Are my skills appreciated by anyone?

Are my skills and specialized job training appreciated by anyone? Many of you have job training in specific areas.  That can give you an advantage or make you feel trapped.  The key is to draw a line in the sand and take a fresh look at what unique skills you have, what kind of environments you most enjoy, and what are your recurring dreams.  It may confirm what you’re doing now, or it may alert you that a change is needed.  There are too many options to feel trapped.   If I work overtime I’m neglecting my family, if don’t … Read More

“I almost got the job” – why little things make a difference

Do small things with love.

“I almost got the job” – why little things make a difference My son-in-law beat out every other applicant for a desirable position.  When he asked why he was given the opportunity, rather than the many who had better credentials and work history, the hiring manager said he was the only one who stood up when she walked in the job interview room.  How interesting – the little things that make us stand out – good or bad.  Listen to my interview with Andy Andrews on his new book – The Little Things. Should I care that my son wears … Read More

Want a job – interview on Thursday at 9:30 AM

I have always encouraged people to choose Wednesday or Thursday interviews if possible.  Here’s some new research that adds to that advice.  People feel most agreeable on Thursday, according to a study from McGillUniversity in Montreal.  Researchers, who tracked behaviors in people working at least 30 hours a week, found that we become more accommodating as the week progresses toward the weekend.  By Friday, though, the compliant mood is over:  We’re in a rush to finish things and start the weekend.  On Monday, it’s the pressure of the upcoming week.  Productivity peaks Tuesdays – so we’re back to Wednesday and … Read More

Can I do this and make money?

Yes, I know I talk a lot about turning your passion into profits.  With the release of Wisdom meets Passion I have been inundated with inquiries about how people can turn their passion into their income generator.  And you hear me giving examples of artists, sculptors, magicians, comedians and musicians who have done just that.  Just this week I got a note from a young man who told me how he became a millionaire are age 33 after reading No More Mondays – and he’s a Christian musician.  I love hearing those stories and am thrilled at the novel passions … Read More

What opportunities are you missing?

On November 1st I posted a blog – Need an extra $14,000 – in which I shared that we had 4000 copies of 48 Days to the Work You Love that we wanted to get out of inventory.  Here’s the picture of Brian Nash, a local Franklin attorney, as we are loading the last few cases in his van late Saturday evening.  I offered them at $1.00 each and suggested some ideas for making money.  Many of you responded with possibilities but Brian was the only one who made an actual offer – $2000 for all 4000 books – and … Read More

$45,000 – are you kidding me?

Here’s an interesting question from a 48Days Podcast listener: I earn ~$55,000 a year as a CPA. When looking to change jobs I went on three interviews with a company, had a good feeling, and seemed to be going well. The job was almost the same kind of work I was doing. They knew my salary requirement (55k to 60k a year). Then we get to the salary offer, they offered me $45,000; and they were serious. To say the least I was not impressed with them, and do not work for them. How does someone keep from getting some … Read More

And YOU think change is hard…

Last Thursday morning my daughter Ashley and I had the opportunity to speak to a group of Amish kids up in Berlin, Ohio.  Their dynamic teacher, Amy Stauffer-McNutt, is working with this group of 14-18 yr-olds who are no longer in school but realize they have to prepare for work that may look different from what their parents did. Traditionally, most Amish youth drop out of school at 16 and join the family farming operation.  However, in the last decade, with consolidation of agricultural operations across the country, even those farms have disappeared and now a large percentage are moving … Read More

Would you hire this person?

This addresses a pet peeve of mine.  And that’s the “Objective” on resumes. Here is a recent example on a resume submitted for my review: “To support the growth and profitability of an organization that provides challenge, encourages advancement, and rewards achievement with the opportunity to utilize my experience, skills, and proven abilities.” Sounds great – would you like to hire this person?  But what do you know about this person?  Is he/she a candidate for flipping hamburgers or for a CEO position?  Does he have skills in supervising, organizing, planning, selling, marketing, etc?  Is she proficient in any computer … Read More

Put in 10,000 hours – then we’ll talk

I frequently encounter employees who want a guaranteed salary before they show up the first day, musicians who want to be signed before they’ve proven their talent, house cleaners who want to be paid even if not needed, celebrities who expect a meaningful marriage after a 3-day romance, and authors who want my endorsement for their book but don’t want to “give” me a copy to read. Have we forgotten that to reap a harvest of corn you have to first plant seeds, and to receive warmth from a stove you must first put wood in? Charles Dickens wrote for … Read More

I’m not a self-made man

There is no such thing as a ‘self-made’ man. We are made up of thousands of others. Everyone who has ever done a kind deed for us, or spoken one word of encouragement to us, has entered into the make-up of our character and of our thoughts, as well as our success.  – George Burton Adams (1851-1925) Someone just asked me if the Wheel of Life diagram I have on page 55 of the new 48 Days to the Work You Love is copyrighted.  I said that by virtue of being in a book it is in fact copyrighted.  But … Read More