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Yes you do know your “calling”

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Is it true that most people know their “calling?” Peter Drucker spent most of the last 10 years of his life working with non-profits, much of that with mega church leaders. In the new book Drucker & Me, here’s what he told his friend Bob Bufford about “calling.” “I am convinced that many, if not most, serious believers at some level understand what their calling is, but that understanding may be buried under years of busyness and distraction.  Yet, that…

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“Human Filing Cabinets?

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I ran across this term a couple of years ago in reference to office buildings — and it made my skin crawl.  Much has been said about the depersonalization of the modern technology worker’s work space.  How can one be creative, innovative and contributing when in a work environment that has all the ambience given to a caged chicken?  When I drive by the high-rise buildings, (I consider anything where you can’t have your feet in the grass in thirty…

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The View From Here

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Early in our marriage Dan had a serious discussion with me about my tendency to put him on a pedestal from which he would eventually topple.  I had spent the first seventeen years of my life with my mother on that pedestal. It was all I knew.  With no father in my life and a very domineering mother who was not only to be revered but also feared, it was not surprising that when I met Dan I replaced Mom…

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So What do YOU do?

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I had a “friend” once ask me how on earth could I be content with being just a housewife? She and her husband ran a successful business together and they had raised one “perfect” son who didn’t interfere much with their daily schedules.  I have to admit I was a bit put off by her question and probably stammered a bit as I tried to answer nicely (our husbands were friends) without punching her lights out.  The truth is, I…

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I Know the Secret

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Remember a few years back with all the talk regarding the book and movie The Secret?  The basic premise involves a centuries old principle called The Law of Attraction.  The Secret author Rhonda Byrne and her co-presenters maintained that everything that happens in our lives is a result of our thinking.  So if you want a new Mercedes in your driveway, all you have to do is Ask, Believe and Receive.  And the counterpart is that if you have a…

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This cow does more than make milk

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A couple of years ago I recommended looking at Seth Godin’s book, Purple Cow.  I ordered it immediately when it was released and was one of the fortunate ones who received the book in an actual milk carton.  Seth is a radical marketing guy who makes the case that black, white, and brown cows don’t get our attention – but a Purple Cow; now that would make us look.  He uses this same thinking in helping you look at your…

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Do less think more accomplish big goals

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Henry Ford once said he didn’t want executives who had to work all the time.  He insisted that those who were always in a flurry of activity at their desks were not being the most productive.  He wanted people who would clear their desks, prop their feet up and dream some fresh dreams.  His philosophy was that only he who has the luxury of time can originate a creative thought. Wow!  When’s the last time your boss told you to…

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Latest job stats and some great news

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In Friday’s news the Bureau of Labor Statistics says U.S. employers added just 142,000 jobs in August, snapping a six-month streak of hiring above 200,000 and posting the smallest gain in eight months. The unemployment rate fell to 6.1 percent from 6.2 percent, the Labor Department said Friday. “But the rate dropped because more people without jobs stopped looking for one and were no longer counted as unemployed.”  (That’s from CBS News – and always appalls me because a lot…

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What You Have That the Richest Man Can’t Buy

By | Finding Passion, Wisdom meets Passion | 8 Comments

In the eighteenth century, being an immigrant of the United States was no easy road. Being an immigrant that was also a deaf-mute child with physical disabilities was even harder.  When Andrew Clemens was only 5 years old he contracted a “brain fever,” which we now know as encephalitis. Unfortunately, this severe fever left Andrew deaf in both ears. One day, while growing up in Iowa, Andrew became fascinated by the various colors of sandstones in the cliffs. He began…

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Do something that doesn’t work

By | Finding Passion, Wisdom meets Passion | 8 Comments

I just finished reading a new book – not yet released.  I’ll share more on September 9th.  The book is full of stories about people setting out on adventures and big ideas.  Here’s a segment titled  What People Say About An Adventure Or Quest That Involves Perceived Risk: Successful Outcome:  brave, courageous, confident Failed Outcome:  stupid, risky, naive, arrogant Ultimately, our assessment of whether a venture we set out on is brave or stupid depends on the outcome.  So are…

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