Would you take this job if we give you a turkey?

Yes, I’ve seen lots of posts from companies that need to hire people immediately.  And if you just show up for the training, you’ll get a Free Turkey!  

The Tucson Clinica Medica Familiar says if you are over 21 and bring an electric bill in your name, you’ll get a free turkey just for showing up.

Alpizar Law LLC will give out free turkeys, beginning at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, at the firm’s office, 1528 Palm Bay Road NE, Palm Bay, FL. The law firm has sponsored the turkey giveaway for the last three years. This year the firm is giving away 600 turkeys….

If you are an employee of Vanderbilt University you can Bring your ID and choose one of three options: turkey, tofurkey, or Vanderbilt oven mitt.

This is the sign up page: https://www.48days.com/48-days-newsletter/sign-up/

This is the sign up page: https://www.48days.com/48-days-newsletter/sign-up/ 

My advice:  Don’t change jobs for a free turkey, but do look around at the new face of opportunities, the incentives being offered to competent, enthusiastic workers, and the potential for changing your work model dramatically.

I just received a call from a good friend who left a long-time position about two years ago.  He had been with this former company for many years and was highly respected there.  But he chose to move to another company in his industry where more innovation and opportunity seemed obvious.  Today he received notice that November 30th will be his last day.  Did he make a mistake in making that change two years ago?  Or has he perhaps refined new skills that make him a candidate for an even better opportunity now?

Remember that change is relentless and will affect each of us in some way – this year.  While changing jobs and companies may be intimidating, keep in mind the options that provides.  A career path within one company may likely offer 3-4% increases, whereas changing companies often allows a doubling or tripling of income.  And I often see that change – even unwelcome and unexpected change – serves as a catalyst for waking up long forgotten dreams and aspirations.  Could it be that the change you are facing could be the open door for finally moving into work that is meaningful, fulfilling – and more profitable than you’ve ever experienced?  

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  • Jordan Peterson

    Wow, that first place is just up the highway from us! Can’t say I’m interested in a job working there though. I changed jobs in April to an incredibly amazing job! I was telling my wife last week that I can’t believe I get paid to do what I do!

    Basically I get to sit in on conferences and listen to famous people give speeches and I get the paid for it (okay, so there’s a bit more to it than that, but I am getting to do my hobby at the same time, operating highly technical audio equipment, that’s the work part)! Total awesomeness! All thanks to Dan for his inspiration and encouragement! It can be done!

  • Dan, it is amazing what a little shift in direction through a job change will do for perspective. That slight change in angle on how you see the world of work can blow everything wide open! You talk about the three legs of the stool, which act as great filters for decision making. The one other thing to keep into account is your personality when going into a new role (i.e. taking a DISC assessment). Great salary, great schedule, wrong personality…ouch!