Artist or employee – maybe not an either or

In preparation for Innovate, we are hearing from lots of “starving artists.”  You know the routine – you do a demo for your next album and hope to get a $100 gig at a local restaurant to buy groceries tomorrow.  Sell one painting for $300 then wonder how you’ll pay the rent this month.  Get your book published but then wonder how the $1.50 royalty is just compensation for all the work involved.  Not everyone tries to make a living from their “art.” The Story of T.S. Eliot T S Eliot was a British essayist, publisher, playwright, literary and social … Read More

“My passion doesn’t pay” – how to leverage what you love

I love ____________, but it doesn’t pay enough.  No, the issue is not that it doesn’t pay enough.  The issue is you need to be more creative in your thinking.  With an abundance mentality you can always find ways to generate extraordinary income – far beyond “industry standards.”   You inspired me to do my own thing after reading 48 days. I started buying wrecked BMW’s and Land Rovers and selling the parts on Ebay for extra money. In 2015, we sold 3.5 million dollars in parts on our website and on Ebay. I have a stable job but dread … Read More

Don’t be a donkey- Make a decision

In medieval logic there is the dilemma of a donkey that is placed equidistantly from two piles of food of equal size and quality. A perfectly symmetrical situation. If the behavior of the donkey is completely rational, it will have no reason to prefer one pile to the other and therefore cannot reach a decision over which pile to eat first.  So it remains in its original position and starves to death. This dilemma is called “Buridan’s ass.” I find many people immobilized by the challenge of choosing – even if both choices are apparently attractive.  Two great schools, two … Read More

Can I do this and make money?

Yes, I know I talk a lot about turning your passion into profits.  A lot of people still question whether passion should be part of the equation when looking for work.  Shouldn’t we just be responsible and find something with a paycheck?  When we released  Wisdom meets Passion I was inundated with inquiries about how people can turn their passion into their income generator.  And you hear me giving examples of artists, sculptors, magicians, comedians and musicians who have done just that.  I have a neighbor who told me how he became a millionaire at age 33 after reading No More … Read More

Yes you are an artist

Here’s a shot of my newest “art” project.  A 1939 Plymouth pickup parked in a highly visible corner of our property.  Joanne says this is my canvas.  I wanted a pickup truck so I could have plants scrolling out of the bed.  And I wanted something with cowl headlights and rusted patina to show it’s character and meaningful life. Funny how when you get really clear on a goal, it sets things in motion to come into view.  I had a blast looking for about two months until I found this one in Gurley, AL.  So what’s your canvas today?  … Read More

My new book – Purpose Driven Life

Many of you are writing books or magazine articles.  Never forget the importance of having a great title.  A great book can do poorly because of a less-than-stellar title.  Here are some examples of titles that were changed – you’ll recognize the new ones: Tomorrow is Another Day – became Gone With the Wind.  And Scarlett’s original name was Pansy. Blossom and the Flower – became Peyton Place John Thomas and Lady Jane – become Lady Chatterly’s Lover Something that Happened – become  Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby Mistress Mary, taken from the classic nursery rhyme, was the working title for … Read More

How do you tell your life story?

What do you tell people when you first meet them?  Like anyone else, I can tell my life story as a healthy version or a victim version. I grew up in a home where we didn’t even have running water until I was in the 8th grade. I knew nothing but poverty.  As a 5-yr-old I was forced to get up at 5:30 AM to do my share of the farming chores. Most Christmases I got a new pair of blue jeans – my one gift for a non-joyous occasion.  I was not allowed to wear neckties or fancy clothes. … Read More

When it’s too hard for everyone else, it’s….

Joanne and I are at the Launch Conference in Orlando, Florida this week.  One of the main content presenters is Danny de Armas.  Danny is the Senior Associate Pastor at First Baptist of Orlando where he oversees the business functions of that very large church.  He is also an avid runner and marathoner – now qualified to run the Boston Marathon in just one week from Monday.  While talking to our group of speakers about how to stand out he shared ideas about his principle of leaving the crowd. And then he said:  “When it’s too hard for everyone else, it’s just right for … Read More

Is the American Dream still possible?

Last summer Joanne and I attended a wedding on Hilton Head Island.  The young couple had a beautiful ceremony out on a dock, just as the sun was setting.  They had new degrees with student loan debt, new jobs (neither making quite $30K), two brand new cars with payments that are “comfortable,” a rented storage unit to hold extra stuff and were looking for their first house.  With luck they’ll be able to keep jobs, stay just ahead of those comfortable payments on all their new possessions, reach that magic time when they can quit those jobs and then spend … Read More

Will you be one of the lucky 48 – INNOVATE March, 2014

Okay – it’s getting close.  Last year we introduced a new event called Innovate – for creative people to discover ways to release and prosper from their talent. We have not allowed any registrations for the dates for this year so we could have some sense of fairness in allowing people access.  So we’re doing it just like getting tickets for the Rolling Stones – opening registration at 10:00 AM Central Time this coming Monday, February 3rd.  As you know, we have space for only 48 participants.  Both events last year sold out immediately – with a waiting list of … Read More