The danger of a full cup?

1. I’m broke but extremely happy!

2. To what extent does being transparent hurt your leadership? Or does it?

3. Is a whiteboard animation of a resume a helpful tactic?

4. The things I am passionate about and love to do, I lack the courage to do.



Quotation “I cannot pour tea into a cup that is already full.” Zen Master in The Forbidden Kingdom

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  • Coleen Crouch

    On this podcast you mentioned a musician who had to “finish the album” for a movie score and played a sample. I wanted to make a suggestion of another potential outlet for his talent. I listen to an app called Focus@Will to help me concentrate on work and studies. I have noticed many of the songs repeat, so I wonder if they are in need of some additional musical content.

    • Hey Coleen, I am the musician–thanks for your suggestion! I only just found out that Dan had played my music on his podcast. So honored for that! I will look into that app. Send me an email at and I’ll get you a digital copy of the album when it comes out. Blessings. -Andy

  • Thank you, Dan, for answering my question online today. I plan to take action on your suggestions. Thank you also for providing the free downloadable CD in the show notes. I realize that my lack of financial prowess may be due to latent low self-esteem. I’m going to focus primarily on that in the upcoming year and see what happens. Thanks again!

  • What a great story about the tea cup. Mine is overflowing too but I’m not sure yet what I should let go off and what should stay. Need to finish my 2015 goals too. It’s suddenly Oct 31st! And thanks for sharing the Indigogo. I’m heading over there to make a contribution. Love the action that was taken there.

  • adamg

    I appreciate you showing your guts Dan! The Full Cup as being PRIDE without really preaching about it-sweet words and attitude. Thank you for your patience and sensitivities. Lord Bless you.