48 Days to the Work You Love – Autographed Copy

New York Times best-selling author Dan Miller helps you better understand and organize your God-given skills, personality traits, values, dreams, and passions. In turn, you’ll see clear patterns form that point you toward successful career decisions. Packed with modern insight and timeless wisdom, here is a step-by-step process for creating a Life Plan and translating it into meaningful, satisfying daily work.

With plenty of smart ideas for thriving in today’s changing workforce, this revised edition also includes fresh tips on career search and resume tools, interview skills, negotiating salaries, and more. With both updated and brand new content, you will find everything you need to move you toward finding work that you love in just 48 Days.

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Prepare to have your world rocked when I uncover and lay out what is wrong with “work” in today’s world. What has changed and why people are sacrificing their spiritual and physical health to daily jobs that have no meaning in their lives. And…the path to a true, meaningful, fulfilling and life-rewarding “Vocation.” This book is being touted as one of those rare insights in “such a time as this,” that could very well revolutionize work and career-life as we know it.” In this 48 Days To The Work You Love book , you will learn how to:

  • Discover your God-given and perhaps buried talents
  • Take those talents and create a clear focus
  • Embrace the “gift” of meaningful work
  • Experience the absolute release that comes from finding your passion
  • Understand the differences between “vocation,” “career,” and “job”
  • Learn from the shared life stories of those already living the 48 Days principles
  • Go through defeat and “failure” and come back twice as strong
  • Find job possibilities that never appear in the newspaper or online
  • Make $1,000 a minute by negotiating your offer
  • Turn your own ideas into extraordinary income
  • Decide whether you want a “traditional job” or one of the new work models
  • Recognize the only kind of “education” that has value
  • Build up your assets , even while unemployed
  • Find your IDEAL WORK – and LOVE it!

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Next to the BIBLE “48 Days To The Work You Love” is the MOST life changing book I have devoured – and I DO mean DEVOURED…I could NOT put it down…. -Sally
When I am reading 48 Days to the Work You Love I feel like I am drinking high octane fuel for my mind and spirit.-David
“Dan, THANK YOU! Your work has helped me move forward with creating my future instead of having someone else do it for me.Thank You Again!!!”-Bill
“I have begun working through 48 Days To The Work You Love.The chains of comparing myself to others perceived achievements has held me back from a new direction. Thank you for validating that I can stop that crippling process and be free to understand my calling. Also that my calling is as unique to me as their callings are to them. Thank you again for such freeing encouragment.”-Paul