If your life’s not working – try this….

Yesterday a magazine editor asked me:

Dan, I’m looking for a checklist of sorts… once you’ve figured out that life isn’t working, what are the steps to reshaping your work, or creating a new opportunity.

Sure – happy to pitch in.

  1. 85% of the process of having the confidence of an authentic “fit” in your career comes from looking inward first.  We get the cart before the horse by looking at who’s hiring or searching out the hottest business opportunities.
  2. Trust your passions.  Don’t be deterred because you’ve been told your idea is not “realistic” or “practical.”  Passion drives success in unusual ventures.
  3. Create a clear plan of action.  Passion and enthusiasm alone are not enough.  You need a strategy and a timeline.
  4. Look forward.  Discouragement, resentment, guilt and depression are emotions connected with looking at the past – what you are coming from.  Confidence, enthusiasm and boldness overtake those negative emotions as you become clear about what you are moving to.
  5. Commit to one year of focused action without looking back.

“Success is never an accident.  It typically starts as imagination, becomes a dream, stimulates a goal, grows into a plan of action – which then inevitably meets with opportunity.  Don’t get stuck along the way.” Dan Miller, author 48 Days to the Work You Love.

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  • Rain

    Nice list Dan. I especially agree with the Trust your Passion one. I’ve found that my life isn’t working lately in that I seem to find great people to work with for about the first year, and then suddenly the people lose interest and passion and they move on to something else, leaving me in the dust. Not getting why, I feel like I’m meeting their needs!?!?

  • Beverly

    Because the passion has to come from within and be fueled from within. Do not rely on the passion of others to fuel your passion. Meet your own needs.

  • Wayne

    I have no problem knowing how to follow my passion. I just have no clue what my passion is and I have never
    met anyone who could help me figure it out.

  • Joanne

    What a timely post. I am so grateful to have read it at the end of a significant week in stepping forward after months of processing (steps 1 and 2). My new journey begins April 1 – no fooling, like you said. Step 3 will help give focus to my transition season and step 5 helps me with having a mental timeline. And step 4 – that applies all the time. It’s helpful to hear from someone else when my inward voice wants to doubt. I also read “The Rudder of the Day” regularly to add the encouragement I need as I step out. Thank you! Hope to report on my exciting new career soon!!

  • Sandy

    I would definitely try this.. i feel discourage this past week.
    thanks for sharing your insights.
    great post!

  • Thanks for these encouraging words. I have been told in different ways that my current plans are not going to get me anywhere or pay my bills. Although this made me frustrated at first, I am now working on my business plan and keeping myself thinking positive thoughts while I develop my passion into a business.
    Let’s look forward.
    Thanks Dan.

  • David Willis

    Looking inward has been the hardest and most rewarding part for me. The times I have actually slowed down and thought about where I am and where I want to be, things come into focus. Forcing myself to be reflective is hard, but is a good thing. Glad to know when I do I only have 15% of the job left to do. Thanks for this post Dan. You are a daily inspiration.