No money? Start your own business…..

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There is still a popular myth that starting your own business requires a chunk of money. A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO I noticed there were several tree companies working in our neighborhood. Their assignment was to cut the trees back wherever there was danger of them falling against power lines. Their work often left the trees looking misshapen and distorted, thus they were frowned upon and treated badly by most of the neighborhood residents, even though they were doing work that needed to be done. While they were on my property I concluded that I would get better results if … Read More

Never Catch the Fox

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I had the privilege recently of meeting with a distinguished businessman.  And no, I didn’t go to a nursing home to see this gentleman.  Bill is now 81 years old but came to my office with a very big business proposal for a joint venture that would gain full benefit in the next 3-5 years.  He had a spring in his step and a sparkle in his eyes – obviously enjoying every minute of our business discussion. In asking a little about his background, Bill shared that he had some early successes in business and “retired” to an island just … Read More

A Business or a Hobby?

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Dan, I am an entrepreneur at heart but I need some sort of job in order to finance a business. I am in 2 different schools – one for fashion and one to get my MBA. I am also studying for a license to work with imports and I write a fashion blog in my spare time. Any advice?? ********************************************************** Wow – you present a Catch 22 here.  You want to start a business but need a job to fund it?  That implies youdon’t believe it will make enough money to make sense.  Getting a “job” will certainly slow down … Read More


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Not all businesspeople are greedy. We’ve heard the Bernie Madoff investment stories, heard about banks that lend to unqualified candidates, and have seen the get-rich-quick promises on late night TV. It’s easy to quickly classify all businesspeople or for-profit companies as greedy. And I agree, greed is typically a short-sighted model for taking advantage of others.

Confused and Stunned – awesome!

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Is now a time to try something new – perhaps something you’ve never done before?  Or should you sit out the “recession” and wait until “things get better.” “The times when everyone is confused and stunned can present an enormous opportunity because no one’s really doing anything,” says Dell Computer founder Michael Dell.  “I think this is the time when the seeds of really successful new businesses will be created.” Designer Kenneth Cole says, “When things are going well, people want to do what’s working and more of it.  It’s only in difficult times that people are open to creative … Read More

Secure but miserable…

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Here’s a question that’s very similar to others I receive about ten times a week: Dan, I have been working at a job for about 2 years, and I’m completely miserable.  The pay is decent and also the benefits/yearly bonus. But I just can’t stand the job.  I have an idea for a great business that I would love but I’m terrified of leaving the “security” of my regular “job.” Being secure in something where you are miserable is an oxymoron and an illusion.  If you are miserable you are not providing your best work.  And if you are not … Read More

Half the size – twice the price

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On Thanksgiving weekend Joanne and I traveled up to the Amish country in Ohio to visit my dad in his retirement home.  As always, I am amazed at the micro enterprises that cover the back roads of this farming area where I was raised.  At one shop, where I bought some fresh unpastuerized apple cider, we saw a pile of miniature straw bales, about half the size of regular bales.  My brother told me a local Amishman had rebuilt a hay baler to produce the tiny, decorative bales.  While regular sized bales sell for about $2.00, these half sized ones … Read More