Is it possible to make a living doing what you love?

You can use your creative ability
to thrive and prosper!

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A Message from Dan Miller

Every day I receive questions from readers and listeners all over the world asking me - "Dan, is there really hope for me to find work and a life I love?" Stuck in a job they hate, feeling like their true potential and talent is just wasting away, they want hope, encouragement, and a plan. If you're one of those people, you've come to the right place.
Do you feel like you never get the opportunity to be creative because of the need to just put food on the table? Have you been gently told to "just get a real job?" But at some deep level you do believe God has given you a special talent and a call to share that with the world. Your heart is telling you to follow your dreams and find that sweet blend of Passion, Talent and Money?
Maybe you can relate. Whether you are an employee, artist, writer, sculptor, musician, comedian, inventor, cartoonist, window washer, dandelion grower or interior designer, I can confidently tell you, “Yes! It is possible to do what you love AND thrive in the process.” And that is why we brought back the Innovate Live Event.

P.S. One year from today, you will be a year older. The real question is… How will your life be different? If you wanted to be somewhere different than where you are now, you’ll have to do something different than what you’re currently doing. Take the first step toward a different future, and apply today.

Join us LIVE at the Sanctuary
Franklin, Tennessee

New Date for 2017 Announced!

May 11-12 (Mother’s Day weekend)

Only $497

Finding work you love and creating
a plan to make it happen starts by looking inside…

After four degrees and eleven years in higher education, I can honestly say that the best educational experience I’ve ever had was last week’s Innovate Conference at your place. We were so inspired to embrace our uniqueness and, at the same time, given an economic model that has been proven. The connections we made with other creative people are priceless! Until we connect what we know with what others need to know, we are doing nothing more than building our egos and shrinking our audiences. That’s why so many well-educated people have no one to talk to. Thanks for giving us recovering academicians a place to discover our right brains and forge ahead doing work that matters.


Join us LIVE at the Sanctuary in Franklin, Tennessee on May 11th & 12th, 2017 for an intensive two-day event where you will receive clear direction on your next steps to:

Start or grow your business
Market your product or service
Rediscover your creative passion
Connect with likeminded “eaglepreneuers”
Receive encouragement and direction

The Speakers

Dan Miller: Finding Your Sweet Spot
For any business activity to make sense, there must be a convergence of Passion, Talent and Money. What is it that you’re naturally drawn to and where do you have proven talent? But that’s not enough. If you have Passion and Talent but no Money, you just have a nice hobby. Dan is a proven master at blending these components so that you can serve well, and live well.

Dan is the author of the New York Times best-selling 48 Days To The Work You Love, No More Dreaded Mondays and Wisdom meets Passion. His 48 Days Podcast consistently ranks in the top 3 under Careers on iTunes, and the business community is viewed as an example around the world for those seeking to find – or create – work they love.

Joanne Miller & Clara Logsdon

Wife of 48 years to Dan, Joanne ( has been his raving fan, speaker at their live events and an integral piece to the success of their thriving 48 Days community. She is an accomplished artist, speaker, blogger and author of five children’s books, Creating a Haven of Peace and co-author of Be Your Finest Art. She finds the best fodder for her writing is right in front of her— being the active mother of three grown children and grandmother to fourteen very creative and adventure-seeking grandchildren!

Her granddaughter Clara Logsdon ( co-wrote and illustrated her latest children's book, What If It Were Possible? Sometimes the simplest creative idea can turn itself into a book, a painting or other work of art that stimulates more ideas and creativity. Joanne and Clara will take you through the process of turning your idea into reality and the truth about what to expect, helping you to decide for yourself whether you want to leave a legacy or reach for the stars!

Bob Baker
Bob Baker is an author, musician, actor, and visual artist dedicated to showing creative people of all kinds how to get exposure, connect with fans, and increase their incomes. He is the author of “Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook,” “The Empowered Artist,” “The DIY Career Manifesto,” “55 Ways to Promote & Sell Your Book on the Internet,” “Unleash the Artist Within,” and more. Check out Bob's free ezine, blog, podcast, video clips and articles at, and

Bob will be speaking on the Empowered Artist Principles. He will discuss the three biggest mistakes creative people make:

  1. Not realizing the value you bring to the world
  2. Staying stuck in Hobby Mode instead of Career Mode
  3. Not getting support and asking for help


Deby Dearman

You might say that Deby Dearman’s art was born the day her music died.
With a long, notable career writing and leading worship music, Deby encountered
vocal problems that silenced her song and her speaking voice. During this difficult
life transition, Deby found comfort by putting paint on canvas and courage to create again.
Within five years Deby was selling paintings online and in galleries, teaching art classes
and launching online courses. She also organized ‘Art Immersion’ workshops and creative seminars.
As Deby shares her personal story of her journey through the wilderness, you’ll learn how she moved
from disappointment to a new assignment and how hope began to grow in the midst of her darkest night.

Chad Jeffers

Chad Jeffers is a renaissance man. An Artist/Musician who travels the world playing for hundreds of thousands of people with Superstar, Carrie Underwood and in the past toured with Keith Urban and Kenny Loggins. While not touring, you will find him writing songs, recording tracks for clients around the world or recording voice overs for businesses. Also, he is an author/speaker and gives lectures to universities and media institutes supporting his book, “25 Notes for the Successful Musician.”
His website is

“Innov48 is a terrific event that would benefit everyone I know. We all struggle to move forward with our passions and either don’t how to do it, or we get ‘mired in the mundane’ of daily living. I am now re-thinking everything I do to make my life even more meaningful. The speakers were so diverse – from music to blogging, from art to magic – all I can say is – ‘wow!’ There’s nothing that can’t be done if we choose to do it. Innov48 sends that message loud and clear.”

– Pam

It’s decision time.

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Only $497



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New Date for 2017 Announced!

May 11-12 (Mother’s Day weekend)

“I have three words, and will explain: Go In May! The amount of value I expected out of this event was the ticket price and maybe some more personalized things I’d heard before. The value I received from Innov48 is not quantifiable. The speaking, the giveaways, the networking, the family atmosphere, the food, and too many other things to list, had me constantly floored at how brilliant this conference was. I am now not only motivated to do great things for my business, I know what those things are. If you have to sell a kidney, go to this conference in May. Dan will help you more than a kidney anyway.”


Full Schedule of Activities


  • Story of how we built 48 Days from a very simple idea
  • Simple steps you can start today
  • Don’t wait till everything is perfect
  • How God Blesses The Artists
  • How you can identify your Passion?
  • Is Creativity Discovered or Developed?
  • 6 Keys to Unlock Your Creativity
  • Live Creatively Now
  • Rewriting Your Story

***Includes light breakfast, lunch both days, and dinner Thursday night


  • What Makes You Remarkable?
  • Seeing Things With New Eyes
  • Moving From Anticipation to Experience
  • How To Increase Creativity
  • Turning Passion Into Profits
  • Building A Business
  • Create A Business Funnel
  • Business Growth and Marketing
  • How To Build A Creative Lifestyle

“Innov48 was a huge surprise. Not that I didn’t expect great things having seen the line up of speakers and topics, but there is no way to adequately promote the experience of networking, sharing, and dynamic exchanges that took place in the informal meal and break times. I didn’t anticipate how much that would figure in to the Innov48 experience. Thank you Dan, Joanne, Nathan and Ashley for a marvelous and motivating experience!”

Frequently Asked Questions

What airport should i fly into, and how far is it from the sanctuary?

The Nashville International Airport (BNA) is approximately 28 minutes away from the Sanctuary.

Should I rent a car?

This is up to you, but a taxi ride can be a bit pricey! We recommend using Lyft or Uber if you want to shuttle around, and since both days will be spent at one location the whole time, this is reasonable. Most people choose to simply rent a car.

*Special perk – get $20 credit toward your first ride with Lyft by using the code ASHLEY669768, and get a free ride through Uber by using the promo code ashleyl592!

May I bring my spouse or a guest with me?

Additional participants are $250. Bring a guest and split the cost, or bring your spouse! It’s amazing how many spouses come for “support” and end up getting so much more out of it. We have even had spouses go further with coaching certification because of what all they gleaned from it! If you plan on making this a fun trip and staying over the weekend, there are plenty of wonderful things to do in Nashville for the family, and spouses can attend meals for $15/meal or $50 for both days.

Do you have any recommended hotels?

We will send you a welcome package with some of our favorite places to recommend – hotels as well as bed and breakfasts – as soon as you register you will get a welcome package full of details on suggestions and what to expect! That being said, feel free to explore the options and stay wherever you want!

What time should I book my flight to arrive at the airport? When should I book my flight to depart?

The event starts promptly at 8:30am Central on Thursday and ends around 7pm Central on Friday. If you want to get the most out of it, we suggest you come in on Wednesday night so you are well-rested for a full day, and don’t book a flight before 10pm Friday night to ensure you aren’t rushing out and missing some great connections!

What if I have to cancel because of unexpected scheduling conflict?

Fortunately, the best option is for us to simply move you back to the next available CWE event! We are happy to just push back registration to another event. If, for some reason, you decide to pull entirely out, we will either give you a full refund or refund you minus the cost of the personality profile if you have already taken that.

What should I wear to the conference?

As soon as you register, you will get a full welcome package that details exactly what to expect, including the average weather, etc. Wear comfortable clothes, as we will tour around the property on a mulch trail one of the days whenever the weather is best. You’ll be sitting and potentially eating outside, so comfortable clothes are a must. However, keep in mind this is also a professional event and an opportunity to network with others. Although you can show up in your pjs, we recommend a little more classiness than that! 🙂

What if I have dietary needs?

We typically have some sort of option for vegetarians and gluten-free, but please let us know so we can ensure there is something to eat at every event. If you have severe restrictions, there is a grocery store down the street and we have a fridge to store any food you need to supply yourself.

What kind of people attend this event?

Game-changers; highly driven entrepreneurs ready to take action!

We’d love to see your dream grow and prosper —

Only one Innovate Event this year!

“Innovate was the most exciting, motivating and challenging conference that Warren and I have ever attended. We were challenged to take action, test our business ideas and move out of our comfort zone. The concept of ‘SHIP' was very new to us. Our status quo up until then was to plan, think about it, learn, wait till every ‘i' was dotted and every ‘t' was crossed before stepping out and testing the waters. Actually most of the time not launching at all.
We decided after leaving Innovate to test our business idea. We rented a booth the following Saturday at the Farmer’s Market. When we got there we put our merchandise out just as if we were putting a flag up and seeing if anyone would salute. It was a wonderful adventure and a beautiful hands on learning experience; not just theory any longer but practical application.
We didn’t lose anything, but gained everything. We were able to recoup the cost of the rental booth, gas and snacks for our 3 children who tagged along form the sales that we made. Thank you so much for teaching us to ‘SHIP'.”