Find out the #1 secret to increasing employee motivation and decreasing employee turnover

Join author, speaker and creator of, Dan Miller, and his daughter Ashley Logsdon, certified DISC Instructor, coach and blogger for this 20 minute LIVE webinar on how DISC can powerfully impact your company or organization

If you're...

  • Frustrated with your leadership?
  • Having trouble motivating your team?
  • Experiencing a high turnover rate?

Join us on:

Thursday, August 18

10:30am CST/8:30am PST

Employee morale plays a major role in the direction of every company. What’s more, trying to fit square pegs into round holes can be destructive to your business.

48 Days DISC Personality Profiles

The 48 Days DISC Personality Profiles are easy to use, instant results, and can help you with:

  • Employee selection
  • Creating Teams
  • Affirming Our Differences
  • Performance Reviews
  • Outplacement Resources

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