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My life is too small

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I hear the most interesting statements from people who are describing their lives.  Recently a 36-yr-old MBA in an executive position in an exciting industry shared this concern in her coaching profile: “I have a vague sense that my life is too small.” Living large does not necessarily mean a bigger salary, house, cars or retirement fund.  It has nothing to do with fancy vacations or the latest fashions.  Rather, it means having a life that is full of meaning…

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The easiest way to hire a great coach

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[note color=”#FDD017″]As a former career coach, author on career clarity and life planning expert under the name Rob Clinton at 180 Career Coaching, Robert de Brus story is a story of redemption. Having gone through many challenging transitions and life upsets, from business crashes, failed relationships, financial hardships, and circumstance after circumstance that he doesn’t wish on anyone he is re-claiming a future for himself that’s not in anyway dictated by his past. It’s all about the re-claiming of a new future. The story…

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Why did God do this to me?

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Here’s a question from a reader – an accountant.  (We’ll call her Angela) “I’m at a job that I hate mainly because I feel like every day I’m set up to fail. There’s no job satisfaction. I go to work and try my best but the bosses and organization demand excellence in everything that we do. That is a good goal to have but there’s no way to accomplish all that needs to be and do it perfectly. ………So why…

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What if the negative person is my wife?

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Two weeks ago my podcast theme was Stay Away From Negative Friends.  I talked about my 3-hour rule where I’ll spend 3 hours a year with negative friends but certainly not 3 days or 3 weeks on a vacation.  Well, I knew there was the elephant in the room and didn’t address it fully.  I have had a whole lot of you ask this question: I just listened to your podcast about staying away from negative people. What if the…

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I love books …… but

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Growing up in a home without radio or TV drove me to books as a way to expand my little world.  And that little world has expanded from doing simple farm chores like baling hay and milking cows to writing, speaking and coaching today.  Reading allowed to see more and expect more and ultimately to doing, having and being more.  The UPS driver roars up my lane 2 or 3 times a week with new and exciting books to allow…

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What good is having talent if you’re not using it?

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I have an 11-page checklist to help you identify What’s Holding You Back From Your Dreams?  But read this first. A miser, to make sure of his property, sold all that he had and converted it into a great lump of gold, which he hid in a hole in the ground, and went continually to visit and inspect it. This roused the curiosity of one of his workmen, who, suspecting that there was a treasure, when his master’s back was…

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Will my mistakes keep my children from succeeding?

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While having dinner Friday night our waitress lamented to us that her 23-yr-old daughter was leaving yet another relationship.  She told us how this daughter seemed to be pulled into relationships that looked great at the beginning only to deteriorate and crumble over time.  And then she asked, “Has my own divorce made it impossible for my daughter to ever expect a healthy relationship?” What do you think?  Has your own past limited the options you have now?  Did growing…

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I was trapped in fear until I stepped off the edge

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If you are a regular reader of my blogs and newsletter, you realize I love to study the characteristics of the eagle.  We have carved wooden eagles and bronze eagles around our property to remind us of the traits that make eagles great. In both the Hebrew and Christian faiths the eagle represents the flight of the soul to heaven.  It is the symbol of faith – the connection with the seen and the unseen  — the substance of things…

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Human Filing Cabinets

By | Finding Passion, Wisdom meets Passion | 9 Comments

I live in Franklin, TN just south of Nashville.  We have open fields and sprawling pastures with miles and miles of horse fences.  And yet the new office buildings going up don’t seem to recognize the beauty of nature all around us.  The newest development started with a parking garage, then a high rise office building, and now an apartment complex.  Everything seems to be designed to remove the inhabitants from any contact with grass, water or trees.  I don’t…

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How to get the exact position you desire

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I just joined an 8-week study group on Living the Principles of Think & Grow Rich.  So I’m re-reading that classic book written back in 1937.  In reading through Step Six I was struck by the process Hill describes for getting the job you want – and how similar it is to what I recommend today, 78 years later.  In fact, I had to wonder how much my thinking was influenced by my first readings of this book many years…

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