The 48 Days Challenge – (correction) TOMORROW NIGHT

I just realized I sent this out TODAY – Announcing our live teleseminar TOMORROW NIGHT.  I do apologize for the mixup.  For all of you who have already registered – yes, it’s tomorrow, Thursday evening at 7:00 Central Time.

Do you believe you could dramatically change your life in 48 Days?  I’m inviting you to join the 48 Days Challenge – STARTING TOMORROW NIGHT.  Are you ready for 2014?  Have you decided what the New Year will bring? With all the popularity of 48 Days, we’ve never done this kind of challenge before.  We want to count down the days – from July 18th to September 4th – to prove to you what can be done in 48 Days.

I truly believe the next 48 Days could be life-changing for you – if you:

  • Assess where you are
  • Get the advice and opinion of other people
  • Identify 4-5 great options
  • Do a little more research
  • Select the best opition and
  • ACT


That can be the beginning of a new job, a new business or simply a new and better season in your life.  If you’re ready for a higher level of success join me tomorrow evening at 7:00 PM Central for the first of two 60 minute seminars.  I’ll address your questions – your stuck points – and cover the new trends in getting hired, how to nail it in the first 3 minutes of an interview, the 5 fatal flaws that will kill your chances, the new work models that may be a better fit than the normal 8-5, and how to put legs on your unusual dream.

For the cost of taking my two granddaughters to Taco Bell ($20) we’ll give you the actual workbook that’s been used by thousands in the six-week 48 Days Workshop (48 Days to the Work You Love Application Guide), the 48 Days Schedule with an activity for each day, as well as other tools for your success.  You can submit questions or your unique challenges any time during the 48 Days – we’ve got a group set up on so you can see other participant questions and add your responses. Then 48 Days later, on September 4th we’re going to connect  again – for another 60 minutes as a group to hear success stories from you and others.  Check out the details to snag your spot in this group who will make history in 2014.  48 Day Challenge – Starting tomorrow night, Thursday, July 18th

Join the 48 Day Challenge

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