Are You a Passionately Curious Person?

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Are you a passionately curious person?

Albert Einstein said “I have no special talents.  I am only passionately curious.”  What does that mean?  Can we learn to be passionately curious?  What happens if we are not?  Don’t miss out on what’s right in front of you.   

Questions this week:

  1. What does it mean to be passionately curious?
  2. What music can I use on my podcast?
  3. How can I be a full-time music therapist?
  4. What’s happening in the 48DaysEagles community?

And I’ve got good news – 

And a whole lot more questions if we get to them.

“Everyone is given a gift—but some people never open their package.”— Author Unknown — Click To Tweet

Show Notes:

Episode – 06-30-17
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In this episode, Dan elaborates on what it means to be passionately curious. Albert Einstein is considered a genius for his work, but he only described himself as passionately curious. Dan agrees with Einstein and explains that it is the WHY questions that keep us moving forward to new, extraordinary discoveries. In addition to embracing our curiosity, Dan encourages listeners to keep engaged in the very projects and work that feed off of our passions. Tune-in to hear Dan address listeners’ questions, share uplifting news stories that is happening around the world, and what you NEED to be mindful of before jumping head-first into your passion.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 01:10 – Last week I used the quotation from Albert Einstein “I have no special talents, I’m only passionately curious.” – What does that mean? Can we learn to be passionately curious? What happens if we’re not?
    • What music can I use in my podcast?
    • How can I be a full-time music therapist?
    • An update on the 48 Days Eagles community
    • And I’ve got good news –
    • “Everyone is given a gift, but some people never open their package.” ― Unknown
  • 02:38 – A poem from Cliff Feightner
    Finding what fits like a glove
    Will help you to rise above
    The world will be sunny
    As you’re making your money
    In doing the work that you love
  • 03:24 – Dan has a couple of resources that has helped him live the life that he loves
    • 03:55 – Pastor Dan Scott compiled his notes and memories about that time in the church that caused the entrepreneurial explosion
    • 04:30 – Reading the stories helped Dan remember what he started
    • 04:40 – From $14 the book is now only $5 – purchase the book and be inspired to find your own creativity and God-given talent
    • 05:06 – Dan and Joanne have an audio book called Living, Loving and Working where they talk about breaking away from generational patterns of poverty, their love story, the decisions they made regarding education, raising happy children and navigating the entrepreneurial world – from $39 the audio download is now just $11
    • 05:50 – Download these resources at com/sharing-my-story
    • 06:11 – If you order both together, you can get then for $11
  • 06:40 – Dr. Steve was given 48 Days to the Work You Love in late 2010. At that time of his life he was seriously looking for a change from his job as a research physicist at a medical university. He finally took Dan’s advice and signed up for 48 Days coaching and was surprised when he received an email from Dan
    • 07:35 – Dr. Steve began his complete mental remodeling and says it was Dan’s coaching that led him to his entrepreneurial success
    • 08:04 – Dan told Steve he did not have the credibility to pull his idea off
    • 08:25 – Dr. Steve resolved to take the next right step and that was when Table Top Inventing was born
    • 08:47 – They are now doing workshops for high school kids and they have an innovation mastermind group for teenagers
    • 08:56 – Last year, the teenagers started their tech project and it was similar to what Amazon was doing
    • 09:30 – Dr. Steve says coaching has led to a magical life filled with fun adventures
    • 09:50 – Email Dr. Steve at for 20% off the rate to join their mastermind workshop
  • 10:44 – Over 80 people in Panama City, Florida formed a human chain to save a family that was being dragged out to sea by the riptide
  • 11:47 – An 11-year old boy from Anderson, South Carolina was fishing and he got a purse that was lost 25 years ago – everything was intact and included the owner’s name in the pocket book
    • 12:27 – The owner is a family friend and they took the purse to her; she was delighted to get it back
  • 12:53 – People are creating a new invention for The World Cup 2022, in Qatar
    • 13:15 – The invention is a worker’s helmet that has a solar panel on the back—it powers a little fan that can cool the skin by as much as 50 degrees
  • 14:37 – Johnny used to suffer a two-hour walk going to and from work every day but thanks to a compassionate customer, he does not have to anymore
    • 15:25 – Jim, a regular customer of Johnny’s, found a bike on Craigslist and gave it to Johnny
  • 16:06 – Dan’s friend, Tom Ritchey, who is an inventor in the biking space, went to Rwanda with Rick Warren and saw people using wooden bikes for hauling and transportation
    • 16:48 – Tom distributed his bikes to communities in Rwanda
  • 17:27 – Sarah spent 2 years planning her dream wedding and the lavish affair was supposed to take place at the Ritz Charles. The week before the wedding, the couple decided to cancel the event and Sarah was devastated as it came with a $30,000 non-refundable deposit
    • 18:10 – Instead of letting the decorations and food go to waste, Sarah called homeless shelters in the local area and invited the residents to what would have been her wedding celebration
    • 18:36 – News of Sarah’s good deed inspired other locals to donate formal attire for the guests
    • 19:02 – Sarah said she took the opportunity to tell the homeless they deserve to be in a place like this reception just as much as everyone else
  • 19:38 – Paul asks, is it possible for you to speak further on your thoughts on what being passionately curious can lead to or make possible?
    • 20:41 – Dan says all the things that Albert Einstein achieved was because he was passionately curious
    • 21:45 – Dan says he is trying to nurture curiosity in himself and in others
    • 22:23 – Dan asked a young kid who said Dan’s car was his dream car – “What are you doing today to make that dream come true?”
    • 23:16 – Dan encouraged him to create a plan to make his dream come true
    • 23:50 – Always ask WHY
  • 24:12 – Scott is struggling about what to do to keep going and says he thinks the answer should be deeper than “keep working”
    • 25:01 – Dan says people do not have the right to just unplug and do nothing – they should be engaged and doing something that is productive
    • 25:52 – “Number one: become the best at one specific thing. Number two: become very good, top 25%, at two or more things. The first strategy is difficult to the point of near impossibility – few people will ever play in the NBA or make a platinum album. The second strategy is fairly easy, everyone has at least a few areas in which they can be in the top 25% with some effort.” – Scott Adams
    • 27:17 – Scott says you don’t have to be a superstar, but you can be in the top 25% in two things and the combination can put you into an extraordinary category
    • 28:07 – David Foster says he was not good enough as a musician so he combined his passion for music and his ability to make somebody else look good
  • 28:36 – If you have an example of being good at two things, send it to Dan at
  • 29:05 – Jocelyn asks, what are the best practices for using recorded music for podcasts?
    • 29:31 – Dan pays a licensing fee to Sony to use his opening song
    • 29:51 – Try using royalty-free music, you can check out com,,,
    • 32:09 – You can also get music for your podcast that is made just for you and you only have to pay a one-time fee
    • 33:34 – You can check out Mike and Izabela Russell of Music Radio Creative for your personalized music and they have a guide about all the issues regarding licensing for a podcast
    • 34:30 – Dan says do not pull something out of Google
  • 34:38 – Caleb asks, can you connect me with the gentleman who reads history books for his business?
    • 35:01 – Look up jimhodgesaudiobooks but Dan doesn’t think he can make you successful in your business
    • 36:42 – You have to do the work
  • 37:11 – Bob is a full-time teacher and is board certified music therapist and has recently earned a certificate in hospice and palliative care music therapy. Bob wants to work as a music therapist at hospices, but it is moving slow and he thinks his teaching job is a drain to his time and energy.
    • 38:39 – Bob read Jim Cockrum’s Silent Sales Machine and got the idea of selling on Amazon, so he can quit his teaching job and focus on hospice music therapy
    • 39:56 – Dan says he is commending Bob for wanting to do hospice music therapy, but questions if it is a responsible move to go straight to full-time when he has a family
    • 40:46 – Dan says this is a situation where he cautions making your passion as your only source of income
    • 41:33 – Jim’s book is now in its 10th edition, anyone who has ever ordered it gets the update for free
    • 42:05 – Dan says it would be a good move for Bob to do something on Amazon and he can look at something that is also in the music arena
    • 43:52 – Look for ideas that embrace your love of music
    • 44:39 – Check out org
    • 45:42 – Dan says Bob can be a music therapist for a hospice but to not force it as his primary source of income
  • 46:12 – The new 48 Days Eagles site – they are doing Monday mentor sessions
    • 47:05 – Dan says they’ll be talking about having a coach on Monday
  • 47:35 – Grab the promo of the book Let the River Run and Living, Loving, Working
  • 48:14 – Dan closes today’s podcast

3 Key Points:

  1. Being passionately curious will go a long way for you and your business – do not be afraid to always ask WHY.
  2. You do not have to be the best person at one thing; be near the top at two things and you will still end up being extraordinary.
  3. Definitely follow your passions, but if you’re starting out, be cautious in making it your only source of income.

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