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Miller family

The Whole Miller Family

Want to know how the 48 Days family lives the life Dan speaks about? Tune in Thursday, June 20th as Dan, Joanne, Nathan and Ashley talk about working and juggling family, marriage, and all the aspects of life that create balance and happiness at home.  Submit your questions and get answers from two generations as they share what has (and hasn’t!) worked for them!

LIVE Teleseminar to Answer YOUR Questions

You get:
  • 60 Minute teleseminar with Dan & Joanne, Ashley & Nathan
  • Opportunity to ask any question about blending work and play
  • Two-part audio from Dan & Joanne – Living, Loving & Working


Have you ever had the privilege of attending a 48 Days event? A trip to the Sanctuary is more than just helpful information. It’s an experience.Let’s Start with the People:  Ashley and Nathan are stealthy organizers. There is a plan and a place for everything. Things don’t just happen. They happen for a reason. This wonderfully orchestrated structure provides a stage where magic, sometimes literally, happens. Kudos guys for what you do.Then there is Joanne. She is the “Mom” to all things 48 Days. Confident, nurturing, creative, elegant, are terms that echo over and over again as people share stories involving her. It doesn’t matter if you’ve known Joanne for 10 years or only 10 minutes, her smile warms your heart. And for that moment – everything is right with the world.

Of course Dan is perhaps the most pleasant surprise of all. A strong man of faith. Witty and confident, he is also amazingly humble and gracious. Dan’s patriarchal leadership of 48 Days is deeply rooted in a lifelong appetite for learning. A trait he proudly shares with each of his three children. Dan teaches all of us that efforts have both consequences and rewards – To be open to possibilities, and never let fear rule our actions.

(Taken from Alan Jackson’s post in our 48 Days community “Go to a 48 Days Event – You Can Thank Me Later”)


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 Thursday, June 20th

7:00PM-8:00PM Central

*This is a LIVE teleseminar where you have the opportunity to submit questions before and during the call.  Immediately after the live call an instant replay will be available at the same link.

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Dan and Joanne Miller

Dan and Joanne Miller

Nathan & Ashley Logsdon with their three girls

Nathan & Ashley Logsdon with their three girls

LIVE Teleseminar to Answer YOUR Questions

Remember, for $17 you get:
  • 60 Minute teleseminar with Dan & Joanne, Ashley & Nathan
  • Opportunity to ask any question about blending work and play
  • Two-part instant audio download from Dan & Joanne – Living, Loving & Working

Living, Loving and Working Teleseminar

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Joanne’s mantra for many years has been around:



But how do you create it when you are overloaded with building your own business, going out on your own, and juggling the transition?

Papa and his girls

Papa and his girls

Can you imagine being your own boss at work and creating a lifestyle that includes just as much play as it does work?

If you can’t say yes right now, you need to be on this call.  

Unfortunately, many people go through life with their head down – always working for the next “break”:

  • When my kids go to school
  • When my last child graduates
  • When I’ve paid off my mortgage
  • When I retire

There will always be the future, and it will always stay just out of reach.

What are you doing RIGHT NOW to create the life you want in the moment?

Join Dan, Joanne, Nathan and Ashley on this LIVE call Thursday, June 20th from 7-8pm Central and find out how to embrace the moment and live the life you dream of NOW.

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Dan Miller and 48 Days

Dan Miller

Dan Miller, President of 48 Days LLC, specializes in creative thinking for increased personal and business success. He believes that meaningful work blends our natural skills and abilities, our unique personality traits and our dreams and passions. Dan is active in helping individuals redirect careers, evaluate new income sources, and achieve balanced living. He believes that a clear sense of direction can help us become all that God designed us to be.Dan is the author of the widely acclaimed 48 Days To The Work You Love, No More Dreaded Mondays and the newly released Wisdom Meets Passion.

Joanne Miller

Joanne Miller, wife of 45 years to Dan, is a writer, artist, and speaker who enjoys learning new ways to express her creative self.  She is a member of the Prism Art League and The Painter Sisters Art League and has just completed the fourth book in her I Wanna Be©…series based on the unique personalities of small children. She is a frequent speaker with her husband at writer’s conferences, on the radio and other 48 Days events. She has been featured on Moody Radio’s Mid-day Connection and is a frequent guest speaker on many podcasts.

She and artist/friend Dorsey McHugh are currently writing a book on tapping into your creative spirit titled Be Your Finest Art…She and Dorsey are passionate about helping others release their inner creative child and change how they view the world.  She’ll be speaking on “Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain.”


Ashley Logsdon

Also known as “MamaRose” on her blog, she is an “insanely optimistic dreamer and implementer, gung ho to take life by the horns and learn from it!”  (Also fond of all things crafty or creative).

Ashley manages 48 Days along with her husband Nathan, with focus on Live Events, Personality Profiles and the Coaching Mastery Program.  She is also a virtual assistant with iSimplifyVA, a neat freak, overachiever, and unschooling mama to the coolest three little leaders on the planet.  She also has a monthly family blog along with her “MamaSays” one where she pours her heart out about any topic that strikes a nerve with her at the moment.


Nathan Logsdon

Nathan is a Nashville native and, like Music City is known for, he gives business class service with a dose of Southern hospitality. Coming from six years in the corporate banking world to working with 48 Days and now adding real estate and investing to the mix, he has a healthy perspective on the many hats disguised as work.

When he is not busy helping you make a sound real estate decision, Nathan spends much of his time listening to 4 beautiful and opinionated ladies – he and his wife are parents to three adorable and precocious girls. Outside of his number one hobby of playing with his family, Nathan is an avid outdoorsman who loves mountain biking, kayaking and hiking.  Soon to be celebrating 9 years of marriage, Nathan and Ashley are passionate about marriage, family, and helping others have FUN with both!


Since attending my first live event at the Sanctuary in November 2008 there are 2 words that come to mind LIFE CHANGER. 

Dan, Joanne, Ashley and Nathan are so generous with their time. They are gracious and humble hosts.

The environment is simple…and that is good. No glitz, just life played out before us in a beautiful physical environment and the attitude or vibe I always come away with is simple. Simply lead, simply bring value, simply lean into your strengths, simply take action.

The content is powerful. Not theory, not 20 years old news, current content, strategies, best practices and resources that bring value.

That is why whenever I can I love coming back to the Sanctuary for an event…it feels like home because it is where my dream was born.

Deb Ingino
Strength Leader (

Like every family, we aren’t perfect.  We fall flat on our faces and we try again.  We have ups and downs, and we have experienced the struggles of an entrepreneurial lifestyle.  But none of us would trade it for the world.  Here is a chance to ask two generations how they do it.  Dan and Joanne have been through 45 years of marriage, 3 children, 12 grandchildren, and countless entrepreneurial endeavors.  Nathan and Ashley Logsdon, the husband and wife team who not only manage the 48 Days company but also are parents to three of the Miller grandchildren, are on call to give you the run-down on building this crazy lifestyle with small children running about!

This is more like it...

This is more like it…

We’ll address such issues as:

  • How do you create a sanctuary both in your work and in your home?
  • How do you transition from the corporate world to working at home?
  • What is the biggest switch from the “corporate mindset” to that of an entrepreneur?
  • What is important in your house that makes it a “home”?
  • How do you navigate working at home with small children?
  • What are some non-negotiables in your home?
  • What is key to creating a “haven of peace” in your home?
  • What if I don’t want to be a “solo-preneur?”  Can I still be my own boss?

LIVE Teleseminar to Answer YOUR Questions

Remember, for $17 you get:
  • 60 Minute teleseminar with Dan & Joanne, Ashley & Nathan
  • Opportunity to ask any question about blending work and play
  • Two-part Instant audio download from Dan & Joanne – Living, Loving & Working
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