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Wisdom Meets Passion
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How are you going to start living the life of an entrepreneur? Want to know Dan’s personal story? How about getting a sales profile that lays out how you can sell yourself (and your business)?  Get all of Dan’s pivotal materials for entrepreneurs (including products not sold individually) – all at a discounted package price!  Learn more »

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This package includes our Exclusive Hardback book (only available on our site), autographed by Dan and Jared and a bonus 43-minute Digital Audio Download of “Finding Your Wisdom and Passion.”  Additionally, you’ll receive an Ubuntu Necklace, designed by Jared’s fashion line, KEZA, the Wisdom Meets Passion Study Guide, and a PDF Download of Inspiring Quotations from the book.  Learn more »

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If your dream job is owning your own business, this is the package for you.  Not only does Dan give you resources for how to market your business (plus his personal story), but he also lays out the steps to make your business a reality!  Learn more »

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The Ultimate Advantage - Create Your Own Mastermind Group

This is a Udemy Course designed to give you the essentials and get you up and running with your own Mastermind group immediately. Success doesn’t require that we’re born in the right place, have the right IQ or have the right degree - but it does require that we take the right action. Learn more »
Wisdom Meets Passion with Bonus Audio
This package includes our Exclusive Hardback book (only available on our site), autographed by Dan and Jared and a bonus 43-minute Digital Audio Download of “Finding Your Wisdom and Passion.” Learn More »
48 Business Ideas
If 69% of all new businesses need less than $10,000 to get started and 70 percent of the people on the street say they would like to start their own business, why don’t they? Read all about Dan’s low-cost business ideas in the 48 Low- or No-Cost Business Ideas Workbook! Learn more »
Personal Coaching
If you are looking for Coaching assistance in any area, we would be delighted to make a recommendation to you about working with one of our experienced coaches. Learn more »
No More Dreaded Mondays
What's keeping you at your current job? If you said a steady paycheck and the promise of a secure retirement, then you're in for a big disappointment. As beloved talk-show host and bestselling author Dan Miller reveals in NO MORE DREADED MONDAYS, the only way to find true security is by following your calling and then finding or creating work that matches your passion. Learn more »
Know What You Want...And Get It!
Set goals and a gameplan and create the focus to get what you want out of life! Learn more »
No More Dreaded Mondays Audio CD
No More Mondays: Fire Yourself -- And Other Revolutionary Ways to Discover Your Calling at Work. Learn more »
48 Days Personality Profiles
85% of the process of finding the work you love is by looking inward. Our DISC based reports offer insight into your selling style, spiritual gifts, career matches and more! These reports are a 20-minute, scientific series of questions and answers that quantify your natural tendencies and lays them out in reports that provide an insightful view of "who you are" in any environment.
Learn more »
Behavioral Analysis Disc Certification
Do you utilize our 48 Days DISC Personality Profiles in your business? Want to see take the next steps to become certified as a DISC instructor? Certification in Behavioral Analysis can be the key to improving your earning potential! Learn more »
Write to the Bank Toolkit
Your toolkit to understanding the necessary and achievable steps to become a paid author. This is the nuts and bolts of how to take your book idea and get it into the hands of an eager (and paying) audience!
95 Page Workbook plus 2 CDs | Learn More »
Who are you & why are you here?
What's Holding You Back from Pursuing the Life You Love? Listen to this and find out how to identify your passion! 48-minute Podcast with 11-page eBook Worksheet download
MP3 & eBook Download | Learn More »

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