When hope is gone

This is a time of year when many people are confronted with the fact that their dreams did not come true, their job still stinks, and life is no better than last year.  What do you do when hope seems to be fading?  But is it realistic to lose hope if the car breaks down or you lose your job? A couple of years ago, Joanne and I had the pleasure of doing a 2-hour presentation at the Tennessee Prison for Women, right before Christmas. Joanne is a regular there – she loves the ladies and they love her.  I … Read More

Escape your Shawshank Prison – this Thursday

Note: The webinar is over, but you can listen to the replay here I’ve noticed a pattern. People, who are called to create something significant, often encounter significant Resistance. Some call it spiritual warfare or Murphy’s Law. Bestselling author Steven Pressfield identified it as the “Resistance.” His predecessor Freud referred to it as the Death Wish—the destructive force inside human nature that rises whenever we consider a tough, long-term course of action that might do good for others or ourselves. If you’ve ever tried creating a business, a work of art, or a book you’ve felt it. If you’ve ever taken … Read More

“Human Filing Cabinets?

I ran across this term a couple of years ago in reference to office buildings — and it made my skin crawl.  Much has been said about the depersonalization of the modern technology worker’s work space.  How can one be creative, innovative and contributing when in a work environment that has all the ambience given to a caged chicken?  When I drive by the high-rise buildings, (I consider anything where you can’t have your feet in the grass in thirty paces a high-rise) I cringe in mental pain for those trapped inside in surroundings they endure to survive. Here’s a … Read More

Just take me back to prison

The comfort of familiarity may be keeping you from new and brighter opportunities. Yesterday morning Joanne and I saw two peacocks wandering around my office.  Knowing my neighbor had a couple such creatures I called him to see if they were missing.  He and his wife came over immediately and we all spent most of an hour chasing them – tearing up legs and arms in the process of pushing through brush with little to show for our efforts.  Last night he texted me that both peacocks had jumped the fence to get back in their pen and were eating … Read More

Security or Freedom – you can’t have both

I recently met with a young man who was considering leaving his current job.  While he enjoys the freedom he has, he doesn’t feel he has much security.  The organization he’s working for can’t give him guaranteed raises, 401k benefits and a car allowance.  He’d prefer to be in an organization where he still has lots of freedom but where there is more security. I tried to gently show him those two concepts are totally opposed.  If you want ultimate freedom to get up when you want to get up, decide what you’re going to do today and have no … Read More

Do you want this………..?

If you can’t describe what you want, don’t say you never had a chance. The people who complain the loudest about never having an opportunity in life are usually the ones who have no idea what they really want.  They end up as what Zig Ziglar calls “wandering generalities.”  They aren’t happy where they are but can’t tell you where they want to be. And nothing is their fault.  They are victims of the economy, their upbringing, their lack of education, the country they live in, or the evil company they work for.  The real world puts them at a … Read More

Better death than this….

As a child, Leonardo da Vinci had an intense curiosity about birds and flight.  He studied their wings and modeled helicopters, parachutes and flying machines based on their anatomy.  The freedom and movement of birds served as a metaphor for his life.  He observed poetically that a mother goldfinch, seeing her babies in a cage, would feed them a bit of a poisonous plant, noting, “Better death than to be without freedom.” In the course of his frequent strolls through the streets of Florence, Leonardo often encounteredmerchants selling caged birds.  Frequently, Leonardo would stop, pay the purchase price, then open … Read More

Of Course We Trust You…..But

Remember the obnoxious manager who used to sneak up behind you in your cubicle to try to catch you checking your email or putting in that last minute bid on eBay?  Then you elected to take the company option to work from home.  Thank goodness, no longer do you have to worry about Mister Nosey watching your every move at your desk.  Guess what – he’s back!  Electronic monitoring of home workers is an exploding trend.  Latest figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that America has 28.7 million telecommuters, or “distributed workers”-those people who work for traditional companies … Read More