Want to be seen as a leader – try this

1. Since fear holds most people back from success how do we break out of that?

2. Can you think of a better or more personal gift than an original song written and recorded for your friend or loved one?

3. Should I do a lot of speaking as a way to continue to grow my platform?

4. Will the discipline and leadership skills of my military experience position me as a business consultant?

5. How can I fundraise for a worthy cause – a little boy with cancer?

6. Is it ever a good idea to inform your employer that you have started to look for another job?

7. What is the best way to discover what I am passionate about and use it to chase my calling?

You are a Leadertweet-graphic-2

Quotation –

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”   John Quincy Adams

Other Notes:

Harrys.com – use 48Days as the code to get $5.00 off your purchase

Todd and Emily’s personalized songs  http://giftysong.com/ 

Creative Resumes

Video for little boy with cancer

 Joanne’s new book – Be Your Finest Art

48 Days Coaching Mastery Program

The Ultimate Advantage Cruise – Feb 2015

Coaching with Excellence – August 28-29


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  • adam garey

    A Sticking Song principle-for 48 Days to The Work You Love Song-

    I think If you want this Theme song to “STICK” you have to brand it on a “48”creation you just might be working on right now.
    A Reality Video segment. In your On Demand Radio Show you do all the talking ..from presenting and fielding questions to updating us on your doings.LOve the pace and the format ..
    The Video Reality Segment would hear from us! You would executive produce at least one Video interview of 48 day people who went or are going through any one of your programs from day 1 to day 48 . Challenging.Fearing.Learning.Growing.Changing.
    This is of course is an undertaking yet would stitch things together for you-promoting all your product.One thing all this would do is make your “song” STICK!!
    No phone calls each interview would be in person. I can see it in my mind. Host meets and listens to the Interviewee about their building and adjusting and discoveries along the way. 2 cameras. sit down, stand up walk around significant sites.

  • Guest

    Really enjoyed listening to the show today! We let students break a board on their birthday at our martial arts school. One of our instructors has started drawing pictures on the boards. When you were talking about leadership i thought about a drawing he did for my birthday this year. It meant so much to me that I did not have the heart to break it!

    • Oh my gosh – that is an awesome drawing. I would have done the same – save it. Thanks for sharing.

  • MichiganNimrod

    Enjoyed the show Dan. I am not up on marketing but thought for the guy trying to raise money for the kiddo with cancer, maybe he could contact his local tv news. I’ve found they love these stories and we all know we could use positive stories. Just a thought.

    Also agree on connecting back with work. I quit work in public safety after 10 years. First job I took was stocking shelfs overnight at a local grocery store. I had a blast before I moved on. I actually miss the work.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

    • Thanks so much for your suggestion. You are so right – local TV and newspapers love those kind of emotional personal stories.