1. Should I finish this degree or should I forget it and spend my energy finding my passion right now? 2. How do I share my journey and help others to dare to embark on their own? 3. How can I grow my comedy blog following? 4. Can I make a living teaching small business owners/managers the principles of loss prevention? 5. Should I give up now and surrender even though I know great Read more »

What story are you telling?

Dan Miller —  November 14, 2014 — 7 Comments
1. Should I pay $7500 for a "chapter" in a celebrity book. 2. I’m doing well but dream of buying a mountain resort. 3. I can't help but feel the only way I'll be happy is to stay at my depressing job! 4. My pay and position as an optometrist keep me from “seeing” better opportunities. “The story you tell yourself reinforces where you are - and what your future will be.” Read more »

Are you ignorant enough?

Dan Miller —  November 7, 2014 — 2 Comments
1. I started dreaming, then planning, and before I knew it I dreamt too much. 2. I hope that in the future, no one has to work. 3. Why would I do something as crazy as spend $4800 on a coach that I don’t even know? 4. I asked you a while back in a podcast if I should move to Nashville without a job. Quotation - “You need two things when you start a business - ignorance Read more »

The danger of a full cup?

Dan Miller —  October 31, 2014 — 8 Comments
1. I'm broke but extremely happy! 2. To what extent does being transparent hurt your leadership? Or does it? 3. Is a whiteboard animation of a resume a helpful tactic? 4. The things I am passionate about and love to do, I lack the courage to do. Quotation - “I cannot pour tea into a cup that is already full.” Zen Master in The Forbidden Kingdom Other Notes: I need Read more »

Are you choosing to be poor?

Dan Miller —  October 24, 2014 — 3 Comments
1. How would you like to make a million dollars wearing this shirt? 2. I feel as if the existence of the rich necessitates the existence of the poor, like it's a zero-sum game. 3. I'm a CPA with 6 years of experience but I've spent most of that time being very frustrated with the "just grind it out" culture. 4. I'm afraid I'm not brave enough to step out and do more yet with my writing. 5. Read more »

Are you a dreamer of the day?

Dan Miller —  October 17, 2014 — 4 Comments
1. Four years ago, I read 48 Days to The Work You Love and it truly changed my life. 2. How did you decide when a business just isn't working out? 3. Would you recommend that someone show their DISC profile to a potential employer? 4. What can I do to get through this difficult time? 5. I feel like my time is worth way more than I’m being paid! Quotation - "All successful Read more »
1. How can I find my real passion in life as a 44 year old single father? 2. Should I be honest in the interview? 3. Am I too old to change careers? 4. Do I have to be a jerk to get promoted? Quotation - “Try to feel defeated and smile big at the same time. You can’t. A big smile gives you confidence and beats fear, rolls away worry, and defeats despondency.” David Schwartz Read more »

Go ahead – make something

Dan Miller —  October 3, 2014 — 5 Comments
1. Each year I feel more and more like a trained dog. 2. I make a 6-figure income, don’t have a college degree and want to change jobs. 3. What do the 5% of authors do to break out of low income? 4. Should I be honest in the interview? Quotation - He who has never made a mistake has never made anything. Thomas Edison Special Offer to Listeners of this show: Get $50 toward Read more »
1. Should I find a career with no sales at all? 2. I’m 3 years from retirement - should I change direction now? 3. Is this a dream from God or a selfish fantasy? 4. The life is draining out of me - should I stay? Quotation -  “Entrepreneurs are people who do not require the social approval of their peers to move forward with their ideas.” -- Malcolm Gladwell Other Read more »

Just start walking?

Dan Miller —  September 19, 2014 — 4 Comments
1. Is poverty required for a life of service? 2. I am having trouble finding my passion and doing work that means something for me. 3. What keeps you and others like you working hard after achieving financial success? 4. What are your thoughts about jumping into real estate part time? 5. I’ve hated my job since I took it two years ago. Quotation -  “Man improves himself Read more »