Have you decided to be more successful in 2017?

Often, we have someone call our office about making a change in his or her life.  We send information and then hear nothing.  Two years later, that person calls and says, “Now I’m ready to really create a plan.”  What I always wonder is, What did they do for those two years?  And usually, when we meet, it confirms my suspicion that they simply continued doing what they had been doing. One time a coaching client told me he had taken a temporary position at his local bank – just for 2-3 months until he clarified his job search for a really great job.  That was 14 years ago – and yes, he was still at the bank, in essentially the same lowly position.

2017 Just Ahead Green Road Sign Against Dramatic Clouds and Sky.

We know we all have a tendency toward continuing the status quo.  But once you have made a decision, what would cause you to wait?  If you said you wanted to be in better shape physically, when would you like to start?  If you wanted to do better financially, when would you like to get started?  If you want to be more successful, when would you like to start?  Many times the years go by and I hear people regret that they did not start something earlier.

A few years ago there was a book released titled “Five Frogs on a Log.”  The essence of the book was this:  Five frogs were sitting on a log.  Four decided to jump off.  How many were left?  And it goes on to suggest that there were still five frogs on the log.  There is a difference between “deciding” and “doing”.

Now is a great time to clarify your goals for next year.  In fact, I would suggest that you decide now to have your goals for 2017 set by November 14th.  And Do it!  That way, you can enjoy the 48 Days leading up to the New Year with the confidence that you know what you are going to accomplish in 2017.  And you know what will happen?  You will actually start the process on some of those in the remaining 48 days of this year.  What an exciting way to start a new year!

We’re getting a ton of success stories for the podcast from people who have accumulated information, but then moved on to understanding and application.  They are “doing” rather than just deciding.  

“It takes as much time and energy to wish as it does to plan.”   Eleanor Roosevelt

Are you a goal setter? Do you typically set goals at the first of the year? If not, why not?

If you need some help in the process of getting started, go to:  https://www.48days.com/2017

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