Strong degree – weak ambition

This morning’s Thought for the Day from The Napoleon Hill Foundation began with this:

“A blind boy paid his way to a master’s degree at Northwestern University by taking notes on class lectures in Braille, typing them, and selling copies to classmates who had stronger eyes but weaker ambition.”

Why is it that often people with all the obvious advantages – great health, supportive family, right social connections, and respected college degrees – never seem to accomplish much while others who have had to struggle at every step reach higher levels of success?

Is having advantages really a disadvantage?  Why does the turtle beat the hare when it’s so clear that the hare is better equipped to will a race?  Why does a person who just lost their job find opportunities someone with a job could not find?

Okay let’s make it personal:

  • Do you try harder when faced with an “impossible” situation?
  • Can you remember a time when getting help from someone relieved enough pain that you didn’t follow through to your own best solution?
  • Would you have more motivation if you were struggling more – physically, financially, spiritually, or in your closest relationships?
  • What keeps you motivated when things are going well?


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