So what’s your idea?

I love to watch new ideas come to life.  We often think that for something to be successful we need to have the latest technology, fancy financing, and be an expert with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Sometimes, it’s just a better mousetrap.  I watch lots of ideas coming through Kickstarter – where an idea is shared with the expectation that people will get on board to “back” the idea with money and enthusiasm.

On September 30th, sisters Liz and Sarah Downey posted their idea for Foodie Dice.  These are wooden dice that have different food Food Dicegroups printed on them.  You shake them up in a glass tumbler (recycled wine bottles) and roll them out on the counter.  What’s showing on the top of the dice identifies what your meal will consist of.  No moving parts, no technology, not even a need for electricity.

Their goal was to raise $7500 to do their first real production run.  As of the time of this writing they have $156,027 committed from eager fans and customers.  How’s that for a simple idea off and running?

Here’s a related idea that is doing well.   A couple weeks ago I got a note from Jeet Banerjee, who wrote:

“I’m a big fan of your blog, work and mindset. I’m actually a 20 year old serial entrepreneur myself who found some good success building businesses at a young age. I recently launched a course where I share my formula behind taking an idea and turning it into a revenue generating business model. This course is on Udemy is a best-seller with over 2,940 students learning these secrets right now.”

How To Start A Business: Turning Ideas Into Income

I want you to go check this out – for two reasons.  First, just do that math on what this 20-yr-old is doing in creating a little online course.  2940 students at $99 – ah, that’s almost $300,000.  Second – go ahead and get the course.  Use the coupon code 48 Days for $10 off the registration.  I’ve checked it out and it’s very good.  If you need a roadmap for releasing your dream idea, get in the game.

Okay – these are not complicated ideas.  They just show the results of taking specific action.  What idea are you going to ACT on before the New Year gets here?

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