NOW is the time to work with a personal coach

48 Days Career Coaching Services

Working with a life coach or career coach is often the first step many individuals take as they plan for a career move, a new job, a promotion, or anticipate a new “season” in life.

If the need for a change has come unexpectedly, it’s easy for self-confidence to be low and frustration to be high, with the effects of these spilling over into family and personal life.

Making changes of this magnitude, especially without any counsel, can be very intimidating, but it can also be the most exciting time of your life – if you see it as an opportunity to take a fresh look at where you are and where you want to go.

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Voila coaching dan miller

For high potential companies and individuals who want to increase impact, influence and income without an increase in time, travel or tension.

Is this you?

  • Even though others see you as successful, you suspect you are not making your greatest contribution to the world
  • You’re experiencing stress, fitful sleep, and the sense that there’s just not enough time
  • You know if you don’t get better control of your time, you’ll miss your greatest opportunity
  • Your relationships are strained and you know if you don’t make some changes you’ll compromise what you value most

The Voila Package is a 1.5 Day Experience with Dan Miller that will leave you with a clear identification of your target audience, products or services offered, marketing plan and financial projections for the next 12 months.

Eagles Club Coaching The Career Enhancement process is a full-on, comprehensive 30-45 day process of one-on-one Life Planning and is the result of over 20 years of professional consulting and coaching with successful individuals. Their success and challenges have helped to identify a conceptual, yet structured, process that will enhance one’s personal sense of balance, focus, confidence and enthusiasm, regardless of any momentary circumstances. This is not about just “finding a job.” Each of the four sessions is approximately 2 hours in length and includes personal work assignments complementing each interaction.  The culmination is the personalized application, which takes many individualized applications, often embracing creative skills in ways never before seen as possible.  

This process involves identifying success in 7 different areas of your life.  Only after clarifying what “success” means to you can we then determine what work model and application is best.  Typical successes range from:

  • Defining one’s purpose and calling
  • Identifying means for translating that purpose into meaningful, fulfilling – and profitable work
  • Finding new employment at increased pay and better circumstances
  • Creating and launching a brand new business in a non-traditional direction
  • Purchasing a franchise, business opportunity or existing business
  • Becoming an independent contractor utilizing skills, abilities and experience
  • Engaging creative skills to generate residual income – or multiple streams of income
  • And much more… (While not common, sometimes the newfound dream position is a lowering of income and lifestyle – reflecting a more accurate positioning of the client’s own dreams – rather than the continued living out of someone else’s expectations.)

Eagles Coaching Find Out More

Scientists state that the bumblebee cannot possibly fly.  There is not enough wing span to overcome the body mass.  I find that great ideas are often viewed in the same way.  However, I have found it a continued source of delight to see ideas develop and flourish while seemingly defying all common expectations. 

Requests for this 2-3 hour single session overview have skyrocketed in the last few months.  This is largely due to the unusual success of our 48 Days business model.  I have seven different streams of revenue, all derived from repurposing the 48 Days to the Work You Love content. 

In this intense overview we will look at ways to leverage your intellectual capital – whatever that may be.  We can evaluate the use of franchising, patents, trademarks, publishing, e-products, marketing strategies, establishing affiliate relationships and other methods of initiating or growing your business concept.  Whether your business is a traditional bricks and mortar one or one that operates in cyberspace, we can examine new ways of moving you forward in your journey of success.

If you’re interested in pursuing the Bumblebee Idea Development Session with Dan, click below and fill out our Coaching Application. Please indicate on the very first question that you’d like to work with Dan Miller through the Bumblebee Idea Development Session.

Total experience: $ 1,075

Bumblebee Coaching Application

48 Days Certified Coaches

We also have a full list of 48 Days Certified Coaches in a variety of specialties. See the full list below. We’ll happily connect you with the best fit for you. Once you find a coach, you and your coach will agree on exact pricing. Coaching fees vary from $700 to $10,000, depending on the coach and the type of coaching you need. Fill out our coaching application, and we’ll recommend a coach for you.

All of the coaches listed here have been through our extensive Coaching Mastery Program and are Certified 48 Days Coaches. When you fill out the online application, Dan’s daughter Ashley will personally review it and connect you with a coach that best suits your needs. Don’t hesitate to request a coach if you have one in mind!

Our 48 Days Coaches have areas of specialty like

  • financial planning
  • spiritual direction
  • health and nutrition
  • anxiety and ADHD coaching
  • diabetes guidance
  • Marriage and Parenting
  • understanding personality styles and cultivating healthy relationships
  • alternative education models
  • overwhelm and minimalism
  • business growth
  • artist development
  • writing excellence
  • technology issues

As a special thank you, when you fill out the coaching form and allow us the honor of referring you to a coach, you’ll get an instant link to download Dan’s audio, “How To Increase Your Self Confidence.”

“I’ve had the wonderful privilege of coaching for over 20 years now – working with some of the greatest people I’ve ever met. We’ve been able to look at desired transitions or unexpected challenges and to find creative solutions on that path of fulfilling God’s unique purpose. My daughter Ashley will make sure you are given options that match your needs and budget with one of my proven packages or by making a recommendation about working with one of our experienced 48 Days coaches.”


Adam Rico

Start feeling alive with work you enjoy! We’ll get you to where you want to be.


Jevonnah Ellison

Clarify your Purpose and Amplify your Strengths

Marcy Travis

Career Coach | Resume Writer – Discover Your Best Work Options


Michael McGreevy

Helping LEADERS live courageously, maintain balance and build a legacy worth talking about

Marianne Renner

Helping Gain clarity and confidence to achieve your goals and dreams


Cesar Escobar

48 Days Spanish Connection


Brawn Lide

Focusing on helping the future generations to Live for More!


Jonathan Schober

I help Mid-Career Professionals Accelerate their Career Growth in 90 Days or Less


Erin K. Robison

Coaching women who are in transition, stuck or waiting to discover their passion and design so they can live a wildly fulfilling life, filled with meaningful relationships.

Michelle Hammons

Lead a visionary life and become the best version of yourself by focusing passion, purpose, clarity, energy, courage, productivity and influence.


Matt Soderstrum

Helping people get to where they want to go personally and professionally!


Kingsley Grant

Leveraging Your Experiences and Life-Skills To Create The Life Of Your Dream

Susie Miller

Creating better Relationships in 30 Days or Less!


Maritza Molis

Helping you to Overcome Obstacles and Move Toward Change


Jill Davis

Getting Better Together

Brian Holmes

Helping high-potential entrepreneurs and leaders live with purpose, expand their influence, and lead with maximum impact

Greg Vance

Helping You – Discover or Rediscover your Purpose – To Live Your Best Life.


John McKee

The guy you go to when you want to grow your business. | Motivate. Lead. Equip.


Micki Vandeloo

Providing clarity for grant writers struggling with job performance or work/life balance

Paul H. Grau, Jr.

The Team Leadership Coach… Maximize Team Performance! Conflict|Change|Communication Motivation|Strengths

Nisla Love

Helping you create a quality of life through effective communication.

Terri Sullivant, ACC

Dare to dream with me and make your dreams walk!

Mark West

Coaching Entrepreneurs in Business & Life so they can Awake to Freedom

Stephanie O’Brien

Helping you find what makes your soul sing

Connie Pheiff

Activating The Power of Today’s Professional Woman who is ready to Achieve Business Success

Mark Ross

Leadership & Personal Development Coach ➨ Partnering with  clients through personal transformation & professional transition

Sara Anna Powers

Faith-centered Success Coach, podcaster and copywriter who’s passionate about helping motivated women create thriving online businesses.

Armando Garcia

Helping Business Owners and Entrepreneurs increase income by working less so they can spend more time with family

Carolyn Guyton

Live with purpose. Transform your life.

Your next step is to fill out the coaching application form. There is no cost at this point–this is just for us to get a feel for what you need. Dan’s daughter Ashley will personally follow up with anyone who submits the form. And again, there is no commitment from you at this point. She may refer you to one of the competent coaches in our network (or on to Dan) – and you can then discuss options with that coach.


Dan Miller and his daughter – Chief Inspiration Officer and Coach Referral Manager Ashley Logsdon

  • Once you submit the questionnaire, Ashley will personally email you the following Tuesday with her referral. There is no charge to fill out the application, and every prospect must complete the questionnaire before talking with a coach.
  • The 48 Days Coaches have packages ranging from $375-$10,000.  You will have the option to select what your price range is and if you have a specific coach you’d like to work with.
  • If you have any other questions regarding the coaching process, please email, or you call us at (615) 538-5833.
What Does Coaching Look Like?

Coaching takes a variety of forms. Sometimes, just one or two video calls is all that’s needed to get you started on the right track. Other times, coaches recommend a series of sessions over a longer period of time. Pricing varies depending on the coach and the type of coaching. For instance, Dan’s daughter Ashley has a coaching package to help people understand their DISC Profile for $375, while Jevonnah Ellison has a VIP Coaching Experience for $12,000.