No More Dreaded Mondays

nmdm It doesn’t have to be like that! Meaningful work is within your grasp! Why suffer through the “rat race” of life when you can pursue a lifestyle that is purposeful, meaningful, and profitable?
Dan’s materials have provided the “glue” to my library of “what to be when I grow up” books. I’ve owned my own business in the past, but after spending 5.5 years back in the corporate environment, I decided that it was way past time to exit. A friend there asked if I were going to go “find out who I was”. I stopped her and said that I knew who I was but now I’m not afraid of her (me) anymore. I’m burning my own eternal flame. -Bethany
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What’s keeping you at your current job?

If you said a steady paycheck and the promise of a secure retirement, then you’re in for a big disappointment. In today’s volatile economy, there is nothing safe about punching the clock for a job you hate.

As beloved talk-show host and bestselling author Dan Miller reveals in NO MORE DREADED MONDAYS, the only way to find true security is by following your calling and then finding or creating work that matches your passion.

No More Dreaded Mondays’ practical, inspirational advice speaks to those of you looking for guidance on how to:

  • Launch a new career or business
  • Stay in your current job and give the old 9 to 5 model a twenty-first-century makeover
  • Make the most of the life and career you have
  • Approach the inevitable changes in your workplace with anticipation rather than intimidating and crippling fear
  • Recognize that your job is an important subset of your “calling”
  • Stop blaming others and thinking that circumstances are controlling you
  • See opportunities where other see obstacles
  • Realize that not relying on a paycheck may open the door to extraordinary income
  • Move past fear and lack of knowledge to act on your ideas
  • For all of us, the message is loud and clear: if you’re one of those people who dread going to work on Mondays, do something about it!

*The book No More Mondays was “updated” by a new cover and title – the content is the same.

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Forget the hollow appeal of ‘comfortable misery.’ With this inspiring book, Dan Miller shows how to make Monday the first day of the rest of your life. – Daniel H. Pink, author of A Whole New Mind
The promotion to National Sales Manager came true!…I’ve never been happier! The incredible part of the whole experience is the support and joy expressed by my coworkers and clients. I will always be grateful for your guidance in getting me back on the path. – Derek Anderson
I have just been hired at what promises to be the best job I have ever had, with the exception of the job I had as a teenager (dressing like Count Chocula at Opryland). I have it because-AND ONLY BECAUSE-I read your book 48 Days to the Work You Love. – Jason T. Sparks