Still Not Working

Steve lost his job with a major auto manufacturing corporation four years ago.  After a brief job search he settled into eking out a meager subsistence by living on his wife’s paycheck and drawing a little out of the equity of his house each month.  He surfs the net, meets his friends for lunch, and reads his favorite novels. It appears that millions of men like Steve – although in the prime of their lives, between 30 and 55 – have dropped out of traditional work.  Many of them know they could get jobs, but they turn down jobs that … Read More

Know what you want

“The people who complain the loudest about never having an opportunity in life are usually the ones who have no idea what they really want.  They aren’t happy where they are but can’t tell you where they want to be.” Dan Miller, from Wisdom meets Passion

Going to your well of inspiration

[note color=”#FDD017″]This is a guest post by Joseph Lalonde. He is a youth leader and leadership blogger at Joseph shares leadership tools and encourages you to become a better leader. Follow him on Twitter or subscribe to his blog.  If you’d like to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here.[/note] Everyday we’re bombarded by so much information. It seems like everything is vying for our attention. The TV blares commercials to entice you to purchase the next best thing. Magazine ads try to sell you on the way you should look. Or it could be your friends … Read More

God’s Will – or just my passion?

There is a current discussion on where J Sean Allen asks if his passion for old cars could really be part of his “God-ordained purpose” or if it’s just his self-centered materialistic desire.  Cars – Passion vs Distraction. Wow – there’s a question that only comes up about 6000 times a day.  Have you ever asked yourself that?  Have you ever thought that doing God’s will must involve suffering and misery?  That doing something you enjoy is likely just your own selfish desire? Imagine yourself as a parent.  You have a little 5-yr-old boy – and that little boy … Read More

The “overqualified” myth

I’ve never turned down an applicant because I felt he or she was overqualified, and frankly, I don’t think anyone does.  We hear this phrase a lot but it likely just falls in one of these categories:  The hiring manager is afraid the applicant has been around long enough to have some really solid bad habits and doesn’t want to invest the energy to change those.  The hiring manager is intimidated by the applicant’s qualifications and feels unable to manage him/her.  The hiring manager doesn’t like the applicant and doesn’t feel she would fit in will as part of the … Read More

Hearing is NOT Understanding

[note color=”#FDD017″]This is a guest post by Paul McGuire.  Paul McGuire is the creator and curator of the Affluent Student where he provides parents with inspirational, informative, and educational content to enrich their children’s lives through proactive parenting. In addition to the website, you can connect with Paul on Twitter or at his Facebook Fan Page.  If you’d like to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here.[/note] I manage a technical staff of fifteen at a large insurance company. As a matter of routine information sharing I have a staff meeting with my team every other week. You can … Read More

Your “Acres of Diamonds” – book

Years ago there was a story told about a Persian merchant named Ali Hafed.  After hearing about diamonds being found in the high mountains, he sold his little farm and went off in search of the riches that diamonds would bring him.  The story takes an unusual twist as the location of the diamonds unfolds. This is a timeless classic with some life-changing principles for discovering your own “diamonds.”  It has been extremely important to me in my own search for real wealth.    Sometimes the grass is not “greener on the other side of the fence.” I have recaptured this … Read More

Is there a market for you?

Thomas Edison once said, “I only want to invent things that sell.”  While this may sound obvious, it’s an important principle to understand if you are getting a degree, looking for a job, starting a business or inventing a product.   And apparently it’s not obvious as we continue to see people wanting to be paid for services or products no one wants. Did you know that 98 percent of all patented inventions never make enough money to recover the expenses of getting a patent? The inventor was deluded into thinking that if he/she could get a patent, surely someone would … Read More

Think you’ve got a new idea?

“There is no such thing as a new idea. It is impossible. We just take a lot of old ideas and put them into a sort of mental kaleidoscope. We give them a turn, and they create new and curious combinations. We keep turning making new patterns,  but they are the same old pieces of glass that have been in use throughout all the years.” –Mark Twain

You’re Hired

Some interesting stats from the July/August issue of INC magazine.  The Questions and comments are mine. New jobs in April – 119,000 Who did the hiring: Companies with fewer than 50 employees – 49% Companies with 50-499 employees – 48% Companies with 500 or more employees – 3% Question:  Why do job-seekers continue to make companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, Wal-Mart, General Motors and UPS their prime targets? You increase your odds dramatically by targeting smaller companies. What 2012 college graduates say the top priorities are when looking for a job: Job Security – 33% Salary – 23% … Read More