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  • In this audio download, we address goal-setting and why it\’s important in laying out your life. The shear effort of writing things down imprints it in our brains and creates more accountability than a simple “I should…“In this teleseminar, Dan addresses:
    • Creating success in all 7 areas of your life
    • How to put yourself in the 3% category
    • Why goal setters bypass the other 97%
    • Balancing family and work
    • How to be prepared for and capitalize on change
    • 47% of jobs we\’ll have in 2014 have not yet been created!
    • Is all change good? Or is all change bad?
    • How to keep from being a “victim”
    • How to seize the opportunities

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  • Goal Setting WorksheetLife Directions Reflections Worksheet

    Just to reiterate, not only do you get 48 minutes of LIVE audio from Dan laying out how to create your game plan for work with purpose, but you also get:

    • Worksheets
    • A chance to ask your questions before and during the call
    • Instant Replay access to the teleseminar
    • Did we mention it\’s only $17?

[product name=”KWYWGI”]Buy Now For $17.00[/product]