What is one thing that makes you successful?

Last week the founder of Leads Magazine (www.leadsmagazine.co) asked me:  What is ONE big inspiration or tactic you can share with entrepreneurs and small businesses about being more successful? My One big inspiration tactic for being more successful is I treat the 168 hours we have each week as I would carefully earned dollars.  I decide in advance how I … Read More

Want a 9% raise? All it takes is a little sweat…

We know hitting the gym is a great way to forget about your troubles and relieve stress.  Those work and money problems you’ve got just seem to disappear in the rear view mirror when you’re in the middle of a great sweat.  Guess what?  You just may be on your way to a better financial return than that investment in … Read More

Deteriorating Integrity

“The rules I used to follow are for people who are where I used to be.”  In this week’s Leadership Podcast, Andy Stanley stated this as one of the signs of weakening integrity of any leader. Yes, integrity implies honesty, but more than that.  It also indicates consistency of actions, values, methods and principles.  Thus if a leader is courteous … Read More

Do you have what it takes to be a “leader?”

The dictionary defines leadership as “influencing” or “inducing.”  And yes, with that broad definition we’ve seen Hollywood celebrities who offer nothing but glamorous looks, athletes who offer little beyond big bank accounts and company CEOs who manipulate the lives of employees referred to as leaders. At the recent Chick-fil-A Leadercast we heard a continuing theme about a different kind of … Read More

Can I be a Leader?

Today I had the pleasure of speaking on the Power of Creating a Mastermind Group at the Chick-fil-A Leadercast simulcast in Franklin, TN.  I was surrounded by many great leaders and executives at this event and energized by all the speakers who presented. Andy Stanley told us “every decision we make becomes part of our life story – choose carefully”.  Leadership oftentimes involves tough decisions. … Read More

Sorry, I don’t have time for you

I was listening to Andy Stanley’s Leadership Podcast on The Accessibility of a Leader this week and was struck by one particular scripture reference he used. We all know the story of Nehemiah and how he decided he needed to rebuild the wall around the city of Jerusalem.  That was a clear and major focus.  But like with any of … Read More