Are you in misery – move!

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This story about the dog and nail is one of the most commented-on stories in The Rudder of the Day. I heard a story from my friend Bob about an old dog lying on the front porch.  A neighbor approached the porch and could hear the dog softly moaning.  He asked his friend why the dog was whimpering.  And the owner said:  “He’s lying on a nail.” Predictably the man said, “Well, why doesn’t he move?” To which the owner replied, “I guess it doesn’t hurt quite that much yet.”  About a year after sharing this story in my weekly newsletter … Read More

I’ve got a PhD but no JoB

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Cherish your visions and dreams

I’ve got a PhD but no JoB  I’ve got B.S., and MBA, a PhD, a DDS – and no job. My heart breaks every time I see these painful letters.  Typically the writer has a mountain of student loan debt, the embarrassment of no job, and few marketable skills.  In this episode I talk about redefining “education” and getting degrees for the personal experience, not for the “job.” I have a dream to help divorced moms When is it better to simply apply for a job and when is it better to invest time and effort in a resume and … Read More

Today is the day for this……..

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Today, November 14th, is a big day for me!  It’s 48 Days until the New Year rolls in.  And as such I always have my goals clearly laid out for the coming year.  So I’ve already decided what I’m going to accomplish next year. Management guru Peter Drucker always recommended that you examine every part of your business regularly to determine if there is anything you are doing now that you wouldn’t do again if you could start over. What if you did this Zero-Based planning for your LIFE?  If you could wipe the slate clean and look at your life … Read More

Start 2015 with a clear slate – but then create a clear plan

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Management guru Peter Drucker always recommended that you examine every part of your business regularly to determine if there is anything you are doing now that you wouldn’t do again if you could start over. What if you did this Zero-Based planning for your LIFE?  If you could wipe the slate clean on January 1st, and look at your life in this way, what would you change?  The real hallmark of truly successful people is not that they do more but that they can decide what they are going to stop doing.  What are you going to Stop Doing on … Read More

How do you tell your life story?

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What do you tell people when you first meet them?  Like anyone else, I can tell my life story as a healthy version or a victim version. I grew up in a home where we didn’t even have running water until I was in the 8th grade. I knew nothing but poverty.  As a 5-yr-old I was forced to get up at 5:30 AM to do my share of the farming chores. Most Christmases I got a new pair of blue jeans – my one gift for a non-joyous occasion.  I was not allowed to wear neckties or fancy clothes. … Read More

Please interrupt me

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At this time of year I love setting goals and encourage everyone I meet to do the same.  Most every notable accomplishment I’ve experienced I can track back to having a clear goal.  The books I’ve written, trips to places like Africa, selecting the cars I drive, having a Sanctuary on our property, developing a beautiful hosta garden, and learning Spanish all began as a written goal.  However, I know that some of you just resist the process, believing that setting goals takes the spontaneity out of life.  That you will never again be allowed to impulsively go to the … Read More

What’s holding me back?

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Joanne and I just returned from Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy in Santa Clara, California.  Attending seminars and workshops have been an integral part of my journey – breaking old thought patterns and opening my eyes to new potential.   This was certainly no exception.  For four days we listened, interacted with others from around the world and processed new and exciting ideas. Brendon had a horrendous car accident a few years ago that caused him to take a fresh look at his life.  Now, at the end of every day, he asks himself three questions: Did I live? Did I … Read More

Hard Work Isn’t Enough

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[note color=”#FDD017″]This is a guest post by  Jim Woods is a writer, coach, and instigator in Nashville, TN. His passion lies in turning ideas into action and in keeping with that passion he’s an active contributor in the community. You can connect with him at his blog here or @jimwoodswrites on Twitter.  If you’d like to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here.[/note] Hard Work Isn’t Enough If you work hard, success will follow, right? Wrong—hard work by itself is not enough. You need intentional focus and the best way to implement this is in the form … Read More

Answer this and change your life

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This morning I was reading Dan Sullivan’s How To Get To The Top And Stay There (available as a free download).  Dan has been a coach of high achievers for many years. Dan stresses the importance of having a clear vision for your future.  If your vision of your future isn’t significantly different than what your life looks like now, then why change anything?  But if you do want your future to be different, here is a powerful question to get you started. “If we were meeting here three years from today, looking back over those three years, what has … Read More

Remind me to…….

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Last week I wrote a post on acting on our dreams.  Some readers commented that it’s easy to get distracted or forget about our goals – even after we’ve made the effort to create them. I know how easily we can get caught up in just keeping up.  But writing down our goals is the first step to taking action.  Then you must keep those goals in front of you.  During my toughest times – and still today – I post my goals on the bathroom mirror, the refrigerator and the sun visor in my car.  I have found that with those … Read More