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Why Eagles fly and Turkeys get eaten

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(I’ve never been able to identify an author for this story, and have taken the liberty to modify it over the years.)      Once upon a time in the long, long ago the Eagle and the Turkey were very good friends. Everywhere they went these friends went together.  It was not uncommon for people to look up and see the Eagle and the Turkey flying side by side through the air.      One day while flying, the Turkey…

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Good for nothing education?

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In this week’s 48 Days Podcast, Joanne and I reviewed the many contributions listeners sent in regarding raising creative and entrepreneurial children.  Many of the submissions expressed dismay with our current models of “education” and how the important skills seemed to be learned outside of a classroom. In my continued research into how education is changing, it became clear this is not exactly a new idea. In 1744, when George Washington was just a twelve-year-old boy, the Collected Chiefs of the Indian Nations…

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The All New 48 Days to the Work You Love Seminar

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For more than a decade, 48 Days to the Work You Love has been instrumental in helping people from all walks of life discover or create work they love. Almost daily I hear from people who followed the process and changed their lives. Earlier this year, my publisher released the tenth anniversary edition of the trade book. It isn’t just a reprinting of the original book; it has approximately 60% brand new content. Since the release of the book, the…

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No car but no mortgage either

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As many of you know, my grandparents on both sides were Amish.  So I have deep family roots in that culture.  Every time we visit family and friends in Holmes County Ohio,  I find myself fascinated by the quantity of businesses operating in that strong Amish area. We watch 18-wheelers turn down tiny gravel roads to get to the various businesses tucked among the back roads. The diminishing number of people directly involved in agriculture has affected even this agrarian…

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How can these guys both be in the same business?

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Last week I talked with two guys, both in the landscape business.  The first complained bitterly about customers who were hard to please, did not pay their bills on time and didn’t understand the big picture of landscaping.  He went on to say his machines would break down through no fault of his own and that he was filing bankruptcy that day. The next morning I spoke with Noe, the guy who has taken care of my landscaping and lawn maintenance for…

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A Wheat Field in Kansas: New Beginnings of the Mind

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[note color=”#FDD017″]This is a guest post by Derek Olsen, co-author of the book One Bed, One Bank Account and co-host of The Better Conversations Podcast. Derek and his wife Carrie encourage married couples to have better conversations about money that will strengthen their marriages. Derek and Carrie challenge everything money related on their blog, in their books, and on their podcast. When it’s time to get serious about your money, come find us.  If you’d like to guest post on this blog, check out the…

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My Boss is Satan’s offspring

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It’s really not difficult to determine a person’s point of reference. No, I really didn’t make that up.  As usual, the rich life stories I hear in working with people in transition offer enough real anecdotes that I don’t have to be very creative in finding phrases that colorfully describe real situations. In anticipation of meeting with me, a very “successful” young lady wrote this in her pre-coaching form:  “My company is going in a strictly money-motivated direction, and my…

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My life is too small

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I hear the most interesting statements from people who are describing their lives.  Recently a 36-yr-old MBA in an executive position in an exciting industry shared this concern in her coaching profile: “I have a vague sense that my life is too small.” Living large does not necessarily mean a bigger salary, house, cars or retirement fund.  It has nothing to do with fancy vacations or the latest fashions.  Rather, it means having a life that is full of meaning…

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The easiest way to hire a great coach

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[note color=”#FDD017″]As a former career coach, author on career clarity and life planning expert under the name Rob Clinton at 180 Career Coaching, Robert de Brus story is a story of redemption. Having gone through many challenging transitions and life upsets, from business crashes, failed relationships, financial hardships, and circumstance after circumstance that he doesn’t wish on anyone he is re-claiming a future for himself that’s not in anyway dictated by his past. It’s all about the re-claiming of a new future. The story…

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Why did God do this to me?

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Here’s a question from a reader – an accountant.  (We’ll call her Angela) “I’m at a job that I hate mainly because I feel like every day I’m set up to fail. There’s no job satisfaction. I go to work and try my best but the bosses and organization demand excellence in everything that we do. That is a good goal to have but there’s no way to accomplish all that needs to be and do it perfectly. ………So why…

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