Is Dan a real person?

1. This is a test to see if you are a real person or not. I bought 2 books of yours to try and figure out what to do with my pathetic life and I’m still drawing a blank. Face it I’m a loser and smart people don’t talk to people like me. I’ve got 100 bucks bet I never hear from you.

2. I start something new, work hard for a few years and then have a desire to move on to something new. I still have a nagging feeling that maybe I am desiring change when I should stay put, accept that work is work and focus on changing my attitude. Maybe it is not what I am doing but my attitude that needs to change.

3. Will this be considered hi-jacking your blog if I respond directly to a reader’s comment with something so different than the original posting. Would I be violating any blog etiquette if I posted the writing and made it attention to her? I thought I’d at least check with you first.

4. I have recently started offering free daily devotionals for families through my website, My question is, if I buy books through a website like, do I need to charge sales tax when I resell them through my website?

5. I am currently unemployed and looking for work since March 2010. I quit a very small company where I was not treated well. Basically I have been burned and I am very leery of small companies now. I have been applying to hotels, bank, the big companies with no results but I am very leery of small businesses because I want to be paid. I am frustrated but still motivated. How do I overcome this burn wound from my previous job?

6. What is up with employers these days and/or HR directors not even responding to resumes? I send an occasional email to ask them about the position or simply to confirm their receipt of my resume, cover letter, references, etc, but I hear nothing. What should I do? I need a job and I hear nothing!

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