Don’t be the smartest person in the room

Harold Ramis is the actor and director probably best known for his role as Egon in the movie Ghostbusters.  He once laid out his rule for success:  “Find the most talented person in the room, and if it’s not you, go stand next to him.  Hang out with him. Try to be helpful.” Brian Tracy said one of the hallmark traits of high achievers is that they spend time with people who are already performing at the level at which they want to perform.  Tony Robbins has created an impressive career based on the simple idea of finding someone whose … Read More

The unwelcome change in your job may be your next opportunity

I hear from people every week who are upset that things are changing.  They really want to just keep things the way they’ve been for the last 10 years. Let’s create our own scenario from a few millennia ago: ten cavemen spend their days fishing. Each morning the ten men go down to the local lake, cast their lines, and hope to provide the necessary food for their dependents. Then one day, Barney shows up with a net he has fashioned from strings and ropes. Because the net can capture even the fish who escape the lure of the fishing … Read More

My new book – Purpose Driven Life

Many of you are writing books or magazine articles.  Never forget the importance of having a great title.  A great book can do poorly because of a less-than-stellar title.  Here are some examples of titles that were changed – you’ll recognize the new ones: Tomorrow is Another Day – became Gone With the Wind.  And Scarlett’s original name was Pansy. Blossom and the Flower – became Peyton Place John Thomas and Lady Jane – become Lady Chatterly’s Lover Something that Happened – become  Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby Mistress Mary, taken from the classic nursery rhyme, was the working title for … Read More

I’m miserable in my job but don’t have the money to start my own business

In last week’s Podcast I answered a question from Art: Hello Dan, recently I read 48 Days and No More Mondays. Great books! Like you I’m a car guy! I worked as an ASE certified technician for 6+yrs then opened up a used car lot which let to a bankruptcy (have to admit fixing cars and selling them are completely different). Currently I work for the state and earn only $40,000 a year; I feel like my time is worth way more than that! I would like to open my own repair shop as those are my skills of expertise … Read More

My creativity has been neutered

A few weeks ago I saw a very successful airline captain.  In his own words – “I’m at the apex of my career.”  He makes in excess of $200,000 annually and has the respect and admiration of everyone who knows him.  Unfortunately, the stress of his position and the volatility of his industry are forcing him to consider some new options. When we began to explore his interests, hobbies and community activities, he apologized for his lack of ideas.  He struggled to explain how he had become so narrow and out of touch – his best description was that his own … Read More

Be safe and bored or reach for the gold

Recently I watched the 2007 movie Lions for Lambs.  In this movie a brilliant but apathetic student asks his professor (Robert Redford), “Is there any difference in trying but failing, and simply failing to try – if you end up in the same place anyway?”  He was attempting to justify taking the safe route; never really taking a stand or trying anything big. What do you think?  Do you cringe at trying something big because of the possibility of failure?  What if you tried for the promotion but failed to get it, started a business but lost your investment, or … Read More

Need a boost for your idea – check this out!

On January 28th, at 7:00 PM Central Time I connected with over 1000 of you who registered for my open teleseminar – “My Work, My Life: Entrepreneur Startup” If this is the year you’re going to double your income, find new time freedom, turn your dream into a reality – be sure to jump in and listen to this free call. We’ll be addressing how to clarify your Passion How to find money for your startup idea How much time it should take to replace your income now And much more. Here are just some of the questions pouring in … Read More

Making a Living……or not

How many times have you heard people say about their work, “Well, at least I’m making a living”? Maybe it would be more accurate to say, “I’m making a dying.” The work they describe is unfulfilling, boring, and stressful. They dread going in on Monday morning and every other morning. Often they are embarrassed about their work and admit readily they are doing nothing meaningful, only extracting a paycheck in exchange for their time. Does that sound like making a living? I don’t think so. They may brush it off as just something we all do; work is never going … Read More

Where do dreams go to die – or can they?

Here’s another podcast question: Dan, I am an introvert who is not good at selling; however, I would really love to have my own business. Should I give up this dream?  Joe ******************************** First let’s look at “should I give up this dream?”  What happens to a dream when you give up on it?  Where does it go? I have a feeling it takes up residence in a section of our mind and spirit and starts to cause problems.  What if it’s discarded dreams that are throwing obstacles in our path?  What if that low self-confidence is coming from a … Read More

Monday Prayer for Work

Monday Prayer for Work Lord, Help me to always give 100% at work….. 12% on Monday 23% on Tuesday 40% on Wednesday 20% on Thursday 5% on Friday Okay I know that’s not your plan.  You are likely one who always gives 100% to whatever you do.  We hear a lot about people who give 110%.  I know that sounds kinda cool but I’ll settle for just a solid 100% on whatever needs to be done.  Frankly, when I hear that someone is giving 110% at work I fear he/she is perhaps borrowing that extra 10% from some other important … Read More