me grow as an artist, an entrepreneur, and as a person.

  • Many of us are familiar with the idea of tithing and how we should give the first 10% to God so He can bless the remaining 90%.

    In addition to the Biblical principle, Darren Hardy and Jim Rohn talk about the necessity of tithing 10% to one’s personal growth and development.

    Take a second and do the math. If you earn $30,000/yr, you invest $3,000/yr in your own self education. As $30k grows to $50k to $100k, so does the investment you’re making in yourself, also grow. That is an pattern worth grooving yourself into.

    When you become more, you earn more. Not the other way around.

  • By the way – Innovate was UNBELIEVABLE!!!

    The entire 48 Days team pulled off one of the best events I’ve ever been to at the Sanctuary.

    I had heard so many wonderful stories about Dorsey McHugh and her way with art, I was excited to know that I would finally have a chance to meet with her. And, as it turned out, we ended up sitting side-by-side and chatting as old friends.

    Of course, having the occasion to learn firsthand about Platform-building from the man himself, Michael Hyatt, was HUGE. Getting the opportunity to chat with Michael and Gail came at the perfect time for my business development.

    I’ve no wonder I’ve been attending the live events at the Sanctuary for six years!