Just start walking?

Dan Miller —  September 19, 2014 — Leave a comment
1. Is poverty required for a life of service? 2. I am having trouble finding my passion and doing work that means something for me. 3. What keeps you and others like you working hard after achieving financial success? 4. What are your thoughts about jumping into real estate part time? 5. I’ve hated my job since I took it two years ago. Quotation -  “Man improves himself Read more »

What do you expect?

Dan Miller —  September 10, 2014 — 2 Comments
1. How can I make a Wow impression with my resume? 2. How does a person wishing to increase their levels of success deal with social anxiety? 3. Can I leave this problem behind, or am I going to be sailing into the wind the rest of my life? 4. Can I really double my income in the education field? Quotation -  “It is the nature of man to rise to greatness if greatness is expected Read more »
1. I got 4 clients and an extra $5,500 over the Labor Day weekend by using the creativity and determination you encourage us to develop. 2. I've been on the "new" job for 1.5 years, and make nearly double my previous income. 3. Currently I work for the State and I hate my life-sucking job. 4. Do I have to live in a big city to be successful as a coach? 5. When is it appropriate to say Read more »
1. I work 12-16 hours a day in a job I HATE to provide for my family. 2. How 48 Days took me from helpless to high-achiever. 3. In the 3 years of listening to your podcast my wages have gone from $120,000 a year gross, to $461,369 gross 4. How do you get back on track after you've been served a large order of barnyard fertilizer? 5. I get a great job and 3 months later I am bored to Read more »

Just go crazy

Dan Miller —  August 22, 2014 — 7 Comments
1. OK, I’m done with my excuses, I’m accepting your challenge. 2. We are snowballing about $40k personal debt and $160k student loans. Is it possible to change career paths and still increase income? 3. How would you recommend getting my name out there to make my first $2000? 4. What do you think is the most valuable land in the world? In 1997 Apple introduced its "Think Different" Read more »
1. My wife’s response to my plans was outrage, picturing me in PJ’s on the couch all day. 2. I’d like to follow my passion of being a teacher but I’d lose 20% from my current salary. 3. Can I replace me 200K income with speaking, writing and coaching? 4. Can your job search methods work for people with criminal backgrounds as well as the long term unemployed? Other Notes: Audiblepodcast.com/48days for Read more »
1. I got fired from my job in August 2013 and know it was the best thing that happened to me. 2. How do you go about handling your speaking fees and taxes? 3. I’ve been working for a company for over 20 years & need a change. 4. I've just come to terms that I don't like sales. 5. I've always wanted to have start my own business, but the risk to my family scares my wife and me. Quotation - Read more »

Try this?

Dan Miller —  August 1, 2014 — 8 Comments
1. When was the last time you did something for the first time? 2. When is it wise to brand your product with your own name vs. the business? 3. How do you move from charging by the hour to charging by the project? 4. What are the disadvantages to doing your 48 Days program (using the book) in a longer time frame then 48 days? Quotation - “When was the last time you did something Read more »
1. Since fear holds most people back from success how do we break out of that? 2. Can you think of a better or more personal gift than an original song written and recorded for your friend or loved one? 3. Should I do a lot of speaking as a way to continue to grow my platform? 4. Will the discipline and leadership skills of my military experience position me as a business consultant? 5. Read more »
1. I landed my dream job and now am miserable. What happened? 2. I have always resisted being a salesman, as I have been convinced that to be a salesman, you have to be "sly", a fast talker, and super out going. 3. Should I franchise my mosquito control company? 4. A friend recently opened up a small car dealer and he wants me to help him promote it using social media - I would be paid Read more »