1. Since fear holds most people back from success how do we break out of that? 2. Can you think of a better or more personal gift than an original song written and recorded for your friend or loved one? 3. Should I do a lot of speaking as a way to continue to grow my platform? 4. Will the discipline and leadership skills of my military experience position me as a business consultant? 5. Read more »
1. I landed my dream job and now am miserable. What happened? 2. I have always resisted being a salesman, as I have been convinced that to be a salesman, you have to be "sly", a fast talker, and super out going. 3. Should I franchise my mosquito control company? 4. A friend recently opened up a small car dealer and he wants me to help him promote it using social media - I would be paid Read more »
1. If Jesus taught a class on marketing, what marketing lessons do you think he would share? 2. How can I get trained as a coach, living in Australia? 3. I am a minister with increasing opportunities as a guest and conference speaker - but little money. 4. Should wait till my new book launches or start monetizing my site right now? 5. Is it okay for a man to have long hair and a well-groomed Read more »
1. Do you think it's wise to invest in multi-level marketing as a career choice? 2. Do you believe money attracts more money? 3. Should I continue toward my goal, progressively realizing a worthy ideal and cut a new trail, or prolong misery and mediocrity because my income has ceased? 4. How can I locate hiring managers and recruiters to interview on my podcast? 5. My husband is a great Read more »

Are your kids skinny?

Dan Miller —  June 27, 2014 — 3 Comments
1. I'm ecstatic to now report that I've completely pivoted in my life. 2. I just discovered "The Gospel of Wealth" by Andrew Carnegie. 3. Can I adjust my goals in June or just stick with what I started with? 4. What are 3 marketing tips you’ve never talked about here? Quotation -  “Timid salesmen have skinny kids.” – Zig Ziglar   Other Notes: Audiblepodcast.com/48days for Read more »
1. How can I help the poor women in Kenya? 2. What was that book that made Joanne cry? 3. Using the 48 Days job search, how many times should I call before it becomes “problematic?” 4. Did the homeschooling benefits outweigh the costs with your kids? Quotation -  “Fear is wetting your pants and just standing there.  Courage is taking the next step with wet pants.”  Dan Sullivan Other Read more »

The door is wide open

Dan Miller —  June 13, 2014 — 6 Comments
1. What would you advise someone to do within the FIRST 48 Hours to get their dream in the right direction? 2. I have set a goal to contact one online entrepreneur per day for a year 3. Do I continue to pursue my passion as a potential career or keep it as a hobby for the moment? 4. Why will working by the hour keep me poor? 5. Should I focus on identifying and using my strengths or Read more »
  Dan, few things do damage to a man's soul the way continuous unemployment does. I’m a healer but am not making any money. Dan, I am 53 and looking at a new career. Here are six ways to save your life -- and your company. How can I get paid for making the company more money? Recently, I earned my MBA in Management, and now find that I am over-educated. Quotation Read more »

Go ahead – hurt me

Dan Miller —  May 30, 2014 — 4 Comments
1. Is it better to have crappy jobs on a resume or multiple periods of unemployment? 2. Is having a Sabbath Day still realistic? 3. Where can I find work using the internet from home? 4. How do you feel about creating a mastermind group within one industry working in the same area? 5. I am 25 years old and recently accepted a new accounting position, hoping this experience would be Read more »
1. I feel like I'm on the sideline of a football game ready to go in, but have no pads, helmet, or playbook. 2. My husband sold over $500,000 in product and only made $45,000. Does that seem right to you? 3. How do I organize my research to write a book? 4. I just know change is in the air. Just looking for the map 5. I don’t want to be pressured into doing new things - I just want Read more »