Would you hire this person?

This addresses a pet peeve of mine.  And that’s the “Objective” on resumes. Here is a recent example on a resume submitted for my review: “To support the growth and profitability of an organization that provides challenge, encourages advancement, and rewards achievement with the opportunity to utilize my experience, skills, and proven abilities.” Sounds great – would you like to hire this person?  But what do you know about this person?  Is he/she a candidate for flipping hamburgers or for a CEO position?  Does he have skills in supervising, organizing, planning, selling, marketing, etc?  Is she proficient in any computer … Read More

Can I have that with cherries on top?

Many of you have a “product” of some kind.  It may be a gadget, a painting, a box of brownies, or an ebook.  Whatever it is, start thinking up ways to “repurpose” your product – ways to change the delivery, tweak the original, or add value. I want you to be able to have multiple streams of income.  Having a variety of products for your prospects will immediately add to your streams.  We are constantly creating new products here at 48 Days, and the list of possibilities just keeps growing.  You should be able to do the same with any … Read More

Jump Shipp – new TV show

On Oct 21, 2011, my friend Josh Shipp will debut his new TV show — JUMP SHIPP on Halogen TV. Josh says:  It’s about people leaving their dead end job and pursing their dream job. Check out this 1 minute trailer: Jump Shipp Promo I had an opportunity to ask Josh a few questions about his upcoming show. Q&A with Josh Shipp, host of Halogen’s JUMP SHIPP by Dan Miller DAN: It seems we all have unusual experiences in our growing up years.  And those typically help shape the direction of our lives.  I grew up a farm and quickly decided I … Read More

Is this really “hard work?”

Don’t you hear people talking about “working hard” all the time?  We hear that from a highly paid CEO, from wealthy athletes, from a guy on a construction crew, and from a stay-at-home mom.   What gives us the feeling of working too hard? Saturday morning I grabbed a wheelbarrow, a shovel and a rake and headed for the back section of a nature trail through the woods on our property.  The temperature was officially at 99 degrees, the wood chip pile I intended to spread was dirty and dry and the trail wound up and down over rocks.  It took … Read More

What’s your dream life?

If you’re a troubled teenage guy I can recommend NarrowGate as a place for personal discovery as you ride horses, fish, forge iron and build furniture.  If you’re a college student you can intern with Keza in Rwanda or Kenya to help design jewelry for ladies escaping poverty there. But what if you’re 40 or 50 and burned out but unsure about how to explore a new career.  No one’s looking for a 53-yr-old intern or a 46-yr-old apprentice.  Brian Kurth saw his own life slipping away each morning while stuck in his 2-3 hour commute to his boring job in … Read More