Live Events

Coaching with Excellence
In this intensive two-day event, we will give a clear overview of coaching to determine whether it is the right fit for you. We’ll talk about coaching as a profession, where the opportunities are, ways people are generating additional income, etc. The focus of this event is to explore what is happening right now in the coaching world and how you can get in the game! Learn more »
48 Days Innov48
Are you sick of being labeled a “starving artist” because of not being able to make money doing what you are most passionate about? Are you ready to have “Wisdom” meet your “Passion?” This is a two-day intensive event focused on unleashing the creativity within you to create a life where wisdom meets passion. Speakers include Dan Miller, Michael Hyatt, Chad Jeffers, Dorsey McHugh, and Joanne Miller. Learn more about this event here »
The Ultimate Advantage Cruise
A “Mastermind Group” is a powerful thing. In 2015, make your vacation a springboard of connection with great minds for the ultimate in synergy:
Join Dan and Joanne Miller, Rory Vaden and Amanda Johns, Michael and Gail Hyatt and more on our cruise on the Caribbean February 15-22, 2015. Learn more about this event here »
48 Days Coaching Mastery Program
The 48 Days Coaching Mastery Program allows you a six-month experience to learn, grow, and create your coaching business that brands you as a successful and competent coach, with the status of being a 48 Days Certified Coach! Includes a two-day intensive business session in September at The Sanctuary in Franklin, TN Learn more here »

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