Do something that doesn’t work

I just finished reading a new book – not yet released.  I’ll share more on September 9th.  The book is full of stories about people setting out on adventures and big ideas.  Here’s a segment titled 

What People Say About An Adventure Or Quest That Involves Perceived Risk:

Successful Outcome:  brave, courageous, confident

Failed Outcome:  stupid, risky, naive, arrogant

Ultimately, our assessment of whether a venture we set out on is brave or stupid depends on the outcome.  So are you going to play it safe and never attempt your big dreams or are you going to “risk” and maybe be hailed as “brave, courageous, and confident?”

Another passage says: “Nothing is more damaging to the adventurous spirit within a man than a secure future.”  Security is not our friend.  It is more likely to bury our adventurous spirit and our passion for being fully alive.  In the latest EntreLeadership podcast Seth Godin told Dave Ramsey he encourages people to “do enough that something doesn’t work.”  That’s where we find new opportunities, new solutions and new adventures.  

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  • It was fabulous! I got to interview the author for Entrepreneur and the Huff Post!

    • Hey way to let the cat out of the bag man! Yeah, it’s an awesome book – we’ll be doing more to promote it when Sept 9th rolls around.

      • I just edited my comment Dan, hopefully no one saw it 🙂

        • Ah that’s funny. Now we’ve got people asking.

  • Okay Kimanzi and Dan…I missed the cat before it went back into the bag. Do tell!

  • Love this Dan! Michael and I were just talking about the “adventurous spirit” and “secure future” thing this morning. We realized (again) we are truly thankful for the major “bumps” because they keep force us to keep moving and trying things. Nothing pushes like a major hardship, or financial need, or even having a baby! 😉

    Thanks for always encouraging and pushing all of us farther!

  • Jevonnah Ellison

    This is going to be a great book. I’ve heard awesome things about the author 🙂

    And I’ll take brave, courageous and confident any day!

  • sabdalian

    Dan, I love how inspirational you are. The quote – “Nothing is more damaging to the adventurous spirit within a man than a secure future.” really struck a cord with me. As an engineer and conservative type personality, I love security. This is a good reminder to jump out of my comfort zone. Thanks for pushing me out of the plane 🙂