Need a bigger financial shovel? Here’s how

financial shovel

A listener asked: Dan, I recall a 48 Days Radio Show episode during which you spoke of real estate as an example of a large financial shovel.  Would you please share other examples of a large shovel you can think of?  Paul Sure – I love even thinking about this.  Many people get a paycheck each week – it’s predictable and not going to change quickly.  But if you’re looking for ways to get a big shovel, here are some possibilities: 7 Ideas For a Big Financial Shovel 1. Create a real estate transaction.  You’ve seen the TV shows, just … Read More

I can double my income but my family will suffer!


Episode #590 December 15, 2017 — In this week’s Podcast, we zone in on our goal setting with a great question from a listener who wants to know if he should push forward in 2018 to double his income knowing that his family life will suffer. We take a look at the 48 Days Goal Setting Workbook that includes setting goals for seven different areas of your life, not just career. Money is not how we should define success and therefore it should not lead our goal setting. We also explore ways that this listener (and others) can meet his income goals without sacrificing … Read More

Did you miss your window of opportunity?


Questions: Dan, I teach online and make $21 an hour from home As a freelance copywriter I’m able to pay myself $3,500 every 2 weeks I just got hired by a great Christian college and am enjoying it immensely Can you go over the best practices for approaching someone to do a JV campaign? Is there any way I can partner with you or get any inside advice on Amazon Merch? I am 64 years old and seem to be going backwards in my career.  Am I too old to change careers?   Good News Cliff Feightner poem: Are you … Read More

Love Your Neighbor as Yourself


There are some that believe to give means having nothing left for yourself. The error in this thinking is that no one can make any real impact if they are giving from an empty cup. This is why one must fill their cup first, before being able to give to others. This week’s questions address the value of investing in YOURSELF — not only for you but everyone around you. Questions: How can I best help my neighbor? I only make $15 an hour.  How could I give to others or spend on myself? Is it selfish to spend money … Read More

Why profits are better than wages

Dan explores some fundamental questions: what is the difference between residual income and linear income in both providing security and motivation?

This is a tough issue.  We are in a culture that has taught us to expect wages for our time.  The person who makes $10/hr wants $12 and so on.  The attorney who makes $100/hr wants to work his/her way up to $200.  Whatever the level, we’re talking about wages, or linear income.  Is your income linear or residual?  Here’s how you can tell.  Just ask yourself this question:  “How many times do you get paid for every hour you work?”  If you answered, “Only once,” then your income is linear – you are making wages.  Salaries offer linear income. Doctors … Read More

Is it okay to make money from a Christian website?

A member of recently asked this question: “Is it really okay to make money from a ministry or Christian based website?  For some reason I feel I need confirmation that it’s okay to profit from the things of God.” Shawn – you raise a question that has been an elephant in the room for Christians all through history.  I think the issue is not whether or not you can make money from a Christian website as much as it is:  “Am I serving people or taking advantage of them?”  If you are truly serving people then the transfer of … Read More

Are you smart enough to be a millionaire?

Many of you have heard me talk about concepts from “The Millionaire Mind”, by Thomas Stanley.  It’s not a new book but the principles are timeless.  Here are just a few of the key concepts from this significant book: There is no clear correlation between wealth and what we normally expect;  IQ, education, GPA, profession, business chosen, etc.  The only common theme in those who ended up very wealthy is that they found something they love doing, and do it with excellence. Their undergraduate grade point average (GPA) was 2.92 on a 4.00-point scale. Most have been told by some … Read More

Don’t we just work for the money?

I love this question from Mike: “Dan, I’ve seen the quotes about security being the enemy of creativity and passion. I was wondering what motivates you and your other successful friends that I assume probably have a fair amount of financial security? What keeps you and others like you working hard after achieving financial success?” Mike references a quote I recently shared that says:   “Nothing is more damaging to the adventurous spirit within a man than a secure future.”  Security is not our friend.  It is more likely to bury our adventurous spirit and our passion for being fully … Read More

The wise prayer of a weak and insecure man

Isn’t it safer to just be average? Okay – here’s one of my responses that’s going to get me in hot water with some people. Recently a podcast listener asked this question – a very common theme from our Christian listeners. “Dan- Help. I have a poor man’s mindset and can’t seem to shake it. I’m stuck trying to understand Proverbs 30:7-9.  How can I change my mindset and start making more money?”  Eric Let’s look at what Proverbs 30: 7-9 has to say: 7  Two things I ask of you, Lord; do not refuse me before I die: 8  Keep … Read More

Can you sell lipstick?

Many of you have chosen to be an independent representative with an MLM companies as the basis of the business you are growing. You may be with Mary Kay, Mona Vie, Primerica, Mannatech, AdvoCare, Reliv or one of a thousand others.  Is now a good time to build your business? Here’s a question from a 48 Days Podcast listener: “Dan, I am in a direct sales company. As a company and as individuals, we rocked through the majority of the economic downturn, but this past year have lost a lot of ground. Our business focuses on personal sales and building … Read More