You keep your F – I’m keeping my dream

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When Monty Roberts was in high school, his teacher gave the class the assignment of writing about what they wanted to do when they grew up.  Monty wrote that he wanted to own a ranch and raise thoroughbred racehorses.  His teacher gave him an “F” and explained that the dream was unrealistic for a boy living in a camper in the back of a pickup truck.  He would never be able to make this a reality.  When he offered Monty the chance to rewrite his paper for a higher grade, Monty told him, “You keep your F; I’m keeping my … Read More

All We Need is Love

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giving others hope and encouragement

All We Need is Love People are not looking for more systems and processes. They’re looking for hope, encouragement, love, respect and transformation.  If you’re already providing those you are likely in a position to prosper financially as well.  I’ll be sharing some of what I’ve done and how you can step right into the path that fits you best. Questions we address on this week’s Podcast: My husband was laid off in the oil downturn and after two years of “getting by”, he is back out in the oil field. He is conflicted though. I have a business idea … Read More

How I make money coaching

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Coaching is one of the fastest growing areas of career opportunity today – and yet I see competent coaches making income comparable to that of a hamburger flipper.  We are told that 95% of coaches never make more than $40,000/yr.  So let’s assume that’s a reasonable average – BUT you’re smart enough to recognize some other ways to share your core message. Here’s a brief overview of some of the ways I was making money right from the start – with no books, courses or unique content of my own – and coming from a place of ministry and service.  … Read More

How can I thrive if I really want to help the needy?

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Here’s a note I received this week from someone who wants to be a coach. ”Dan –With the poverty of the USA my spirit doesn’t feel right charging the poor that need help for coaching them in the right direction. Out of the love in my heart for others and their burdens I cannot see putting a boundary up (money) for what I know can help them.” Coaching is a helping service – and I sincerely hope whatever you are doing in work is a helping service.  Coaching is not unique in being the only way to help others.  So … Read More

Are you a coach or just a cheerleader?

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As quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, Joe Montana led his team to four Super Bowl victories.  He has been elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and was named by Sports Illustrated as the greatest football player of the past 50 years. Here’s an excerpt from his book, The Winning Spirit: “As I have watched my own children compete in youth sports over the years, I have noticed a growing tendency to deliver pats on the head, to say, ‘Good job, everyone won today.’  And hand out participation ribbons to all who got out of bed and made … Read More

Can I serve others well and still make a living?

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I have always been inundated with requests for ministry (or pro bono) coaching.  Just today I received a lengthy letter from a 60-yr-old pastor, whose board in his description is replacing him with “a new and younger man.”  He has no health insurance, is living “paycheck to paycheck” and has no idea where to go from here. After a “ministry” lunch meeting yesterday, I made a quick stop at the bank. The teller dissolved into tears as she told me that she too has felt “called” to do something significant, but feels trapped at the lowly position at the bank … Read More

Why authors, speaker and coaches are broke

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I have been privileged to work with a variety of “experts” over the last few years – helping them leverage their knowledge into real businesses. There’s a three part formula any of us can use to clearly state what we do – here’s mine. I help high potential individuals Understand and apply their unique and most powerful talents and passions So they can make a larger impact, leave a legacy and thrive financially. You can use that formula to state your own position and work. But here’s a common theme:  Authors want to write books, speakers want to speak and coaches … Read More

7 reasons I love being a coach

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Here we are approaching the second half of 2015.  This is a time when many people are taking a quick look at their progress.  Are they any better off financially this year than last?  Are their relationships stronger, more loving and less stressful?  Is their work the same old drudgery even though they know there’s got to be a better fit?  Are they living “too small” while fully aware their best life is calling? Those are the things I hear every day as a coach.  I can’t imagine work that is more rewarding than what I get to do as … Read More

The easiest way to hire a great coach

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[note color=”#FDD017″]As a former career coach, author on career clarity and life planning expert under the name Rob Clinton at 180 Career Coaching, Robert de Brus story is a story of redemption. Having gone through many challenging transitions and life upsets, from business crashes, failed relationships, financial hardships, and circumstance after circumstance that he doesn’t wish on anyone he is re-claiming a future for himself that’s not in anyway dictated by his past. It’s all about the re-claiming of a new future. The story from Rob Clinton to Robert de Brus is the core emphasis behind his transition from a life of being trapped by circumstances, to a life … Read More

Can I help you design the next season of your life?

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Every time I’ve wanted big leaps in my own success, I’ve engaged a coach.  I am too impatient to learn the slow way, making mistakes and guessing about the best direction.  I’ve had a speech coach, a speaking business coach, a blog coach, a podcast coach, a marketing coach, a business coach and a personal development coach. Working with a coach is often the first step individuals take as they plan for a career move, a new job, a promotion, or anticipate a new “season” in life. If the need for a change has come unexpectedly, it’s easy for self-confidence … Read More