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I’m reading, listening and learning but my life hasn’t changed

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1. The more I listen to your podcast or similar podcasts (Michael Hyatt, Dave Ramsey/Entreleadership) the more helpless I feel in my search for career happiness, at times I’m starting to feel bitter. 2. Dan every night I listen to podcasts, watch ted talks and listen to audio books about finding your passion, starting a business or personal development. I’ve listened to over 30 of the books most entrepreneurs say to read. I’ve done this since 2008. There has been…

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Do you deserve success?

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1. I am now in my early 40s, struggling to stay motivated, and questioning whether being an attorney is the best fit for my personality 2. What business ideas come to your mind when you visited Kenya last year? 3. Deep down I don’t really think I’m worthy of all these ideas and dreams. 4. I am currently in a tough job situation where I am barely getting by. 5. Why do the rich get richer and poor get poorer?…

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Nothing can stop you now

By | 48 Days Podcast | 2 Comments

1. What moves us toward self-improvement? 2. How much does it cost to get the right training for personal success? 3. How much coaching would I need to double my income? 4. What are 7 steps to put you in the ranks of the Masters of Achievement? “Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.”  Proverbs13:20 Other Resources “Today’s show is brought to you by Audible, please visit   for your free audiobook download” Please do…

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But I didn’t have any choice

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1. How can I look for a new job when I’m behind in my mortgage payments now? 2. I’d love to start a new business but I don’t have any money. 3. You talk about finding your passion but I’m just doing what I have to do. 4. My parents won’t support me in going to college – so I’ll never have that opportunity. “I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” ―…

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Should this person be in your Mastermind?

By | 48 Days Podcast | 3 Comments

1. How will being in a Mastermind group change my life? 2. I’m new in this city – how can I find a Mastermind group? 3. How do I choose people for my Mastermind group? 4. How do I run a Mastermind group? “Just as iron sharpens iron, friends sharpen the minds of each other.” – Proverbs 27: 17 Resources: How to Create Your Own Mastermind – Udemy Online Course “Today’s show is brought to you by Audible, please visit  …

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Which is louder – your mouth or your mind?

By | 48 Days Podcast | One Comment

1. Should I be in ministry or my own business? 2. How can I get interviews when no one will answer the phone? 3. I have an aggressive savings goal but don’t make enough money to reach it. 4. How can I teach my children to be good communicators? “Quiet people have the loudest minds.”  Stephen Hawking Other Resources: – use 48Days as the code to get $5.00 off your purchase on the coolest razor on the planet …

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Are too many talents a curse instead of a gift?

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1) I’m a pastor but I need to feed my family. 2) Will you be updating the 48 Days Schedule? 3) How can I make myself an appealing candidate when I’ve been in a boring industry? 4) Is it possible for too many talents, interests, and skills to be a curse instead of a gift? 5) How can I make more money in my lawn mowing business without working more time? “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will…

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Isn’t it better not to know I have options?

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1. If new options create stress and dilute hope (which seems to be true in my experience) then isn’t ignorance really a better life? 2. As I explore self improvement and the pursuit of a better life, and try to share this information with my family I am so disappointed in the responses I am getting. 3. How can entrepreneurs recession-proof their business pursuits? 4. Is it possible for too many talents, interests, and skills to be a curse instead…

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How rich are you?

By | 48 Days Podcast | 13 Comments

1. Here are 6 habits of the rich 2. Why being a homeless college student is a bad sign 3. My husband’s had 4 jobs in 18 months 4. I feel very attacked by Satan 5. Should my blog be for-profit or non-profit 6. Your books and podcasts have ruined me “Focus on what you are moving to, not what you’re moving from.” Dan Miller Other Notes:  – use 48 Days for a $50 discount and free shipping CollegePlus…

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Did you really not have a choice?

By | 48 Days Podcast | One Comment

1. How do I get over my fear of starting? 2. I’m afraid I stayed in one place for so long that I lost my identity. 3. Do you believe an apprentice-style, entry-level position in coaching is possible to find or create? 4. If I use the concepts in “48 days” now, will I secure a job before graduation. 5. Is it a good idea to try growing a band and also growing a side business? “I had no choice,”…

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