Help us with a name and win this beautiful eagle

Give us a great name and you could be the proud owner of this bronze eagle replica.  Read on….  Athena replica1

Do we serve best from a full cup or an empty cup?  People often spiritualize having nothing – that somehow living in poverty is more Godly than having plenty. And yet we know a pure heart and an empty bank account can’t feed the hungry or build a school in Uganda.

I recently did a 5 minute video to demonstrate the different ways we may view having “enough.”  I hope you find it stimulating and inspiring.

Giving from a full cup

I am going to be doing more short lifestyle videos like this in the upcoming weeks.  The 48 Days Podcast will stay the same as it is but these videos will be put on our YouTube channel just as a way of communicating some of the most frequently asked questions.

And we need a name for these 3-5 minute video segments.  Joanne will be joining me for some of them. 

I want the 48 Days brand to be clear so it could be:

  • The 48 Days Entrepreneurial Lifestyle
  • Living, Loving and Working with Dan & Joanne
  • 48 Days Tips to Success and Meaning

I’d like something really memorable.  I watch others in this vein and of course love Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

Submit your name idea right here in the comment section below:

1st Place – If we choose your name we’ll send you this 12” exact replica of the original bronze eagle sculpture that stands right outside my office ($450 Value)

2nd PlaceUltimate Fresh Start Package

3rd Place – Entrepreneur Startup Kit

I’ll be taking suggestions through February 29th and will announce the prize winners in my March 4th podcast (as well as notify you personally).  With similar names the early entry will rank highest.

You, the readers, have designed The Sanctuary, outlined the landscaping around Aristotle, and named both of our eagle sculptures.   You’ve always come through with creativity and helping me see things with new eyes.  Here’s your chance once again!

Submit your name right here And just for taking the time to enter any suggestion, we’ll give you my 5-Step Process for Walking Through Change.


Update 03-02-16

The contest is now over.  From the various ways people sent suggestions I then printed off 37 pages of potential names that Joanne and I sat down to review.  Here are our selections with Determined to Prosper being chosen as the name of our new video podcast.

Video Podcast Name

37 pages of suggestions

  1. Determined to Prosper – Andrew Miller
  2. Seeds from the Sanctuary – Greg Gilbert
  3. Eaglevision – Brian Evans

Thank you so much to each of you who took the time to send in a suggestion.  We value your input!

Part of what brought Andrew’s suggestion to the top was his note:

In Chinese culture, many numbers are considered lucky or unlucky, and one of the luckiest numbers is, you guessed it, 48! The meaning of the number 48 is Chinese numerology is ‘prosperity” or ‘determined to prosper’ (according to Wikipedia). So that’s my title suggestion! “Determined to Prosper”. I think it fits the hard-work ethic of 48 days and the prosperity mindset, and it has the bonus of being tied into the number 48. 🙂

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  • 48 Days Starts Right Here, Right Now

  • 4’80” with 48 days. (Pronounced 4 minutes 80 seconds, with the goal of making each video that length.)

  • Kevin Christian

    1.) Launch with Wisdom, Soar with Significance

    2.) 48 Days to Soaring with Significance

    3.) Soar to Significance with Dan and Joanne

    Dan, I think you did a terrific job bringing visualization to your message. I’m looking forward to more great videos in the future.

  • 48 Days Abundant Living

    48 Days Abundant Life Style

    48 Days Intentional Life and Business

  • David Benson

    48 Flights of Life

  • Joel Manahan

    S.O.A.R. – Standing On A Rock

  • “Soaring with Dan and Joanne”
    “The 48-Day Take Off”
    “Spread your wings and fly” or “Spreading your wings”

  • “Life on the Wing”

    “48 Feathers”

    “Work of Art on a Wing”

    “Wings of Work” (WoW)

  • Terri Day

    480 Seconds With Dan

  • Roy Pickens

    48 DAYS Success Nuggets
    48 DAYS Eagle Training Tips
    48 DAYS Answers for Successful Living

    Words of Wisdom from Dan and Joanne

  • Mike

    “The Eagle has…launched”

  • Roy Pickens

    48 DAYS Success Nuggets
    48 DAYS Eagle Training

  • Ernie El Lansford

    48 Days to The Life you Deserve or 48 Days to the Life You Desire

  • Tracy Sergeant

    48 Days: Onward and Upward

  • SupplementInnovator

    Eagle Vision (or Visions) – Everything is Clearer Up Here

    48 Days Mindset Clarity

  • My Cup Runneth Over in 48 Days

  • Dave Antle

    As Zig said, “You can’t fly with eagles when you keep walking with turkeys”

    48 Days Flying with Eagles

  • Ashley Conway

    48/48 Vision
    The 48-er Mind or The 48-er Club
    The Best 48
    48° Attitude

  • 48 Days Training Moments with Dan and Joanne
    48 Days Eagle Training with Dan and Joanne
    Launch Like an Eagle with Dan and Joanne
    Launch Training with Dan and Joanne

  • GTTraveller

    48 Ways to Live Your Loving, or
    48 Ways to a Life Your Loving
    Or 48 Days if you like that better
    It leads to some Paul Simon banter, leading to get on your feet, Clete, and set yourself free.

  • theseus

    Sky Crafting (with Dan and Joanne)

  • Dr. David Powers

    Ambjorg. It’s a Norse name meaning ‘eagle of protection’. In my view, there is protection offered in the 48 Days philosophy, certainly way more than working a job for someone else. It’s also a feminine name. Most eagle names are always so macho and masculine that I liked the feminine aspect.

    • David – I love that. Not sure I can say it but I love it.

  • Mike Cournia

    4-8 minutes => toDay’s inspiration
    Dueling DanJo’s
    Dan & Joanne’s Oasis
    48 Palms Oasis
    Keeping Your Eyes Above the Waves with Dan & Joanne
    48 Insights

  • Jason Garey

    Just a few thoughts. The sub-headlines can be mixed and matched.

    “Lift-Off” – 48 Days Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Digest with Dan & Joanne Miller

    “Birds of a Feather” –Dan & Joanne’s 48 Days Tips to Success and Meaning

    “Take to Flight” with Dan & Joanne – Success Tips on Living, Loving and Working

  • With all the eagle phrases coming in, I thought of something else.

    Flying Free!

  • Samantha Kirton

    48 Days: Above & Beyond.
    48 Days & the Meaning of Life.
    Mindset Mastery with 48 Days.
    Life as we want it: 48 Days. / 48 Days: Life as we want it.
    48 Days; Empowering Life.

  • Brian Evans

    “48Days Wisdom in 4-8 minutes”
    “The Nudge”
    “The Nudge from the Nest”
    “The Nudge to Soar”
    “The Nudge to Launch”
    “The Nudge to Greatness”

    • Oh I’m loving these – The Nudge from the Nest really grabs me.

  • Brian Evans

    “The Nudge to a 48Days Life”
    “The Nudge to Work You Love”
    (ok, I’ll stop with the nudging)

  • Bryant Brace

    “48 Days, A Little More Insight”
    “48 Days, Answering One More Question”

  • Liz Ng

    “The life you love”
    “48 Days to the life you love”
    “The life you love with Dan and Joanne”

  • Ryahan

    I am feeling the word, “Fortitude.”


    courage in pain or adversity.

    synonyms: courage, bravery, endurance, resilience, mettle, moral fiber, strength of mind, strength of character, strong-mindedness, backbone, spirit, grit, true grit, doughtiness, steadfastness; informalguts

    48 Days: Fortitude Flyby (or a plural form?)

    But the word fits the brand, certainly.

    And I’d just like to encourage people to freely PIGGYBACK off of any of the other commentors’ suggestions in order to churn out a more effective group effort. For the cause 🙂

  • Michelle

    The 48 Days Way

  • Archie

    48 Days of Discovery!

  • Archie

    48 Days till LAUNCH TIME!

  • Ryahan

    48 Days: Tips for True North with Dan and Joanne

  • Laurie

    Let’s Do Launch!

  • Danny Ray Remington II

    Passionate Purposeful Living with Dan and Joanne or 48 Days: Living Passionately and Purposefully

  • Mark Dixon

    *People in Life Getting Inspiration in 48 Days
    *48 Days of Lifegiving Inspiration
    *48 Days to Great
    *48 Days to Soaring
    *48 Days of Purpose
    *48 Days to Better Ways
    *48 Days to Great Ways for You!
    *48 for Soaring Great
    *Miller’s 48
    *Dan the Man with the 48 Plan
    *48 Days to a New You

  • Scott Kretsch

    Up Up and Away: 48 days to your best life!
    The Launch Pad
    The Launch Pad: 48 days to soaring high
    48 Days to Liftoff
    The Eagles Nest
    48 Days Transformation Video Series
    48 Days to a Full Cup

  • adam garey

    Rod And Staff!

  • Les Dale

    “Freedom” – The eagle represents our great country and the endless possibilities we have! It sums up what “48 Days” is all about! A simple name, but with so much meaning.

  • Live the Life you Love
    48 Days to the Life you Love
    Do the Life you Love
    Touch the Sky
    New Heights
    Take Flight
    Born to be Eagles

  • Jeff

    The Overflowing Life

  • Ulrick Graham

    48 Days Lifestyle
    48 Days Success Tips in 3-5 Min’its
    48 Days Lifestyle with Dan and Joanne
    48 Days 48+more Ways to Success
    48 Days to Launch
    48 Days Lifestyle Express
    The 48 Days-preneur
    48 Days XL (extraordinary lifestyle): Laboring, Leading, Learning, Living and Loving
    48 Days XL with Dan and Joanne
    48 Days Cup Running Over with Dan and Joanne

  • Leslie Nelson

    Dare to Soar With Dan and Joanne
    Eagles Don’t Flock: Tips to Stand Out from Dan and Joanne
    Soar With Eagles or Walk With Turkeys: Inspiring Tips from Dan and Joanne
    Let’s Talk Eagle (and not Turkey): Tips to Help You Soar With Dan and Joanne (Note: I envision this as an “X” through the word turkey, so “Let’s Talk Turkey (crossed out) Eagle: Tips to Help Your Soar With Dan and Joanne”
    Transcend the Ordinary With Dan and Joanne

  • The 48 Days Freedom Feature
    The 48 Days Freedom Feature with Dan & Joanne
    The 48 Days Freedom Clip w/ Dan & Joanne
    48 Days Flying High
    Flying High with 48 Days and Dan & Joanne Miller
    Talon’s Grasp – What Entrepreneurs Hold Dear (or sub “Grip” for “Grasp”)
    Talon’s Grasp – A 48 Days Quick Look at Entrepreneurs
    48 Days Eagle’s Eye on Success

  • BreAnna Baker

    48 days to Passion
    48 days to Love
    48 days to a New Life
    Love, Passion and Work: 48 days Segment
    Live, Love, Life with Dan and Joanne
    Loving the life you live with Dan and Joanne
    48 days: Lifestyle Changes
    Flying with fortitude a 48 days segment
    Fly above the the flock with Dan and Joanne
    Spread your wings with Dan and Joanne
    Flying with Passion in 48 days

    • BreAnna – got some great ones in here. Thanks so much!

      • BreAnna Baker

        No problem Mr. Miller. Good Luck with finding your name!

  • BreAnna Baker

    Birds of a feather don’t flock together: A 48 days segment

  • BreAnna Baker

    Prosperous Life with Dan and Joanne
    Pilot your own life with Dan and Joanne
    Ace your life with Dan and Joanne
    Transform you life in 48 days
    Transformation: A 48 days segment
    Transformation with Dan and Joanne
    Elevate your life with Dan and Joanne
    48 days to elevate your life

  • BreAnna Baker

    Broaden your horizon with Dan and Joanne
    Expand your horizon with Dan and Joanne
    Journey to a new life in 48 days
    Starting your journey with Dan and Joanne
    Beginning your journey with Dan and Joanne
    Transforming your journey with Dan and Joanne
    Finding your way with Dan and Joanne
    Navigating your dreams with Dan and Joanne
    Follow your dreams with Dan and Joanne
    Finding your passion with Dan and Joanne
    Reach for the sky with Dan and Joanne

  • BreAnna Baker

    Meaningful life with Dan and Joanne
    Find your meaning in 48 days
    Finding your meaning with Dan and Joanne
    What do I want: a 48 days segment
    How to can he your life in 48 days
    Taking the initiative with Dan and Joanne

  • BreAnna Baker

    Flying with a full cup: a 48 days segment
    Soaring with a full cup:a 48 days segment
    Living with a full cup : a 48 days segment

  • BreAnna Baker

    Pure heart, full cup with Dan and Joanne

  • BreAnna Baker

    The launch pad: a 48 days segment
    The launch pad with Dan and joanne

  • BreAnna Baker

    The plunge with Dan and Joanne
    Dive in: A 48 days segment

  • Laurel Scruggs Layher

    48 Days: Going Deeper

  • Darrin Farley

    Soaring Over The Turkeys
    Freedom Flight
    Freedom Club
    Eagles Club
    Majestic Eagle Club
    Freedom From Failure
    Success Flight Club

  • Bob Poliachik

    On the Dan and Joanne Theme:
    Daily Joy with Dan and Joanne

    On the 48 Days Theme:
    48Days Four to Eight Minute Plays
    48Days Four to Eight Minute Praise
    4 to 8 minutes of 48days wisdom

  • Loren D Carlson

    Name: Dan & Joanne’s tips for an exceptional, over flowing life.

  • Loren D Carlson

    Live a transformational life with Dan & Joanne.
    Transforming lives with Dan & Joanne.
    48days tips to transforming lives.
    48days cups flooding the world.
    Lift up others with Dan & Joanne Miller.
    48days:Create, let it flow, change lives.
    48days: Create, let it flow, change the world.
    48days: Create transformation by letting it flow.
    Let it flow out with Dan & Joanne.
    Creating the flow that lifts all, with Dan & Joanne.
    48days: Let it flow in abundance.

  • Loren D Carlson

    48days: Creating an abundant impact.
    48days: Creating meaning while giving abundantly.
    Join the Full Cups with Dan & Joanne.
    48days tips: Full Cups create a flow of change.
    Create, give and transform with Dan & Joanne.

  • Loren D Carlson

    Dan & Joanne’s tips for sustaining abundant giving.
    48days: Create meaning to sustain abundant giving.
    48days: Produce abundant giving through meaningful work.
    48days: Generosity powered by meaningful work creates joy.
    A generous life with Dan & Joanne.
    48days: Generosity flows from the heart of meaningful work.
    48days: Exceptional work, generosity, extraordinary lives.
    48days: Extraordinary generosity fueled by exceptional work.
    Transformational giving with Dan & Joanne.

  • Loren D Carlson

    Dan & Joanne’s secrets to freedom giving.
    Be the waters from which the Eagles feed from Dan & Joanne.
    48 days: Be the flow of Life.
    Creating the flow of Life with Dan & Joanne.
    Creating the flow of transcendence with Dan & Joanne.
    Dan & Joanne’s tips to the Freedom to give.
    Eagle’s Grasp: 48 days tips to continual giving.
    48 days Eagles Nest: Nurture your talents to transcendence giving.
    Create the freedom to give with Dan & Joanne.
    Creating the freedom of giving with Dan & Joanne.
    Release your talent & give freely with Dan & Joanne.
    Dan & Joaane’s tips to creating endless overflow.
    48 days creating endless overflow.
    48 days overflow.
    Overflow tips from Dan & Joanne.

  • Jason Elliott

    48 days to Freedom
    48 days to a better life

  • Loren D Carlson

    Create overflow with Dan & Joanne.
    Dan & Joanne’s tips to create overflow.
    Dan & Joanne’s tips to overflow.
    48 days: The freedom to overflow.
    48 days: Create overflow from freed talent.
    48 days Eagles Vision: Free yourself to overflow.
    48 days Eagle’s Flight: Nurture talent and free the vision.
    48 days Eagles Flight: Soar to vision.
    48 days Eagles Flight: Soar generously.

  • Loren D Carlson

    Unleash passion and launch others with Dan & Joanne.
    48 days tips to passionate overflow.
    Passionate overflow with Dan & Joanne.
    Dan & Joanne’s tips to keeping the well full.
    Tending the well with Dan & Joanne.
    Tending the overflow with Dan & Joanne.
    Create intentional overflow with Dan & Joanne.
    48 days Overflow Club.
    48 days Overflow Team.
    Overflow with Dan & Joanne.
    Overflowing with Dan & Joanne.
    48 days: The courage to overflow.
    Dan & Joanne’s tips to courageous, passionate overflow.
    48 days: The freedom to uplift.

  • Michelle Hammons

    Soar: Lifestyle, Love and Liberty with Dan and Joanne Miller

  • Kim Berry

    It’s our pleasure, your worth it!!
    With Dan and Joanne Miller

  • Liz Ng

    I kept thinking of more ideas since my first post… Here is another (inspired by “… I will rise up with wings like the eagle…”)
    Rise up with Dan and Joanne

  • Liz Ng

    I also thought of a few more variations of my first ideas…
    Living the Life You Love
    48 Days to Living the Life You Love
    Dan and Joanne on Living the Life You Love
    Living the Life You Love with Dan and Joanne

    Or combining the two ideas…
    Rise Up to the Life You Love with Dan and Joanne
    48 Days to Rise Up to the Life You Love


    • Liz – I love your ongoing stream of suggestions. Thanks!

      • Liz Ng

        Thank you, Mr. Miller! There are so many great ideas on this thread. I wish you and Joanne all the best in your new endeavor. The video series is a great idea, and I can’t wait to tune in!

  • Kevin Christian

    In it to win it in just 5 minutes

    All in with Dan and Joanne

    A tune-up for your startup

    Top off your tank with Dan and Joanne

    48 Days Philosophy

    48 Days Encore

    Create your 48

    Navigate the maze with 48 Days

  • JT

    Let’s Roll!

  • Paul Bonk

    Sky Surfer…

  • Curtis O. Fletcher

    Live 48
    Lifestyle 48
    Mount Up with Dan and Joanne
    48 More with Dan and Joanne
    Quadraginta octo
    Living 48
    Practical 48
    The 48days Lab with Dan and Joanne
    48undance with Dan and Joanne

  • Curtis O. Fletcher

    Our 48 with Dan and Joanne

  • Jordan Peterson

    Living on the Wings of Eagles

    Life on an Eagle’s Wing

    48,000 Feet With the Eagles

    The Eagle Has Launched!

    On The Wings Of Eagles

    Life in the Eagle’s Nest

    Living in an Eagle’s Nest

    Laucning with the Miller Team

    The Nudge from the Miller Team

    Moments with the Miller’s

    A Miller Moment

    Life with the Eagle’s

    Life on a Wing

    The Miller Push

    Dan’s Tune Up Tips

    Tune Up Tips with Dan and Joanne

    Finding Your Wings with Dan and Joanne

    Eagle Moments with Dan

  • Paul Bonk

    48 Days How To Tips To A Better Life…

  • Ryan W Hokanson

    48Days Mentorship Moments with Dan and Joanne

    Launch your (new) life in 48Days with Dan and Joanne

  • Ryan W Hokanson

    When you have 48 days to fall or fly you might as well try!

    Take a stand with Dan and Joanne