Push me over the cliff……

Have you ever had that sensation of just taking off?  You know the adrenaline rush of knowing you are going over the edge for your first bungee jump, or just at the peak of the first roller coaster drop, or ready to open the door for the first day of business.  I’m in the middle of an experience that will capture that feeling forever.

I have always been fascinated by the eagle.  And I have always wanted to own an original piece from my friend and world-renowned sculptor Scott Stearman.  So when we began discussing some possibilities about a year ago I knew immediately I wanted that piece to be an eagle.  Scott said he could do an eagle in flight or a sitting eagle – and I yawned and said No, those didn’t excite me.  And then he said he could create an eagle just coming off a branch, wings fully extended, everything committed, weight shifted too far forward to stay on the branch, all the energy focused on that powerful liftoff – and I said “That’s it.”  We decided we would call it “The Launch”.

Here’s a short video that captures the message and the actual creation of this sculpture.

On March 20th we’ll be unveiling that beautiful eagle sculpture here on our property.  People are coming from all around the country to attend the Innovate Event and immerse themselves in our own version of “The Launch.”  I am now moving the boulder in place that will form the permanent base for “The Launch.”  Innovate attendees will be the first to see the eagle and we will be giving away a smaller version replica to one surprised participant.

There are still just a few seats available for Innovate.  Not only will you be hearing from speakers like Michael Hyatt, Ken Davis, Joanne Miller, Dorsey McHugh and more on how to “launch” your own creative idea to the world, you’ll be part of a once-in-a-lifetime event here at the Sanctuary.  You’ll be able to talk with business strategist Chuck Bowen and hear why musician Chad Jeffer’s dad told him to “never get a job with benefits”. Reserve your seat today and we’ll make sure you have a defining moment in your own “launch” toward success.   Innovate Registration

Bonus – sign up by midnight (CST) Monday, March 3rd and we’ll give you Michael Hyatt’s training video on Why Now is the Best Time to Be an Author.

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