Are you in misery – move!

This story about the dog and nail is one of the most commented-on stories in The Rudder of the Day. I heard a story from my friend Bob about an old dog lying on the front porch.  A neighbor approached the porch and could hear the dog softly moaning.  He asked his friend why the dog was whimpering.  And the owner said:  “He’s lying on a nail.” Predictably the man said, “Well, why doesn’t he move?” To which the owner replied, “I guess it doesn’t hurt quite that much yet.”  About a year after sharing this story in my weekly newsletter … Read More

Don’t be a donkey- Make a decision

In medieval logic there is the dilemma of a donkey that is placed equidistantly from two piles of food of equal size and quality. A perfectly symmetrical situation. If the behavior of the donkey is completely rational, it will have no reason to prefer one pile to the other and therefore cannot reach a decision over which pile to eat first.  So it remains in its original position and starves to death. This dilemma is called “Buridan’s ass.” I find many people immobilized by the challenge of choosing – even if both choices are apparently attractive.  Two great schools, two … Read More

And the donkey died because………

Here’s a story from No More Dreaded Mondays: You may know the medieval logic dilemma of the donkey that is placed equidistant from two piles of food of equal size and quality—a perfectly symmetrical situation. If the behavior of the donkey were completely rational, it would have no reason to prefer one pile to the other; therefore, it could not decide which pile to eat first. So it would remain in its original position and starve to death. This dilemma is called “Buridan’s ass.” I find many people immobilized by the challenge of choosing—even if both choices are attractive. Two … Read More

How smart are you?

I just returned to Franklin, TN from the INBOUND conference in Boston. So many new ideas and new connections. Guy Kawasaki talked about the 10 lessons he learned from Steve Jobs. Here’s just one: “Changing your mind is a sign of intelligence. When the world thought that changing ones mind was a sign of stupidity, Steve Jobs thought the opposite. Nearly all of us in our everyday lives think that changing our mind is a sign of stupidity and not intelligence. We don’t want to look like a fool in front of others, and so non-desirous of changing our mind. Interestingly, by … Read More

Stuck in indecision for fear of making a wrong move?

[note color=”#FDD017″]This is a guest post from Joel Boggess. He is a life coach, the host for Finding Your Voice Radio and he is on the advisory team. His new book is titled “Finding Your Voice”. As I wrote in the foreword, the investment of your time will come back multiplied with more confidence and enthusiasm – and you’ll discover a powerful voice that will inspire and encourage others along the way.  Here are other links to Joel’s work and new book:  Amazon book page, Webpage, Facebook.  If you’d like to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here.[/note] Stuck … Read More

You must do that today

Remember the deadlines we had in college?  After doing nothing for a month we realized that term paper in Psych 101 was due tomorrow morning.  And after a long night of NoDoz and Mt. Dew we cranked out a masterpiece and got that A+.   Well, it turns out our creativity is increased with the tension of a deadline.  Feeling like we have endless time to complete our work has a numbing effect on our mind.   Our attention and deep thinking become diffused.  Our lack of intensity diminishes our brain’s focus and depth. In his new book Mastery, author Robert Greene … Read More

What opportunities are you missing?

On November 1st I posted a blog – Need an extra $14,000 – in which I shared that we had 4000 copies of 48 Days to the Work You Love that we wanted to get out of inventory.  Here’s the picture of Brian Nash, a local Franklin attorney, as we are loading the last few cases in his van late Saturday evening.  I offered them at $1.00 each and suggested some ideas for making money.  Many of you responded with possibilities but Brian was the only one who made an actual offer – $2000 for all 4000 books – and … Read More

Stop Making Decisions – just do what’s important!

I read in a interview this week where Dr. Mehmet Oz said:  “I recently learned that the more decisions we make in a day, the more likely we are to make bad decisions – because deciding wears us down. You start making decisions in the morning, and by the middle of the afternoon, you’re running on fumes.” Now – I like spontaneity and certainly don’t want to become a robot.  I don’t want to feel programmed to go to Taco Bell every day.  Some days I want to go to Garcias, or Panchos, or Nachos, or La Hacienda.  You get … Read More

Are you “waiting on God?”

“Indecision and the unwillingness to take action are often described as patience – or ‘waiting on God.” — Dan Miller How many times have I heard mature people tell me they are just “waiting on God?”   While it sounds very spiritual, self-sacrificing and honorable, I also find that more often than not it’s just a politically correct way of procrastinating or justifying indecision.  Instead of gathering information, creating a plan, and taking action, they can comfortably hide out in a theological wilderness with all the other Egyptians while doing nothing. Hungry kids, mortgage bankers, and spouses who are exhausted … Read More

Don’t get cooked in the squat!

Most of us make fun of the idea that ignorance is bliss and pride ourselves in not being one of the ignorant. However, I see a reverse phenomenon that is also quite interesting.  The paradox of knowledge is this:  the more we know, the more we realize what we don’t know.  Thus, a person who begins studying butterflies discovers the thousands of species that exist.  A person who wants to buy a car can get lost in consumer reports, safety studies, and resale potential.   I see students continuing the pursuit of more and more degrees, “getting ready” for that first … Read More