Dreams without action lead nowhere

“To dream alone is fantasy if it doesn’t move the heart to act.” Dan Allender (Sabbath)

So what are you doing with your dreams?  Did the dreams you had two years ago change the life you have today?

5-yr-olds know how to dream.  We allow them to have all the fantasies they want.  They become the fireman, astronaut, ship captain, artist or rock star they dream about.  But then  “life happens.”  Some of these kids are told their dreams are unrealistic. They are taught to be “realistic,” to stay inside the lines and recognize they need to show up at 8:00 and go home to a dreary existence at 5:00.

Have you allowed your dreams to be washed away by the big wave called Life?  Is it really too late to create a plan of action to bring your dreams to reality?

What can you do today to ACT on a dream that’s been languishing in those precious child-like recesses of your mind?

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