Tell me “What do you do?” and win my favorite CD

We recently had members of the 48 Days Coaching Mastery program here for a two-day event.  One of the critical parts of that process was for each participant to clearly define their expertise.  It doesn’t matter what kind of work you do, being able to clearly communicate your unique value can explode your success.  Read on for a photo (1)chance at a free gift.

Here’s how most people introduce themselves:

“Hi, I’m Dan Miller, and I’m an author and career coach. I have a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and did my doctoral work at Oxford.  I’m really looking for new clients.  Do you need any help?”

Whoopdeedo – who cares?

Here’s how to introduce yourself so everyone wants you on their team:

  1. What problem does my expertise solve?
  2. What in my background has prepared me for being excellent in this area?
  3. Here’s a specific time when I used those skills.
  4. Call to Action:  Here’s how my skills would fit in here?

Now for the revised version:

“Hi, I’m Dan Miller, and I help people find – or create – work they love.  For example, I’ve helped a client change jobs with a 60% salary increase, I’ve helped a former pastor become a very successful artist and a struggling writer publish her first book.  Do you know anyone who would like to be doing work that is more meaningful and profitable?”

Notice how the revision gives the listener a much better sense of how I could help them or someone they know.   Giving me an opportunity is not going to be based on doing me a favor but rather on that person wanting to experience what I can provide.

If you say, “I’m a bookkeeper and I’m looking for a job” you’re dead in the water.  Whether you’re a receptionist, a hamburger flipper, a doctor, school teacher, dentist or pastor – you must be able to describe your value quickly and clearly.

Here’s a simple formula for writing out a statement of your expertise:

I help __________________________________________________________________________

Know/Understand ________________________________________________________________

So that they can _________________________________________________________________

In that model I could say something like this:

I help emerging experts (authors, speakers, coaches)

Understand how to leverage their unique expertise

So that they can have an expanded and more financially prosperous impact.  

If you have a clear statement for what you do, it can be the difference between struggling along and putting a million dollars in your bank account.

So, give me your version.  I’ll choose 3 that inspire me by December 19th and send you a free copy of the audio CD of Nightingale-Conant’s Best Personal Development Lessons, including life lessons from Denis Waitley, John Cummuta, Brian Tracy, Joe Polish, Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, me (Dan Miller) and several more.  This is probably my most favorite audio CD ever.

Just put your statement in the comments below – and you can see what others have added as well.

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  • Cliff Feightner

    Customer service is where I excel
    With my knowledge, I will tell
    Of the use of their toys
    For their girls or boys
    Or send parts, so they’re all working well

  • Andrea Reynolds

    I’m a crisis counselor with training as an investigative journalist and PR specialist who helps individuals and companies who are experiencing a personal or business crisis. I start by identifying the primary challenge, and then brainstorming, creative, useful, do-able and cost-effective solutions which they (or I) can implement to repair or improve their lives.

    An example of my work: A client in Florida failed multiple times to land employment and even rent an apartment. He couldn’t figure out what the obstacle was. He discovered that the state had confused his police record (one misdemeanor as a teenager) with that of a convicted felon with the same name and date of birth. Two lawyers and three private investigators couldn’t resolve the problem. I was retained and wrote a friendly, but factual letter to then-Governor Jeb Bush. In less than a week my client’s record was cleared of all erroneous information and he was able to get on with his life.

    Earn a finder’s fee for introducing anyone to me who is experiencing a serious challenge they haven’t been able to resolve.

  • Greg L. Gilbert

    I coach individuals on how they can immediately improve their Financial Eulogy™ through various insurance products and annuities. I coach agents on how to improve their Financial Eulogy™ through our emotionally rewarding career opportunity. I do this so individuals and agents can build a Financial Eulogy™ that contributes to, rather than tarnishes, their personal legacy.

  • Matt Dobschuetz

    I coach motivated guys, who want to quit looking at porn, to let go of shame, build a rock solid recovery plan,
    and recover their true purpose in life. We identify roadblocks together and identify the habits and relationships they need to sustain recovery.

  • Paul Bonk

    I create IIO’s in the market place that get results based on wealth creation asset models with the end goal of lifestyle freedom. Sound interesting? Get my results in advance… 3 steps to freedom video system a 2k value FREE by filling out a simple questionnaire! Just an FYI while I do some online rep stuff I do it for fun. My biz is solely based on targeted direct response outreach campaigns… basically I sell the glossy pages in the phone book but an online version. I do it by results in advance to those who desire ego showcasing. 😉

  • Scott Beebe

    I am a Small Business Coach liberating Small Business Owners from the CHAOS in their business so they can get their life back!

  • Scott Beebe

    I am a Small Business Coach liberating Small Business Owners from the CHAOS in their business so they can get their life back!

  • Dennis Freitas

    Hello, my name is Dennis Freitas, I can help you start and succeed your career in the fire service. Becoming a Firefighter is one of the most challenging occupations and one of the most competitive.

    Once you are hired as a Firefighter you will find that it is the most satisfying, well paid and secure jobs you can have. As a Battalion Chief, for a large California fire department, I have helped hundreds of men and women prepare for the rigorous hiring process.

    Since retiring in 2015 I started the Firefighter Career Coaching Academy Podcast and website. I plan to continue to use my 35 years experience, education, and common sense approach to help you “Start and Succeed” you career as a Firefighter.

  • These have been fun to read!!!!!!

  • Bob Carpenter

    I help small business owners understand how to leverage their unique position so that they can increase sales, while reducing headaches and expenses.

  • Vickie Smith

    I help children of all ages 3-103+ unleash their creativity so they can have the courage to be themselves and let their light shine.

  • I know this post is old and I’m not interested in the contest (though I will definitely check out the CD). If you’re still reading these comments, I would like to know what you think about my statement. Is it clear? )

    Hi, I’m Cassidy Cash. I help work-from-home mompreneurs understand the basics of marketing art and online graphic design so that they can create Madison Avenue brand images on the budget, and daily schedule, of a Main Street mom.