Thinking about becoming a coach?

Join us LIVE at the Sanctuary in Franklin, Tennessee for an intensive two-day event where you will receive a clear overview of coaching to determine whether it is the right fit for you.

If you are curious about coaching, or want to pursue being a 48 Days Certified Coach, this is the event you have to come to!


Here’s what you’ll learn at Coaching with Excellence:

  • What is a coach, why is it growing in popularity…and am I cut out to be one?

  • How to create and/or build your coaching business

  • Sales and Marketing Strategies to build your business funnel

  • Facilitating client and business relationships for win/wins

  • Plus….a bonus offer for the Coaching Mastery Program, exclusive to CWE Grads!

Coaching with Excellence Live Event


New dates for 2016 just announced!

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Includes more than $450 in physical product alone!


These resources are included:

  • Coaching Business Basics
  • Overview of Coaching Trends and the current Coaching business practices
  • 25+ page Personality Profile
  • Coaching Starter Kit reference guide book
  • Marketing Plan for Filling Your Schedule
  • 8 Methods of Generating Additional Income
  • Strategic plan for recapturing your full investment with your first client
  • Catered meals with the 48 Days Team
  • Plus bonus items!

Two intensive days of content to help you launch your coaching business


  • Welcome and History of 48 Days
  • What is Coaching?
  • Who is a Coach?
  • Why is Coaching growing in popularity?
  • What do people look for in a Coach?
  • How do we listen effectively?
  • Sales Process
  • What about degrees, licensure and certification?
  • Can I make money coaching?
  • Tour of the Miller Property
  • Styles of Coaching
  • Popular areas of focus
  • Producing Results


  • Goal Setting
  • Facilitating Client Progress
  • How do we listen effectively and create trust?
  • Group Dynamics and Behavioral Styles (Knowing your Audience through DISC)
  • How to recognize your own style
  • How to recognize it in others
  • Participant introductions
  • Business Growth – Marketing
  • Leverage and Multiple Streams of Income
  • Open Discussion Q & A
  • Networking and visiting

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Here is what’s included:

  • Complete Event including materials, meals and bonuses
  • One date left in 2015:
  • September 3-4
  • Get started right away and see if coaching is right for you:
  • $995 (Additional participant $500)

Coaching with Excellence Live Event


New dates for 2016 just announced!

Click on the boxes here to choose event dates and number of attendees.

Guest Speaker: Jevonnah Ellison

Jevonnah Ellison attended Coaching with Excellence in March of last year. Since that time she has positioned herself solidly as a coach, written her first book, been on multiple TV interviews, received the 2015 Humanitarian Award from the United Nations and achieved a level of financial success that most people dream of.  I have asked Jevonnah to come back to this Coaching with Excellence and share the details of her very first year as a coach.  Her story will inspire and awe you but you’ll also hear firsthand how she found clients quickly, developed her marketing strategy, and experienced the thrill of seeing lives changed.  And her enthusiasm and kind spirit will encourage you to pursue your own path to success.


Guest Speaker: Kent Julian

Here is a guy who is the poster child for how to transition into a very successful coaching business. Kent was doing well as a youth ministry director, but wanted to spread his wings. He came to Coaching with Excellence and never looked back. Coming back as a “graduate” of this event, he’ll share about his no-risk start and what he’s done in coaching, speaking and writing in the last 3 years to put himself into that top 5% of coaches in the world. You’ll be amazed and encouraged by his creative approaches and exploding success!