Finding Passion

Stanley Mason died in December of 2006 at the age of 84.  In his last 50 years he invented over 100 inventions and 55 patents include the squeezable ketchup bottle, granola bars, heated pizza boxes, heatproof plastic microwave cookware, dental floss dispensers, the underwire bra and "instant" splints and casts for broken limbs. Mason created his first invention at the age of 7: a clothespin fishing Read more »
This last Thursday we unveiled our new 48 Days Eagle.  We had a packed house for Innovate who got to share in the unveiling. When sculptor Scott Stearman and I first started talking about this piece we discussed the different eagle perspectives he could use.  He said he could capture the magnificence of the eagle while soaring through the air where one wing was just brushing a tree for the Read more »
The lead-in question on the information requested when I coach someone personally is this:  “Briefly describe your current work situation.”  Here is a recent response:  “Antithetical to my personal and professional expectations.  Unfulfilling on multiple levels:  Lack of meaning and purpose; a myopic pursuit of the almighty dollar; a parasitic and never ending voyage into the shallow waters Read more »
I resist using the Department of Labor’s “Dictionary of Occupational Titles” for anyone looking for new careers.  Any narrow categorization of a person’s skills may overlook unique personal characteristics or interests.  If you sell used binoculars on eBay and make $100,000 a year there may not be an occupational title description that fits that well.  But then again, I’m frequently amazed Read more »
“Dan, the merry-go-round of my professional life has left me no farther than a few steps from where I got on and now with a weak stomach.”  Thus began the description of life from a very "successful" attorney. Many times a career path starts because of circumstances, rather than priorities.  Family expectations, chance occurrences, a friendly teacher, or seeking money can lead us down an unfulfilling Read more »
Recently Joanne and I had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.  This restaurant opened last April – in the same location as a previously failed venture.  They need an ongoing staff of about 35 people.  In the 10 months since they have been open they have hired in excess of 850 people.  That means some worked two weeks, some 30 days, and some left at their lunch break on the first day of Read more »
Podcast listener Adam asks:  “A long term goal of mine is to have lunch with a billionaire. How I will get in front of them is not a concern, because I can figure that out, and I am not afraid of asking, except in this case, because I am afraid of wasting such an opportunity. I have met you personally at one of your holiday meetups (I gave you some Taco Bell gift cards) and listened to your podcast Read more »
Do you need a college degree to get ahead today?  That’s one of the hottest topics out there and a continuing question I am being asked.  ( I'm including a new chapter in the revision of 48 Days to the Work You Love titled Yes, I Have an "Education.") I love the process of learning and have pursued that in multiple ways.  Yes, I did go to college and have both abachelor’s and master’s Read more »

Push me over the cliff……

Dan Miller —  February 27, 2014 — 17 Comments
Have you ever had that sensation of just taking off?  You know the adrenaline rush of knowing you are going over the edge for your first bungee jump, or just at the peak of the first roller coaster drop, or ready to open the door for the first day of business.  I’m in the middle of an experience that will capture that feeling forever. I have always been fascinated by the eagle.  And I have Read more »

A “simple” man

Dan Miller —  February 19, 2014 — 1 Comment
Being “simple” can override the best  intelligence and education. In Proverbs 7:7 we read, “I saw among the simple, I noticed among the young men, a youth who lacked judgment.”  Another translation says, “void of understanding.”  I have read this hundreds of times and have always assumed that “simple” actually meant a guy who just wasn’t too bright – maybe a little slow – Read more »