People seek you out for your advice. Whether it’s after church, at a Chamber of Commerce meeting or at a social event, people are always asking for your advice and opinion.
You value personal growth. You set and accomplish your own goals in multiple areas of your life.
You see great potential in people. And it frustrates you when they don’t exercise that potential.
You build strong relationships easily. You relate well to others personally, in business and just in the ordinary encounters in life.
You don’t need anyone to motivate you or schedule your time. You exercise discipline in your own life and want others to know the freedom that comes from reaching new goals.
You recognize you’ve already been coaching – you just need a way to formalize what you’re already doing. Now you’re ready to schedule sessions and charge for your expertise.
Over the last 20 years of my own coaching, I have had hundreds of people ask me if I thought they could be a “coach.” These are the kinds of questions I have always asked in return.
If these feel right for you, the steps required to actually become a professional coach are probably closer than you think.

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Coaching success requires two major elements:
1. Understanding the dynamics of “coaching.”
2. Understanding the principles of “business.”

We’re seeing many new coaches who have studied the dynamics of personally engaging with a client. They know how to clarify options, to encourage, to confront when necessary and to guide the client to new levels of success.

Unfortunately, many of those same coaches know little about running a business. They struggle with how to market their services, how to find that first client, how to fill their schedule with paying clients, and how to add residual income to their normally expected linear income.   Our Coaching with Excellence live event dives into the business side and helps you determine how to market and leverage your coaching to make it the most profitable. If you are serious about coaching, you need to attend this event. Read more details and register here—spaces fill up fast!

Coaching with Excellence Live at the Sanctuary

I want to assure you, the world is waiting for people to step up and provide coaching to navigate the inevitable and relentless changes we are all confronted with in today’s volatile environment. People are eager for guidance in careers, relationships, health, finances, spiritual vitality, and personal development. Coaching is a growing field where those who can positively impact the lives of others are in increasingly high demand.

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Attend a Coaching with Excellence event to lay out your marketing strategy and revenue streams
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If you are truly serious about being a coach and want to be endorsed by 48 Days, the 48 Days Endorsed Coach “Coaching 101 Course” is for you. For $697, you will be equipped with the knowledge not only of what it takes to be a coach, but how to lay out your business plan and get approval from Career Expert Dan Miller.

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If you have your business plan in place but need to take it to the next level, this is where the Coaching with Excellence event comes into play.  We will take the basics and go to a higher level–helping you assess personality styles with clients, and helping you market, leverage, and sell your coaching expertise in many ways.

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