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The 48 Days Coaching Mastery Program allows you a six-month experience to learn, grow, and create your coaching business that brands you as a successful and competent coach, with the status of being a 48 Days Certified Coach! Jump to the full details HERE, or keep reading!


Here’s an 11-minute audio where I talk about the growing opportunities in coaching:

Every day I have people ask me – “Dan, can I be a coach?” And my response is always, “Are people coming to you now asking for your help and advice?” If they are, we can likely shape what you are already doing into a profitable business. If you’re a person others seek out for help and support, or for a shoulder to lean on, you’re probably already “coaching” at a certain level. And chances are you have the skills required to call yourself a coach.

Do you have what it takes to be a coach? There’s a quick way to find out…

How many of these things are already true for you?

  • People seek you out for your advice. Whether it’s after church, at a Chamber of Commerce meeting or at a social event, people are always asking for your advice and opinion.
  • You value personal growth. You set and accomplish your own goals in multiple areas of your life.
  • You see great potential in people. And it frustrates you when they don’t exercise that potential.
  • You build strong relationships easily. You relate well to others personally, in business and just in the ordinary encounters in life.
  • You don’t need anyone to motivate you or schedule your time. You exercise discipline in your own life and want others to know the freedom that comes from reaching new goals.
  • You recognize you’ve already been coaching – you just need a way to formalize what you’re already doing. Now you’re ready to schedule sessions and charge for your expertise.

Over the last 20 years of my own coaching, I have had hundreds of people ask me if I thought they could be a “coach.”  These are the kinds of questions I have always asked in return.

If these feel right for you, the steps required to actually become a professional coach are probably closer than you think.

Coaching success requires two major elements:

  1. Understanding the dynamics of “coaching.”
  2. Understanding the principles of “business.”

We’re seeing many new coaches who have studied the dynamics of personally engaging with a client. They know how to clarify options, to encourage, to confront when necessary and to guide the client to new levels of success.

Coaching is a growing field where those who can positively impact the lives of others are in increasingly high demand.


Our Coaching Mastery Program is the premiere process for positioning for both professional and financial success. Statistics tell us that 95% of coaches never make more than $40,000 a year. Our goal is to help you make the world a better place – to encourage and inspire others to higher levels of excellence – AND to put you in the 5% category of coaches who can comfortably show their own personal success.

I want to assure you, the world is waiting for people to step up and provide coaching to navigate the inevitable and relentless changes we are all confronted with in today’s volatile environment. People are eager for guidance in careers, relationships, health, finances, spiritual vitality, and personal development. Coaching is a growing field where those who can positively impact the lives of others are in increasingly high demand.

If you are truly serious about being a coach and want to be certified by 48 Days, the 48 Days Coaching Mastery Program is for you. For $4800, you will not only be equipped with the knowledge it takes to be a coach, but more importantly you will learn how to lay out your business plan and get expert guidance directly from Career Expert Dan Miller.

Rob Clinton, 48 Days Coach

Under the mentorship and teachings of Dan Miller I can honestly share that my coaching business has experienced the kind of success that I used to only dream about!

Rob Clinton
Career Coach

Deb Ingino CEO Strength Leader Development LLC copy

In the field of Coaching Dan Miller is a master.  You will be equipped as a Coach and will learn how to launch your own successful coaching business!  The knowledge you get through the DISC Certification program alone is enough to far surpass most coaching certifications.

Deb Ingino

Kent Julian 48 Days

 I came away with dozens of great ideas, but more than anything it gave me a boldness and courage that I haven’t felt before. I loved the opportunity to rub shoulders with many successful people and receive so much encouragement and inspiration. Working with Dan was literally life-changing!

Kent Julian

Coaching is one of the fastest growing areas of business opportunity today!

There are new opportunities to enjoy the personal fulfillment of helping people reach higher levels of success – and to enjoy financial success yourself. As more people recognize the need for inspiration, encouragement and guidance, the more open they are to coaching.

If you have your business plan in place but need to take it to the next level, the Coaching Mastery Program is still a great fit.  We will take the basics and go to a higher level–helping you assess personality styles with clients, and helping you market, leverage, and sell your coaching expertise in many ways.

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What does the 48 Days Coaching Mastery Program Include?

Coaching 101 Program

This newly updated program is laid out under the DigitalChalk.com format as an online “class”.  Complete with 6 hours of audio, three videos, worksheet downloads and a full transcript of the course, this is a $697 standalone program.  Learn more about the Coaching 101 Program here »

Behavioral Analysis DISC Certification Program

Also in the DigitalChalk.com format, this approximately four hour long course is rich with video content and audio.  Become adept at not only the history behind DISC profiles, but how to accurately asses and explain them to your clients.  *Bonus* Comes with ten free profiles for you to use immediately ($285 value)!  This course on its own is $627.  Learn more about the DISC Certification Program here »

4 Personal, one-on-one Phone Calls with Dan

Once you’ve gone through the two courses above, we will arrange four phone calls (approximately one hour each) with Dan to discuss your specific situation and questions. ($2500 value)

48 Days Resource Kit

All of our useful materials – for yourself and also for you to use with clients! Coaching Starter Kit Book, Wisdom Meets Passion autographed hardback book and Field Manual, 48 Days to the Work You Love hardback book and Application Guide, No More Dreaded Mondays48 No or Low-Cost Business Ideas, and Rudder of the Day ($202.97 value)

48 Days Certified Coach Branding

Once you are certified, we’ll mail you an official “48 Days Certified Coach” plaque and certificate as well as send you the logo to your left for you to use on your website.

Advertisement on 48 Days Website

One year free listing as a Certified 48 Days Coach on the 48 Days Coach Page* This is a highly trafficked page and we’ll be listing you as a coach we would recommend!

Additionally, if we have a coaching application come through that we feel is a good fit for you, we’ll pass it your way!**

Dan's Eagle's Group

Dan’s Eagle’s Group

Coaches Mastermind Group

Every month we have a conference call where Dan gives you some key pointers and we discuss where everyone is at.  You can submit questions in advance, talk during the call, and listen to the recorded replay any time after the event.  We have a library archive of the calls in our private Coaching Mastery Group on .net, and you can join discussions and comment in that group 24/7!


Coaching Mastery Events

Your application process for this Mastery Program is our Coaching with Excellence (CWE) live event.  Held three times a year, this is where we meet you and spend two intensive days going through building and marketing your coaching business…and solidifying that this is a right path for you.  After this event, you’ll have the option to continue on with the Mastery Program and take home your resource kit from there.  Once you’ve been to a CWE event, you will have taken the first steps to join the Mastery program any time after that.

The next two Coaching with Excellence events are May 21-22nd, 2015, and September 3rd-4th, 2015.  Click here to learn more and register.

Once a year we will host a Coaching Mastermind Event – this is a private event only available for people in our Coaching Mastery Program. In this two-day intensive event, we’ll address the nitty-gritty details and questions you have after having gone through the program. We’ll brainstorm together on your individual businesses and create a plan that works for you. Think of this as an intensive group coaching session where we all collaborate for success!
The next Mastermind event is November 5th-6th, 2015.

*This coach listing page is $120/year to be listed, but as a Coaching Mastery member you get to be listed for free!  Only certified coaches are listed on Dan’s Coaching Application page, and that is a flat $48 per year once you’ve completed our program.
**The better we know you, the more likely we are to send referrals your way. However, many people have found great benefit simply by being listed on our website and have gotten many referrals just through that!

For six months worth of coach training, two live events and one-on-one assistance you may access the Coaching Mastery Program NOW for only:




Six Monthly Payments

Reserve your spot by coming to Coaching with Excellence*

*This is your first payment for the Mastery program – after CWE, your investment drops to $3800 to continue the certification process!

Do I really need to be certified?

If you’re like others looking at this exciting new field, you are probably wondering about “certification” and “licensure.” We live in a culture where academic degrees have been highly valued and given with the expectation that success will then follow. However, real life does not support that expectation. We see people who have sacrificed time and money in exchange for a degree, only to discover that real opportunities require characteristics other than a piece of paper. People pay for competence and results – not for the privilege of looking at a diploma.

Coaching clearly falls in this new arena of opportunities. We are seeing successful coaches emerge from years of successfully running a business, from being a pastor of a church, from being an effective homemaker and Mom, or after having transformed one’s own life through discipline and determination. The person in the street does not recognize the merits of licensure or certification; what he/she is looking for is a person who can produce results. Training programs seldom have an accurate measurement of competence – they, like most any program of academics, reward people who pay tuition and regurgitate printed information. The person in need of coaching is expecting someone to come alongside, help clarify options and then provide the gentle for firm encouragement to execute those best options.

Thankfully, we have a solution.  Instead of simply being certified, how about a true mastery program to walk you through the process of coaching so you can, indeed, call yourself an expert!

Not sure if coaching is right for you? 

Many coaches, unfortunately, know little about running a business. They struggle with how to market their services, how to find that first client, how to fill their schedule with paying clients, and how to add residual income to their normally expected linear income.   This is why we start this program with our three live events each year.  Our Coaching with Excellence live event is an excellent overview to determine whether coaching is the right fit for you.  In this, we talk about coaching as a profession, where the opportunities are, and ways coaches are generating additional income.

If you would like to be a coach but are not sure if this is the way to go, come to this event first before even making the decision on joining the Mastery Program.  If, after attending, coaching is indeed a fit, you can register for the Mastery Program for only $3800!   Read more details and register here—spaces fill up fast!


Coaching with Excellence at the Sanctuary