It’s not too late

Dan Miller —  March 14, 2014 — 6 Comments
1. Why should I work if I don’t need the money? 2. How do we recognize “seasons” in our lives? 3. How can I monetize 42,000 hits a month on my website? 4. My husband has been looking for a job for at least three years 5. Will an MBA open all the doors for my career ladder? Quotation "Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around." Vanilla Sky movie Notes: Innovate Read more »

You may be wrong

Dan Miller —  March 7, 2014 — 7 Comments
1. Success stories - people are rockin 2. Should I take a job that would triple my income or keep my freedom? 3. Is it better to get off the track or wait to get hit by the train? 4. Why can’t my Dad see the advantages of being self-employed? 5. How can I be a teacher with a criminal record? Quotation “If you’re not prepared to be wrong you’ll never come up with something Read more »

Praying or Procrastinating?

Dan Miller —  February 28, 2014 — 4 Comments
1. Why can’t my Dad see the advantages of being self-employed? 2. What should my main takeaways be in going to conferences? 3. Can I combine art and ministry and make a living? 4. Dan, can I work for you for free? 5. Would you consider allowing me to cater one of your INNOV48 events? Quotation “Indecision and the unwillingness to take action are often described as patience Read more »

Don’t be disappointed

Dan Miller —  February 21, 2014 — 3 Comments
1. I am at the starting line revving my engine and she is about to blow unless I put it in gear and go. 2. I feel called to start a business that requires a ton of startup capital. 3. How do I find my dreams again, my passion? 4. I'm extremely ambitious and passionate, but find walls of self-doubt and criticism preventing me from being my true self. 5. How do I balance my passion with Read more »
1. I have passions and ambitions but no time to pursue them. 2. How can I sell my unique backyard playhouses? 3. I was moved to tears this morning because of my overwhelming fear 4. A long term goal of mine is to have lunch with a billionaire - how can I do that? 5. I am at the starting line revving my engine and she is about to blow unless I put it in gear and go Quotation “Smooth Read more »
1. Have you ever known someone whose pessimism was so bad it required counseling? 2. What I am looking for is someone with the right size shoe to kick me out of my nest of complacency. 3. Is there a special strategy to find or start a mastermind group that is worth sticking with from absolute scratch? 4. What if I receive job offers for out-of-state positions when I really want to stay Read more »
1. Should I "dumb down" my resume in order to get a JOB? 2. I have ADD so I’ll always be poor. 3. What are the basic components of running a mastermind group? 4. Please share your definition and thoughts about taking a leap of faith. 5. Should I agree to train others what I do and ultimately lose my job? Quotation "Work is love made visible. And if you cannot work with love Read more »

The song in your life

Dan Miller —  January 24, 2014 — 1 Comment
1. Can I move from employee to independent contractor at my same company? 2. I am desperately trying to make a career change to escape the banking industry. 3. I am 26 years old who works at a factory and I can't stand it anymore. 4. Can I have a real business with a “Life’s Beachy” theme?   Quotation "Without the rocks, the stream would lose its song."  --Proverb  Other Read more »
1. I long to do work that matters, engages my whole being, and profits those around me. 2. I have been inspired to get out of a job that keeps me in an almost constant state of anxiety. 3. I fear my current friends and family will see my business as a joke or begging. 4. Will the 48 days process work just as well for seeking a part-time job as it will for full-time? 5. What is Success? Transcription Read more »
1. I feel like a hopeless dreamer with no real sense passion. 2. Can I use Kickstarter to fund my business? 3. What’s that book on how to stop being a people pleaser? 4. The importance of investing in yourself. Quotation “Review your goals for the New Year - what you’d like to do and have. Then go back and shape them based on who you’d like to become this year.” ~ Read more »