Oh no – this happened. How do I move forward?

making decisions

Oh no – this happened.  How do I move forward? My wife, Joanne, and I have used a concise process for all the years of our marriage. When confronted with a decision, we allow a 2-week maximum for arriving at a decision. Whether it is where to move, what kind of car to purchase, making a career or business decision, or how to handle a difficult relationship with a relative, we approach the process as follows: 1. State the problem. 2. Get the advice and opinions of others. 3. List the alternatives. 4. Choose the best alternative. 5. Act. And … Read More

Have you Decided to be more successful next year?

Often, we have someone call our office about making a change in his or her life.  We send information and then hear nothing.  Two years later, that person calls and says, “Now I’m ready to really create a plan.”  What I always wonder is, What did they do for those two years?  And usually, when we meet, it confirms my suspicion that they simply continued doing what they had been doing.  We know that we all have a tendency toward continuing the status quo.  But once you have made a decision, what would cause you to wait?  If you said … Read More

Are you strong enough to make this decision?

This morning I was listening to Joe Polish on his I Love Marketing podcast.  He and Dan Sullivan were talking about what it means to “decide.” I was blown away to hear Dan point out that the Latin word from which we get “decide” is the same root word from which we get homicide, suicide, genocide, fungicide, pesticide, and many more.  All of these words end in “cide”, from the Latin word “caedere” which means to kill. It means to kill off – when you decide you are going to stop something. When you decide on your future, something from … Read More